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Our Web Designer Academy students create powerful, life-changing results.

These ambitious women web designers are committed to their results, persist through challenges, ask for help instead of retreating, don't give up the first time something doesn't go as expected and never say they don't have the time to reach their goals.

Increase Your Income

BOOK profitable projects

Reclaim your time

Hear how the Web Designer Academy helped these women create five-figure months.

Kate, Lauren and Leigh share their experience in the Web Designer Academy and how it transformed their web design businesess.

This image displays a dotted line forming a loop and a curved path that leads to an arrowhead, suggesting direction or movement, all on a black background.

The Web Designer Academy is a 12-month group coaching program where we guide you through:

The image depicts Caitlin Harrison discussing how to take a leap of faith and use design skills to become a profitable web designer. Full Text: profitable web designer EPISODE 31 Taking a Leap of Faith with your Design Skills with Caitlin Harrison


Hear how Caitlin increased her prices and conquered her impostor syndrome.

In this episode, Kate Newnham of UP Designs LA shares how she leaned into their community to confidently sell $10k web design projects. Full Text: profitable web designer EPISODE 29 How Kate Leaned into Community to Confidently Sell $10k Web Design Projects with Kate Newnham of UP Designs LA


Hear how Kate learned to confidently sell $10K web design projects.

The image shows a promotional graphic for a podcast titled "profitable web designer", Episode 36, featuring a success story about web design project pricing.


Hear how Angela went from charging $1,500 to $10,000 for her projects.

Lauren Newton is sharing their story of transitioning from an employee mindset to building a successful and sustainable web design business. Full Text: profitable web designer EPISODE 26 How Lauren Broke Free from the Employee Mindset to Build a Sustainable Web Design Business with Lauren Newton


Hear how Lauren dropped her employee mindset and created a profitable web design business.

Megan Harrington is sharing their success story of how she increased their web design business revenue by 4x in just one year. Full Text: profitable web designer EPISODE 23 How Megan Increased Her Web Design Business Revenue by 4x in Just One Year with Megan Harrington of Zestful Media & Design


Hear how Megan increased her revenue by 400% in just one year.

The image features a podcast cover titled "Profitable Web Designer" for Episode 35, promoting "Growing a Web Design Business for Freedom" with guest Racheal Graham.


Hear how Racheal replaced her corporate salary in her first year in business.

Hear our students share their secrets to success in our program.

Kaila, Nay, Kate, Lauren and Erica share their stories. “There's no way to fail at this unless you don't do it. I've made my money back and more.”

"I'm consistently making $10K a month."

“I learned how to market myself in a way that doesn't feel cringy, instead it feels easy and natural. I've since landed multiple retainer clients that I LOVE and am booked out for months in advance!”


"I've made my investment in the WDA 5 times over at this point."

“I leapt and trusted the process, and I'm a little overwhelmed with how much I've changed since joining.”


"I'm booking 5-figure clients and having 5-figure months."

Immediately my income started to increase because I started valuing myself and my work and asking for higher prices. I thought that once I raised my prices I would lose some clients, but they all agreed to it.”


"I make more now than any day job I ever had."

“I get to stay home, pick up my kids from school, go on all the field trips. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.”


Ready to explore working together?

Hi, I'm Shannon Mattern, and I'm a business coach for women web designers.

As a web designer, you've invested a significant amount of time and money developing your web design skills so you can help your clients get better results…

But as a business owner, there's a completely different set of skills to learn so that your web design business creates freedom and financial independence for you… instead of trapping you.

For over 8 years, I've helped hundreds of women web designers just like you stop undercharging and overdelivering and take back control to create profitable, sustainable, fulfilling freelance web design businesses.

A person smiles, standing in a modern meeting room, wearing a jean jacket, peach dress, near blue chairs and decorative wall art, with a flip chart.

These are just a few of the results our students have created with our program and support.

More wins from our students...

