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byShannon Mattern
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Get Clients Consistently, Handle ANY Client Situation With Ease, and Get Paid More For ALL That You Do.

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Get insider access to three of Shannon's most powerful revenue-generating strategies for web designers.

In these in-depth masterclasses, you’ll be guided by founder of the Web Designer Academy Shannon Mattern, as she walks you through creating your next client, handling your bossy, uncooperative ones and building your confidence so that you can charge more with ease.
You’ll get insider access to three proven strategies from Shannon's closed-door group coaching program, the Web Designer Academy, plus proven action steps and word for word scripts to ignite your web design business.

Wanna know the three biggest business problems web designers face?

Undercharging, overdelivering, and never knowing where their next client is coming from.

Do you have an inconsistent flow of clients (which equals inconsistent flow of revenue)?

Are you working way too much because you're scrambling to meet random client deadlines (or at a complete standstill waiting on clients)?

Do you want to charge more, but you're afraid to because you're not sure how to find clients that will pay that much for web design… (and end up making way less than you want to be making)?

If any of that sounds like you… you are so NORMAL!!!!

It's not like you don't already know that marketing your web design business results in more clients… but honestly, you dread it. You hate talking about yourself even more than you hate social media…

And you're too overwhelmed to figure out your marketing anyway since you're hurry-up-and-wait-ing on clients who don’t get you content, keep asking for extras (without expecting to pay more) and dragging projects on forever.

You wish you could just raise your prices and get better clients, but deep down you feel like you'd be ripping people off because you know you'd never pay that much… and you're not sure how to find people who would…

What if you could raise your prices NOW and had the magic words to get clients to cooperate and pay for all the extras? What if marketing didn't have to feel like marketing?

Having a more profitable, easy, fun web design business is one part strategy combined with one part mindset.

If you don't know what to do to get consistent clients…

If you don't know what to say to keep projects moving or to get paid for all the extras…

If you don't know how to communicate the value of what you do for clients so that they understand why you charge more than other web designers…

Then strategy is the solution.

If you know how to market your web design business… but you're not doing it…

If you wish you could say what you really want to say to keep projects moving or get paid for all the extras…

If you don't believe in the value of what you do for your clients so that they understand why you charge more than other designers…

Then mindset is where your work is…

And when you have both strategy AND mindset on lock? That's when you become unstoppable...and that's where I come in.

Hi, I'm Shannon Mattern and I know exactly what you're going through because I've gone through it myself.

I used to be a freelance web designer who didn’t think what I did was worth that much and let my clients treat me like an employee, and who was always people-pleasing and worried about feeling pushy and sales-y in my marketing.
Now I’ve coached hundreds of women web designers to confidently market their businesses, raise their prices by 5x and more, and take back control of their time (and ultimately their lives). 
Strategy is important (and we give you lots of it…) but what I know to be true after 8 years of coaching women web designers?
Your core fears, worries and anxieties about marketing, money and managing clients are the most important thing standing in the way of you actually implementing and creating results.

That's why I created the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection...

The image is showing boundaries that are stopping the momentum of a bootcamp under-marketing masterclass from charging. Full Text: boundaries stop bootcamp under- marketing masterclass charging momentum ma masterclass ISS
…to give ambitious women web designers like you who aren’t quite ready to coach with us inside the Web Designer Academy insider access to three proven strategies from our closed-door group coaching program.
This set of masterclasses is specifically designed for web designers who don't feel like they're making enough money for all the work they’re putting in, have bossy + uncooperative clients and are worried about where their next client’s coming from…
…to show you how to create consistent clients, confidence and make more money through our proven, step-by-step strategies…
…and help you shift the core belief-system that’s preventing action in the first place.

Here's what's inside the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection...

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Marketing Momentum Masterclass

Implement our simple yet powerful marketing strategy that can be done in just one hour a week. 
Confidently create new leads and book new projects while making over any marketing mindtrash preventing you from taking action.


Boundaries Bootcamp Masterclass

Get our step-by-step process for getting stalled projects moving, confidently communicating about timelines, scope creep and money – and make over the mindtrash that’s keeping you overworking and undercharging.
They hold a pen and a cup of coffee.
A person is using a laptop.

Stop Undercharging Masterclass

To be able to charge more, the first person you need to convince of your value is YOU. 
Finally transform your belief about the value of working with you, and clean up any mindtrash that’s holding you back from raising your prices.
Then update your copy, messaging and offers to reflect your true value!

Here's what you get:

The image is showing boundaries that are stopping the momentum of a bootcamp under-marketing masterclass from charging. Full Text: boundaries stop bootcamp under- marketing masterclass charging momentum ma masterclass ISS

The Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection includes...

The total value of everything included is $4,700!

You'd normally have to be accepted to the Web Designer Academy to get access to these strategies…

… but because I want to help as many web designers as possible stop undercharging, overdelivering and get more clients….

I’m making three of my most powerful strategies available to anyone inside the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection for a limited time.

but here's the best part...

Right now, I'm offering the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection for just $297!

...but when you order before the timer runs out, I’m gonna give you $200 off...
plus 2 additional bonuses!



bonus #1

This image is showing how to use a Mindset Makeover to increase prices by changing one's pricing beliefs and creating processes and scripts. Full Text: dream Pricing Mindset Makeover no Mindset M bigger GET THE WORKBOOK + TEMPLATES sell yourself on your value Mindset Makeover Pricing Mindset price beliefs that are keeping you Makeover your pricing so that you can crease your prices. increase process + scripts shannon maffern

Get sold on the value you bring to your clients, redefine your beliefs about how much you can charge and confidently raise your prices!

