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Are you tired of undercharging and overworking?

Let's make running your web design business easier.

Get my free course for women web designers who want to make more money without working 24/7. It's a 4-part video series where I'll walk you through:
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go-to podcast for women web designers

Profitable Web Designer Podcast

Profitable Web Designer is the go-to podcast for women web designers for all things pricing, packaging, marketing and selling web design services (and the mindset behind being a high-earning web designer).

New episodes every Wednesday give you inspiration, motivation and actionable advice so that you can raise your prices, work less, book dreamy clients and take back control of your web design business.


Profitable Web Designer Premium

Get insider access to two hour-long web design business coaching calls with Shannon and exclusive premium subscriber-only content. Listen in as Shannon coaches ambitious women web designers just like you on topics like:

Shannon Mattern is demonstrating the use of their proven frameworks, systems, and strategies to create a profitable web design business on their podcast, Profitable Web Designer.
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Profitable Web Designer Income Accelerator

Charge more NOW without having to rebrand, build a portfolio or niche down, keep projects moving and get paid for all the extras, and make getting new clients easier.

Make more money faster with three tried and true trainings normally found only inside the Web Designer Academy.

12-month business coaching program for women web designers

Web Designer Academy

Get the strategies, systems, coaching and support you need to market, sell and run profitable web design projects like a pro so you can make a generous full-time income as a freelance web designer on your own terms.

In this module, there is a workshop strategy for hiring a web designer and setting goals for the next Dreamiumgger client vision planning. Full Text: preframing dream naking Get Your Next Dreamiumgger Client vision nium planning ers next + goals What's in this module; level hiring workshop strategy -- ----- web designer academy academy

strategy + coaching for advanced web design business owners

Next Level Mastermind

A unique member-driven, peer-coaching experience facilitated by Shannon where you'll be supported by Shannon and the advanced web design business owners in the Next Level Mastermind as you work toward your Next Level business goal.

freebies + resources

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Actionable advice to help you create a profitable, sustainable web design business.

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Free quiz

Uncover what makes you so valuable to your clients (and the beliefs that keep you underearning).

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Free PRICING training

Change everything you think about how much you can charge for web design.

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Shannon Mattern, Founder
Web Designer Academy

We help ambitious women web designers reclaim their time, book web design projects they love, and make more as a freelance web designer than they ever thought possible.

The Web Designer Academy provides step-by-step processes and fill-in-the-blank templates for your messaging, marketing, packages, consultations, sales and project management combined with next-level support so that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable web design business doing work you love for clients you love.