Barb is celebrating their success in earning $20,000 in a quarter. Full Text: Barb 3:12 PM #win as of now ... I officially had a $20k quarter !!!
Erika is celebrating their progress in achieving their goal of 10,000 followers in the month of November and thanking their supporters for their encouragement. Full Text: Erika November 3 at 10:28 . @ Y'all ... it is three days into the month and I'm halfway to 10k. I have two more discovery calls this week too! Thank you all for being so supportive and amazing, and not letting me burn everything to the ground when I got overwhelmed. 24 9 Comments Seen by 58
Laura has just successfully booked a $7,000 project and is celebrating their success with their friends. Full Text: Laura 18h . #win I just booked a $7,000 project !!!! 34 20 Comments Seen by 65
Kelli is expressing their gratitude for a program that has enabled their to make more money in a shorter amount of time. Full Text: Kelli 4:11 PM I was recently able to charge for 1 day what I used to make in one entire week .... all thanks to this program
In this image, Rachel is excitedly sharing that she has quit their job and has booked two clients for October and November, and has also been contacted by a local business owner for help with their website. Full Text: Rachel 6d . 8 Hey lovely ladies !! Omg what a month, I have so much good news - but also need some advice! First is that I have booked in two clients for October and November. Once they were in the diary I handed in my notice and yesterday was my last day at my horrible day job! Pretty scary but I know I'm covered for the next couple of months and honestly, my day job was making me so miserable that I knew I wouldn't be able to do my best work for my clients if I was trying to fit it around my full time job. So today I'm literally in the best mood, and I've just been messaged my a local business owner who wants some help with her site! Her website was built on Webflow (brilliant, cause that's what I use) but she needs some pages added and some layouts changed, so I'm looking for some advice on pricing.
Mariela is celebrating their success in signing up two new clients. Full Text: Mariela 3:02 PM to Everyone I just signed up 2 new clients!
In this image, Cory is celebrating having acquired their first real client. Full Text: Cory Yesterday at 9:19 . ... I got my first real client !!!! MEDIA2.GIPHY.COM You and 33 others 23 Comments Seen by 61 Love Comment
The image depicts a person celebrating the signing of their first contract and payment of their invoice, with the help of someone else's advice. Full Text: · Yesterday at 2:22 PM · 8 Shannon Mattern, I just got my first YES! Contract signed, invoice paid. Your super quick advice helped soooo much, I would have been fumbling all over the place without it. She chose the middle package with custom branding and a one page website with the intention of working with me later to expand the site. It just got REAL! 21 25 Comments Seen by 48
Leigh has achieved their goal of reaching a certain level of monthly revenue. Full Text: Leigh 3:05 PM I finally hit my baseline monthly revenue threshold
The image is showing someone celebrating their success of getting three clients in one day after working for 8 hours. Full Text: 8 hrs . 8: ... Hey y'all! I know it's been a while but I just wanted to encourage you to keep at it because yesterday ... I got 3 clients in one day!
The image is showing a conversation between two people, Shannon Mattern and Robin, in which Shannon is congratulating Robin on their success and encouraging them to continue taking action. Full Text: I'm so excited for 2021. I just got off a kickoff call with a client and I'm jazzed. Can't thank you enough for all the info you have provided, Shannon Mattern. You have made it just about impossible for anyone to fail if they just follow your directions and scripts. 13h Love Reply - Shannon Mattern wow robin !!!! Congratulations !! I'm so proud of you - you just take action and go for it !!! Just now Like Reply Comment as Shan ... 2 GIF 9+
Two new website projects have been successfully booked this week. Full Text: From to Everyone: Booked 2 new website projects this week !!
A person is excited to have finalized a dream client and packages module, and is feeling confident about the services they are offering. Full Text: From to Everyone: 3:24 PM that dream client and packages module is GOLD From to Everyone: 3:25 PM ... well, they ALL are. haha I've never felt more solid on who I serve and what I'm willing to do for them.
The community is showing appreciation for Clare and Laura for their help with technical difficulties for Shannon Mattern's first "Day Rate" day. Full Text: October 14 at 10:16 PM . 8 Just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Clare & Laura for their help with my questions last night and technical difficulties today for my very first 'Day Rate' day. Shannon Mattern this community is so amazing & supportive, I'm so appreciative. 8 10 Comments Seen by 28
