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How Barb Created Consistent $10k Months as a Web Designer

I recently shared these 4 shifts our web designers have made to 5x their revenue:

1️⃣ They believe emotionally and logically that their price is worth it.
2️⃣ They have an authentic simple yet highly effective marketing + sales process.
3️⃣ They have an efficient, streamlined project management + development process.
4️⃣ They know how to say no in a way that feels good to them (and makes them more money).

(You can read that full blog post here.)

And if you’re anything like me (ya know, someone who doesn’t believe everything she reads on the internet…) you might be thinking… “Who are ‘they’?”

That’s why today I wanna introduce you to one of our most successful Web Designer Academy students, Barb. 

In the past year, Barb’s accomplished a few big goals:

  • Booking several new clients at premium prices.
  • Consistent $10K revenue months without hustling to get clients.
  • Letting go of her “safety net” and going all in on her web design business.

👉🏻 And Barb’s breaking down for you in this post exactly how she did it.

But before I share all of Barb’s secrets to success…

I wanna make sure you get the chance to watch my exclusive training just for web designers who are ready to:

  • Shift from undercharging + over-delivering to premium web design clients and projects
  • Free up your schedule while increasing your revenue
  • Go from overworked and overwhelmed to in control
  • Implement a simple, repeatable marketing system that doesn’t rely on ads or social media.

The private training covered the 5 things you need to do to make this happen…

…and some of our clients (like Barb) also shared how they’ve made these big shifts in their business.

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Okay, back to Barb and her mind-blowing results.

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Barb about her experience during her time in the Web Designer Academy, and you are not gonna wanna miss our conversation.


Pro tip – mouse over the video + click the gear icon to playback the video at 2x speed!

Barb’s results can be distilled down into a 5 key secrets to success:

  • Barb’s Secret to Success #1 – Be willing to dig into mindset.
  • Barb’s Secret to Success #2 – Get paid while you figure it out.
  • Barb’s Secret to Success #3 – Her marketing isn’t about her.
  • Barb’s Secret to Success #4 – She realized she is her own safety net.
  • Barb’s Secret to Success #5 – Don’t try to do it all on your own.

You are absolutely capable of creating the business of your dreams just like Barb, and I want to help you get started.

So apply below to get access to the private training exclusively for accepted applicants where I break down the 5 things that need to happen for you to 5x your revenue without 5x-ing your workload.


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