Pricing Mindset Makeover ($1,000 Value)

Consultations That Convert ($1,000 Value)

Get our tried + true consultation process designed to help confidently lead potential clients through the decision to work with you.

Consultations That Convert includes our:

Bonus #2

Shannon Mattern is teaching web designers how to market themselves, get clients, and monetize their skillset beyond just trading time for money, by teaching them how to have successful web design consultations that convert. Full Text: webdesigner academy web designer academy Web Design Consultations That Convert What that really means is I teach them how to ... A web design consultation call with a potential client can be nerve-wracking, stop feeling like an impostor especially if you feel like you have to "sell yourself" or "close the deal". stop undercharging + over-delivering market themselves and get clients (even without a portfolio) But what if instead, you thought of a consultation as an opportunity to find Iget rogue clients to cooperate so projects get finished on time out more about your client, share more about your process and not only help set and hold boundaries with clients them make the best decision for them, but to help YOU decide if the client is a scale beyond 1:1 web design services and monetize your skillset good fit for YOU. beyond just trading time for money. If you want to learn more about how we can help you make a full-time income Because remember, it's your business and as a web desianer. simply click here and fill out a super-quick no-obligation work with and how you work! in about a free private training that will Your Revenue without 5xing In this guide, I'm gonna walk you through the ; Consultation Process we teach inside our We designed to put both you and your client at ea: gn consultations that convert! red flags, and help you build the know, like anc ocess your dream clients at premium prices! Then I'll walk you through our 4-Part Confide web design outlines exactly what happens from the momer ting your potential client know what to mportant to establish the lead from the book a consultation with you all the way throug first boundary you set! to work with you. And finally, I'm giving you the exact Consulta consultations our students use through each part of the proc sultation call script, but here's WHY we how and when to use them. By the way ... if we haven't met before, hi! What do you do? How long have you My name is Shannon Mattern, and help web de that profitable, sustainable scalable web design Copyright 2022 | Web Designer Academy, WP- BFF LLC + BFF LLC + Shannon Mattern | All Rights Reserved convert shannon maffern

After you get your hands on the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection, you’ll…

Never feel like you have to take on that lowball project from a client covered in red flags because you already have your next project lined up.
Be in total control of your time and schedule so you can stop working when you should be playing, guilt and anxiety-free.
Get paid well, not just for your time, but for the value you create for your clients…
And have the exact words to navigate any tricky client situation so you can stop people-pleasing and confidently raise your prices, knowing deep in your soul that your clients will make way more than they ever pay you.

The Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection can pay for itself many many, many times over.

Here's how to get your hands on it:

Step 1: Complete Checkout

The image is showing the customer entering their payment information to complete their order. Full Text: webdesigner academy Secure Checkout ENTER YOUR PAYMENT INFO BELOW TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER Once you've successfully completed payment, you'll be redirected to an order confirmation page with next steps. Need support? Contact us at Billing and Shipping Details Your Order Product Price Quantity Total First Name' Last Name * Profitable Shannon Monter Wieb Designer Masterclass $297.00 1 $297.00 Country / Region " Collection United States (US) Subtotal $297.00 Street address ' House number and street nome Total $297.00 Town / City " Have a coupon? Click here to enter your coupon code State ' Ohio Credit Card ZIP Code * Pay securely using your credit card.
When you click the Buy Now button, you'll be redirected to the checkout page. Enter your payment details to complete your purchase. Then you'll be redirected to a thank you page letting your know your purchase was successful, and a confirmation email will be on its way to your inbox.

Step 2: Instantly Access the Masterclass Collection

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You'll receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of completing your purchase with a link and login information for the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection and bonuses.

You’ll also get a confirmation email with registration details for Thursday’s live masterclass (and the replay will be available in the Masterclass Collection within 24 hours of the live event).

And here's everything you're getting today:

Total Value: $4,700

Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection

The image is showing boundaries that are stopping the momentum of a bootcamp under-marketing masterclass from charging. Full Text: boundaries stop bootcamp under- marketing masterclass charging momentum ma masterclass ISS

Get instant, lifetime access for just one easy payment of...


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I can't wait for you to start making these powerful shifts in your web design business! – xoxo Shannon

Questions You Might Have...

Q. What's the refund policy?

A. Because you get instant, non-revokable access to the videos, audio files, workbooks and bonuses upon purchase, the Profitable Web Designer Masterclass Collection is non-refundable. If you're not sure if the program is right for you, please reach out to our support team at and ask any and all questions before purchasing.

Q. Is this live?

A. No. These are recordings of previous live events. If you order during the promotional period of August 14-16, 2023, you will have the opportunity to attend the Stop Undercharging Masterclass live.

Q. Do I get access to Shannon for questions?

A. No. This is a self-study digital course, and there is no access to Shannon for coaching or questions. If you'd like the opportunity to coach with Shannon, check out the full Web Designer Academy.

Q. How long do I have access to the recordings?

A. Your access to the recordings does not expire. 

Q. I have a question you didn't answer here.

A. Email us at and we're happy to answer it! 

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