The image depicts a person thanking someone for helping them successfully reschedule a consultation and follow a format for the consultation, which resulted in a successful outcome. Full Text: From to Everyone: I used the format you mentioned here and they responded that they would like to reschedule. so we rescheduled for today and the consultation went great! I followed your format for the consultation too and it went so smoothly! you saved me from the awkward negotiation conversation that I was dreading.
In this image, Shannon Mattern is expressing their appreciation for Clare Lewis for helping their with their website and showing how the community is always willing to help each other. Full Text: Visual Storyteller · January 23 at 9:58 PM . @ #grateful Huge shout out to Clare Lewis who hopped on a zoom with me to help navigate php, advanced custom fields and bounce some ideas off of. She helped solve the mystery of the puppy posts and I'm making strides with this big site #ittakesavillage #thanksforbeinginmyvillage You and 19 others 2 Comments Seen by 46 Love Comment I'm so glad I can help !! This is what is so amazing about this community, I know that if I had needed help, any of you would have hopped in to help! Like · Reply . 1d 33 Shannon Mattern This makes my heart SO happy !!! Like . Reply . Commented on by Shannon Mattern i . 1m Comment as Shannon Mattern GIF
In this image, Shannon Mattern is expressing their appreciation for a group she is a part of and the people in it, while others are agreeing with their sentiment. Full Text: shared a link. ... 16h . @ Just wanted to say I heart this group so much !!! GIPHY 3 Comments Seen by 33 Like Q Comment - I totally agree !! Like . Reply . 16h One hundo, Friend! This is my FAV group. The peeps in here ... guh ... y'all are wonderful people! ¥ So grateful to have met y'all !! Like . Reply . 16h 1 I agree with you 100% This group is the best !! Love our weekly calls. All the giggles are good for the soul Like . Reply . 7h Comment as Shannon Mattern 0 GIF
Patti is celebrating their success in their business due to following the advice of Shannon and implementing the strategies she has taught, which has allowed their to feel more professional and relieved of the stress and frustration she was feeling. Full Text: Patti . 20h · 8 Just wanted to celebrate and say I landed my first 5k client due to following Shannon's videos, creating the package matrix and following all of it and doing the things she has taught. Allowing the process to work has been golden for my business. I finally feel like I have systems in place and not scrambling all over. I finally feel like a professional. I know this is only the beginning of more amazing things to come! I'm far from perfect at it, but it's been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and the frustration has gone away. I feel like can breathe again. So thank you for all of this! 21 5 Comments Seen by 55
In this image, a timeline of the monthly revenue of an individual, starting from January 2021 to July 2021, increasing from $0 to $10,000. Full Text: Monthly Revenue $10,000 Listened to your money $7,500 mindset FB live Left my job $5,000 $2,500 Joined WDA $0 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Mar 2021 Apr 2021 May 2021 June 2021 July 2021
Cory is celebrating the success of selling their first high-end package to a Montessori preschool. Full Text: Cory . .. ... 15h . I've got to share a crazy exciting win. I had tears streaming down my face earlier today - first tears of joy in a long time. You guys, I sold my first high end package. To a montessori preschool! Stay out of their wallet! I thought for sure I was way too expensive for them. This is really happening. I want to thank you all for cheering me on this year! 25 18 Comments Seen by 62
Alex has recently quit their full-time job, and has already noticed an improvement in their health. Full Text: Alex 3:07 PM oh & I quit my FT job last week! (my health instantly improved once I turned in the letter)
In the image, Erika is celebrating their success in booking a $7,500 brand strategy and web package. Full Text: Erika 4 to 3:14 PM Everyone Have I been on a call since I booked my highest package? That's a win - I booked a $7,500 brand strategy and web package.
Lori is celebrating after their client chose the highest priced package she offered during their consultation. Full Text: Lori . D · September 28 at 4:21 PM · @ #Update My client from last Tuesday? The one who was excited after our consultation and I sent a proposal with the highest priced offer I've ever made? YUP. She picked the highest package !!!! Wants to get started right away! GAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!! 20 13 Comments Seen by 52
