Author: Ally Plaia

WDA Live Strategy Call 08-02-2022

This Week’s Questions Chat 00:00:51 Caitlin Harrison: hello friends!! 00:01:12 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Hiii everyone! 00:01:18 Janet Hoover: Heeeelllooo! 00:01:19 Amanda Guerassio (@studioguerassio): Launched

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Next Level Replay 07-27-2022

Chat 00:04:36 Erica Nash: Good morning, everyone! 00:06:22 Trish Bovell: good morning 00:06:36 Wendy Coop: Good morning! My Internet kicked me off, lol 00:11:23 Cory

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Next Level Replay 07-20-2022

Chat 00:02:21 Tiffany’s Souhrada: Getting my headphone 00:08:09 Tiffany’s Souhrada: Recently (and it may have been on last weeks call) and I have a post

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