Running a Web Design Business in an Uncertain Economy EP: 5

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, where we’re committed to helping web designers to stop undercharging, overdelivering, overworking, overworking and create profitable, sustainable web design businesses.

I’m Shannon Mattern, your host and founder of the Web Designer Academy where we teach the business side of running a web design business, and if you wanna make a consistent, full-time income as a web designer but you’re struggling with things like pricing, boundaries, mindset and marketing and you’re EXHAUSTED from going it alone… well, my friend, you’re in the right place. 

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Today’s episode is a special replay of a Live Web Designe Business Stragegy Call exclusively for accepted applicants!

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In this Q+A I answer questions like:

  • How do I charge sustainably and profitably in an uncertain economy?
  • How do I determine what my skills are worth?
  • How do I find new clients? I feel like I’ve hit a wall…
  • How do I market as an introvert?
  • How do I get clients to commit + follow through on deadlines and SO MUCH MORE!

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