A person is celebrating winning a €5000 website contract, despite being the most expensive option, as they prepare for the third lockdown with their kids at home for four weeks. Full Text: . 3h . 8 I just won a €5000 website Even though I was the most expensive option. Just wanted to celebrate this because we are having lockdown #3 from tomorrow on, kids at home for 4 weeks AGAIN @ while I have work planned for clients. 01 5 4 Comments Seen by 14
Naomi is excited to have just finished a successful kickoff call with a new high-paying client, thanking Shannon Mattern for providing resources to help their work through their negative feelings. Full Text: Naomi 22h . 8 I just got off a kickoff call with my new high package client that I was freaking out about ... it was amazing !!! I followed the outline provided in the workbook, took the lead and asked all the questions in the project planner and she is sooo excited! She has worked with 2 other web designers and she said this is the first time she has been this excited to work with someone. She feels like the questions help her get everything out of her head and is able to articulate what she wants better! Now I so excited to work with her !!! Thank you so much Shannon Mattern for putting together this amazing resource and everyone here helping me work through those negative feelings that come up! Feeling super excited and energised after the call! 18 4 Comments Seen by 47
The person in the image is celebrating the fact that they have projects booked until May, which is the first time they have had projects booked in advance. Full Text: to Everyone 3:06 PM I have projects booked until May! First time have projects booked in advance.
The speaker is celebrating their success in quickly booking out their clients for the month of April. Full Text: to Everyone 3:02 PM I got 3 clients for April in the span of 2 weeks, so I'm booked out for April now ...
The speaker is celebrating their success in quickly booking out their clients for the month of April. Full Text: to Everyone 3:02 PM I got 3 clients for April in the span of 2 weeks, so I'm booked out for April now ...
The image shows a person expressing their gratitude for a program they purchased, which they are excited to use. Full Text: I can't wait to go through this, too !! This program is hands-down the best money I've ever spent on my business. Thank you, Shannon !! Like · Reply . 19h 1 1
Shannon Mattern and their BFFs sent a proposal to the puppy people and they agreed to the $9,000 package offered by AT&T Wi-Fi. Full Text: Yesterday at 8:51 · @ Shannon Mattern + BFFS: I sent the proposal yesterday afternoon, and the puppy people they want the $9,000 package I AT&T Wi-Fi 5:49 @ 95% All Inboxes New Comment o ... loom has left a comment on Proposal 11:21 "YEAH Laura! YES, LET'sDO This. We want the 9,000.00 package!" Reply The Loom Team
The image is showing two people having a conversation about how they are using brand archetypes to update their branding and messaging. Full Text: . 22h . 88 Shannon! Just want to say thank you for including the brand archetypes in this program. I reference them multiple times a day to make sure my branding and messaging are on track! Especially the section in the workbook for the word bank under dream client qualities. 1 6 3 Comments Seen by 32 Like Comment Yes !! I started going through these again to update my branding and messaging on my website! Like · Reply . 21h 1 1 Author e SO helpful. I'm even using them to create brand kits so clients can describe their client and I can pull a brand identity that will resonate accurately. I'm fully invested Like · Reply . 21h 2
The people in this community are celebrating the feeling of camaraderie and support they have for each other while running their own businesses. Full Text: From to Everyone: 3:12 PM OMG yes! I was thinking the exact same thing about this community. It's like having coworkers while running your own biz
The speaker is expressing their satisfaction with a new client's experience with their process, as they have only had one call to plan and the client is already thrilled. Full Text: From to Everyone: 3:09 PM I listen to your webinars over and over when I have questions, etc. I'm starting to hear you in my sleep. I should soon have everything down pat! Win - New Client and she is already thrilled with the process and we have only had one call to plan. Waiting for her to provide info and she is thrilled with how easy the process is so far.
