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4 Shifts Our Clients Make to 5x Their Web Design Businesses

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Before we dive into the 4 things my web designer clients are doing RIGHT NOW to increase their revenue without increasing their workload…

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  • Shift from undercharging + over-delivering to premium web design clients and projects
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  • Go from overworked and overwhelmed to in control
  • Implement a simple, repeatable marketing system that doesn’t rely on ads or social media.

The private training covered the 5 things you need to do to make this happen…

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Okay, so for the past five years I’ve been obsessed with helping our web designers blow their own minds with the results they’ve been able to create.

Our clients consistently get amazing results, like these:

  • Consistent $10K revenue months
  • 10x-ed her prices (and created a 4x ROI for a client)
  • Booked 8 new clients and launched a web design course for artists
  • Booked 20 clients and sold a $20K website
  • Consistently booking 5-figure web design projects and having 5-figure revenue months.

And I started thinking…

Why is it that our clients are able to sell web design packages for 5x – 10x more than other web designers when the actual THING they are delivering for their clients is the same?

You might think it’s because they’ve been doing it for a long time (they haven’t) or that they have a design degree (most of them don’t) or they design and code custom websites from scratch (um, nope).

Here are the 4 things they’re doing differently than all the other web designers out there to create those results:

1️⃣ They believe emotionally and logically that their price is worth it.

You might see our clients offering five-figure web design packages… and you might logically think it makes sense for THEM, but if you don’t think YOU are qualified or capable to work on projects like that until some magical day in the future where suddenly you’re anointed by the web designer gods and allowed to charge that much, you’ll never raise your prices… you’ll always be on the “more clients more money” hampster wheel that keeps you chained to your laptop on vacation…

Conversely, you might wholeheartedly believe you’re worth making five-figures for a web design project (go you and your high-self worth 🙌), but if you don’t think your CLIENTS will value you as much as you do – or you don’t know how to communicate the value of working with you, you’ll never get them to say YES to premium packages.

2️⃣ They have an authentic simple yet highly effective marketing + sales process.

You can buy all the marketing courses, set up all the funnels and learn all the social media strategies you want, but if you don’t feel 1000% sold on how you truly help your clients or your own pricing and services, you’ll HIDE.

Sure, you’ll passively market your web design business and wait for people to find you…but you won’t take the actual actions required to book premium web design clients.

When you know deep down what’s possible for your clients when they work with you, you won’t be able to help but shout it from the rooftops and take massive action to connect with your dream clients.

3️⃣ They have an efficient, streamlined project management + development process.

Booking the client is the first hurdle, and it’s a big one… but let’s not dismiss the importance of being able to start and end projects on time without having to babysit your clients or work 24/7 because now you’ve got 5 client projects active at the same time because no one is getting you content and feedback on time.

When you have a proven project management system in place that’s designed to minimize the amount of time you’re actually working and free you up from having a panic attack every time you look at your inbox or calendar… that’s when you really start to feel the freedom that comes with being in control of your web design business (instead of it controlling you).

4️⃣ They know how to say no in a way that feels good to them (and makes them more money).

Every begrudging, resentful YES to a client is a NO to your future self and their dreams and goals.

So instead of begrudgingly saying yes to extra revisions or emergencies or “just one last tweak because I’m in a pinch” because they feel GUILTY or like they’re the ONLY one who can help them, and then burning the midnight oil and then throwing off their whole schedule for days (sometimes even weeks) because they don’t know how to say NO to their clients without feeling massively guilty or being afraid they’ll get mad and find someone else (even if they’re offering to pay them for their time).

Our clients know how to say NO in a way that feels good to them and supportive to their clients, and when you start doing that too – you’ll start taking back control of your time and your life and your earning potential.

If you’re a web designer who wants to make a consistent, sustainable full-time income, I want to help you start making these big shifts in your business so you can start creating the same results our students are getting.

So apply below to get access to the private training exclusively for accepted applicants where I break down the 5 things that need to happen for you to 5x your revenue without 5x-ing your workload.

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