In this image, Shannon Mattern is being thanked for providing a personalized web designer academy roadmap and feedback. Full Text: Re: Your personalized Web Designer Academy Roadmap 1 message Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 11:18 To: Shannon Mattern Shannon, thank you so much for the roadmap and your feedback. I love the way you teach and engage. I now in the Fast Track for Clients module, the pricing info is so wonderful.
The image is showing the speaker's success in securing a job and completing projects, as well as the speaker's use of a project planner for a successful kick off call. Full Text: From to Everyone: I raised my prices on a proposal and got the job. From to Everyone: I just finished up a small client site (a template site), and working on my Web Designer for a Day process, and have a client who is interested in testing my process! From to Everyone: I just had my first kick off call for a 1-Day Intensive project. I used your project planner in the call and it went really well. From to Everyone: Would love to know how that went
The image depicts a person thanking someone for helping them successfully navigate a difficult conversation by providing a format to follow. Full Text: From to Everyone: I used the format you mentioned here and they responded that they would like to reschedule. so we rescheduled for today and the consultation went great! I followed your format for the consultation too and it went so smoothly! you saved me from the awkward negotiation conversation that I was dreading.
A person shared a link to their newly restructured website, which was tailored to a new niche, and they are already seeing the value of narrowing their focus as they have had a client reach out to them without them having to chase them down. Full Text: shared a link. · 18h . 8 I completely rewrote my web copy and restructured pages of my own website, to speak more directly to my new niche (coaches). I added packages and "starting from" prices. I also added a calendar to accept appointments online. I launched this morning after a super fun Zoom meeting with a new client (#smallwin for that as well). This evening I got a FB message of someone I never even "chased" online in my regular FB groups, saying she didn't find a time slot in my calendar that fit her schedule, and she asked if there are other days I'm available on. I can finally see the value of niching down. Clients knocking on MY door instead of me chasing them down. I was so afraid before I decided to go all in for this niche, but I followed my inner compass. Thanks Shannon for helping me out with my niche! C
A person is excited to apply the knowledge they have learned from a course podcast to their web design business. Full Text: shared a link. 3h . 8 I've been listening to the course podcast during my daily chores (laundry, cooking ,... ) I just reached module 7 (marketing your business) and I have to say all pieces of the puzzle are here and fit! I know about all the freebies, funnels, automatic welcome series ,... but seeing this in action for a web design business is just pure gold I'm so excited to work on this!
In this image, someone is thanking Shannon for their help in creating a website for a client, which resulted in the client being very happy with the process and the final result. Full Text: 4:20 PM (50 minutes ago) ... to Shannon - Hey Shannon! I missed the wins threads since I was late to the last Q&A. I wanted to update you on the Coach site where I used the templates. She pushed the date out a couple of times so we ended up just getting it completed last week. I wanted you to see the final result. With your help I went from one client crying that she was upset with me to the other crying out of joy and loving not only her site but the process so much working with me. I truly appreciate your kindness, generosity and all of your guidance. I can't wait to really dive into the new WDA. What I've gone over so far I really love. Again thank you so much!
The image depicts the speaker's excitement and gratitude for their successes in the past week, such as gaining website traffic, increasing signups, receiving their first full website project from an ideal client, and setting up their first collaboration with a yoga business coach. Full Text: V 3 hrs Shannon, it's been an exciting week (weeks?)! I'm working through the WML, gaining traffic to my site, and increasing signups to my 5-day challenge/email list (yay!). Getting in the flow of writing content (blogs and email). Just now received a deposit for my FIRST FULL WEBSITE PROJECT from, literally, MY IDEAL CLIENT! And, just set up my first collaboration with a yoga business coach who wants to include my 5-day challenge in her upcoming program and promote it with an interview between the two of us !! It's happening. Would love to get some advice on collaborating on such a venture. But I don't really know what I need to know! Maybe we can chat on the call later? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Seen by 7 Like Comment Write a comment ... O GIF
The non-profit accepted a 10% discount on a higher package than their original budget, and the speaker is meeting with them tomorrow to discuss the project plan and set a start date. Full Text: February 10 at 6:06 PM . #win The non-profit I had a discovery call a couple weeks ago decided to move forward. I offered a 10% limited time discount due to the circumstance they had horse show last year due to COVID- 19. I was surprised they went with the highest package even with the 10% discount which was about $500 more more then their original budget. I meeting with them tomorrow to go over the Project Planner Meeting and set a start date. I so excited to start this project. Thanks Shannon ... See More
The customer and the business are working together to create a new offer for semi-custom course kits, and the customer has agreed to the offer, leading to a webinar setup and a course setup, as well as a brand refresh. Full Text: Held a customer conversation to essentially co-create a new offer for semi-custom course kits and landed a new client! We're working together to get her webinar setup and she'll be back to setup a course and later for a brand refresh! Like . Reply . 53m
Mary has successfully booked their first client for a website build, and is celebrating the accomplishment. Full Text: Mary A Joe 12h . 88 I booked my first client for a new website build. Yay!
In this image, the speaker is expressing their excitement and relief after signing their first client for a small job, and is now looking forward to finding their second client. Full Text: : to Everyone 3:02 PM I signed my first client. It's a small one page job for an environmental non-profit, but was told that if they like working with me, they would hire me for future maintenance. After our phone meeting I spent the afternoon signing up with Dubsado, learning how to use it and setting up a contract for them to eSign. It's amazing how booking that first job can erase the thought of "what if no one will hire me?" I feel confident and excited about finding client #2.
People in the networking group were impressed by how confidently Shannon was able to discuss their package prices. Full Text: to Everyone 9:34 During the Summit last week, some people in my networking were amazed how comfortable I with my package prices now (great testimonial for Shannon)
Shannon Mattern is expressing excitement about the potential of a previous lead wanting to work with their, which could result in their being booked out for six weeks and reaching their 10k/month goal. Full Text: Shannon Mattern Also keep us posted on how it turns out !! Like . Reply . Commented on by Shannon Mattern i . 23h I will! I have a good feeling about the previous consultation call. All of a sudden a previous lead says she might want to work with me (someone who had her proposal 1,5 months ago). That means if those two people book I booked out for 6 weeks and I have my 10k / month ... And I still need to have the consultation call on Monday next week, so I'm curious how it will turn out. Like . Reply . 20h . Edited
In this image, Shannon Mattern is giving feedback on a Unique Brand Identity and Niche Marketing Message, and expressing excitement and approval of the work. Full Text: Shannon Mattern 18h . 88 - Here's my feedback on your Unique Brand Identity and Niche Marketing Message - happy new year !! 6 1 1 Comment Seen by 23 Like Comment So good !!! " Yes exactly, omg I'm jumping with excitement cause it just clicked so well !! Love · Reply . 17h 01 Comment as Shannon Mattern O' GIF
Erica Nash is excited to have booked their first market research call and is asking for a suggested template or questionnaire for their first home page audit in the workbook. Full Text: · 17h . 8 I booked my first market research call! Which means I'll also be doing my first home page audit. I haven't made it to the marketing module, is there a suggested template/questionnaire for audits in the workbook? 00 5 12 Comments Seen by 35 Like Comment Erica Nash Author Edit: I now have 3 booked whaaa Like · Reply . 17h 3 Erica Nash Author *4 lol, what is happening LO Like . Reply . 16h
In the image, the speaker is excited about having a consultation scheduled for Monday, but is worried about not having their packages or pricing done yet. Full Text: .. 5h . 8 I have a consultation scheduled for Monday! Woo hoo! But I don't have my packages or pricing done yet! Oh no! -
In this image, Shannon Mattern is thanking the Web Designer Academy for increasing their knowledge and confidence in web development skills. Full Text: is & feeling confident. 16 hrs Shannon Mattern I just wanted to thank you for all you do for us. Not just the skills we are learning but feeling confident in our abilities to do them. Yesterday, I received a text from a friend asking me if I could recommend a good website developer. In the past, I would have referred them to someone with more expertise and experience. But this time, I immediately responded with "Me." Just what I learned in the 5-day challenge increased my knowledge and confidence significantly. The Web Designer Academy continues to increase my skills and knowing I have you to ask for questions makes me even more confident in my abilities to handle whatever comes up. Thank you! 3 Comments Seen by 21 Like Comment I agree! I had helped an acquaintance get a WordPress site set up and she reached out to me because it had an error on the top. I was able to go in there and troubleshoot, edit the file and fix the error I would not have had the confidence to do that without Shannon's guidance (and a backup @ ). Love · Reply . 16h 2 1000% agree with this. Love · Reply . 16h 1 2 Shannon Mattern You guys !!! I'm getting all misty-eyed over here !!!!!! I'm so grateful for all of you and that I get to do this every day. THANK YOU !!!!! Like . Reply . Commented on by Shannon Mattern [?] . 13h 2
A person is praising Shannon Mattern for their hard work on the creation of a project called WDA. Full Text: 12h . 8 I just submitted a couple questions to the strategy call and can't be there tomorrow, so I'll catch the responses on the replay. One of the questions might be too techy and belong here instead, and I'll be glad to repost. But, before any more time passed, I just wanted to comment here that Shannon Mattern is a total rockstar! I was part of the inaugural WDA and have come back to review and revamp. To find out what I've missed and fix what I've forgotten. This version of WDA is absolutely fantastic! And what a ton of work has gone into it. The content, the worksheets, the swipe files. ALL OF IT !!!! This was truly a labor of love. Thank you so much! You and 7 others Seen by 26 C Love Comment Comment as Shannon Mattern GIF
In this image, a person is expressing gratitude for having a script to use during their first consultation call, and is sharing what the person they consulted with wanted. Full Text: Ok so whew! Just did my first consultation call! It was sooo nice to have the script! Thank you Shannon Mattern and thank you all for all the support and protips !! So, here's what she wants:
A person is excited to apply the knowledge they have learned from a course podcast to their web design business. Full Text: shared a link. 3h . 8 I've been listening to the course podcast during my daily chores (laundry, cooking ,... ) I just reached module 7 (marketing your business) and I have to say all pieces of the puzzle are here and fit! I know about all the freebies, funnels, automatic welcome series ,... but seeing this in action for a web design business is just pure gold I'm so excited to work on this!
The person has gained clarity around their business and is now putting the pieces in place to move forward with their plan. Full Text: I've gotten a LOT of clarity around my entire business (which includes much more than web design - in fact, I'm going to count on web design to just fill in the cracks in my finances in the beginning and then just be gravy later on). This has come from doing the niche work in the WDA materials. A couple of times this week I got a bit distracted and off-track, but toward the end of the week, I was pulling it back together. I see a really CLEAR path forward and I just have to put the pieces in place now. It's so exciting! Like . Reply . 4h 1
The author is celebrating winning a €5000 website project, despite being the most expensive option, and is reflecting on how joining the WDA has given them clarity and confidence in their business. Full Text: .. . 3h . 8 I just won a €5000 website Even though I was the most expensive option. Just wanted to celebrate this because we are having lockdown #3 from tomorrow on, kids at home for 4 weeks AGAIN @ while I have work planned for clients. 1 5 4 Comments Seen by 14 Like Comment All Comments Author Not everyone goes for the most expensive option, I do brand and web strategy as well. She said she values the strategic insights I can provide, because it's quite a big project. I love how people start seeing the value I can bring, next to "just" being the web designer and doing the work. I love how much confidence this gives me and I'm here sitting, why didn't I go all-in on this sooner ??? I'm also so glad I joined WDA, this proposal was sent before I joined, but it gives me so much clarity, what to work on and what to do now/next, take decisions for my business. Where I was a bit clueless before ... Like . Reply . 3h

A couple of things to remember as you read our testimonials… Results are NOT typical! These web designers have gone all in on themselves, show up, push through challenges, ask for help instead of retreating, don't give up the first time something doesn't go as expected and NEVER say they don't have the time to reach their goals. While we know them personally, we have not independently verified their statements for accuracy.

A person stands in front of a wooden wall with a smile.

"I just booked a $9000 project."

“I joined the Web Designer Academy originally to learn the business processes…but the biggest transformation I’ve had is going from feeling like a total impostor who “can’t charge that much for a website” to knowing that what I can bring to the table provides value to my client.

In the beginning I was charging $500 for a website. I just booked a $9000 project. My husband was dancing in the kitchen when I told him!”

Laura Kamark

"I booked a new client at 5x the rate I was charging before I joined the Web Designer Academy".

“I have so much more confidence in knowing the value that I bring is worth the price that I'm asking – that has been really big for me.

When I think about what's included in the Web Designer Academy, it's like, ‘This is the holy grail. This is all the language that I need, this is the guidance that I need.’ And the community is such an asset to the program, it helps so much with my confidence.”


A person sits at a table with a laptop.
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"I raised my rates by 4x - and got a yes."

“Signing up for the Web Designer Academy was the greatest decision I ever made! It has all the pieces of the puzzle that I felt I’d been missing, and I was able to stop my part-time consulting and focus on full-time designing!

Before joining I didn’t fully understand the value that I bring to my clients! That was a big piece of the puzzle for me: not undervaluing my services and learning to value what I can bring to the table.

Before joining I really struggled with marketing, and the Web Designer Academy laid it out for me, and I'm just followed along and things just fell into place! I love it!”


"I'm amazed at the progress I've made in just a few short months!"

After joining the program, I gained so much more confidence.

When I do consultations now I actually have a script, I know how to talk about what I’m offering, why I’m offering it and why it’s worth my price. And I know how to stand my ground on my pricing, that’s been a big shift I’ve been able to make! It's been amazing.

My pricing is like night and day now! I’m charging 5x-7x more than I was before!

PARISA | E-Commerce for Artists

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"I have the confidence to know I can run a business."

“I had experience with building websites, but I didn't know how to run a business doing it. My struggle was knowing how to take a person from when you first engaged with them to onboarding to off-boarding and everything in between.

Just knowing the community is there, that if I have a question about business or a project or a client that I WILL get an answer – just knowing I have ‘backup' helps me a lot with the confidence of knowing that I can ‘go out into the wild' and be okay!” 


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"The past year has been amazing."

“A lot of the training that I was looking at showed me how to design websites, but I really wanted to know how to run my business. And I struggled with my pricing – like “Am I pricing too high? Do I know enough to charge that much?

Since joining I’ve been working with agencies and providing proposals for $15,000 websites. I've never done that before! And only because I now know how to price! I keep going back to those modules every time I send a proposal to make sure that I've covered everything – it makes me feel so confident in delivering them!”


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Shannon Mattern, Founder
Web Designer Academy

We help ambitious women web designers reclaim their time, book web design projects they love, and make more as a freelance web designer than they ever thought possible.

The Web Designer Academy provides step-by-step processes and fill-in-the-blank templates for your messaging, marketing, packages, consultations, sales and project management combined with next-level support so that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable web design business doing work you love for clients you love.


When you purchase our product, you understand that there is no guarantee that you will achieve any particular result or outcome using any of the ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations presented. We make no promises or warranties concerning your likelihood of success, performance, future earnings, business profits, marketing performance, customer growth or results of any kind. You understand that with any business endeavor there is an inherent risk, including a loss of capital and loss of customers and therefore you assume all responsibility for any such risk.