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Thinking Your Way to $10K Months with Lauren Paige EP 85
byShannon Mattern
WDA Live Strategy Call 11-22-2022

This Week's Questions


00:01:21 Caitlin Harrison: I have a black friday sale ready to go!
00:01:32 MoonSoar Services: Win: We did a couple of outreach emails!
00:01:39 Lisa Doiron: I have sent a bunch of outreach emails this week.
00:01:44 Janet Hoover: Hey nice, Caitlin!
00:01:49 Kate Newnham: I got a warm lead from a cold lead!!
00:02:02 Brittney: I’ve had 2 clients request ongoing email marketing services = more recurring monthly income 🙂
00:02:15 Rachel Briscoe: I was asked my hourly rate to work with someone and I said ‘I don’t do hourly rates’! LOL – and then explained why, with total confidence!!!
00:02:22 Sharon Blalock OBM: Got my business bank account set up, and did a photo shoot for my new website
00:02:35 MoonSoar Services: Nice Rachel!
00:02:39 Lisa Doiron: Woo hoo Rachel!
00:02:42 Rachel Briscoe: Yes!!!
00:02:51 MoonSoar Services: OH NO! Get better soon!
00:02:55 Caitlin Harrison: oh no!!
00:02:56 Kate Newnham: Aww sorry Shannon 🙁
00:02:58 leighscott: I finally fired the client that I needed to fire
00:03:02 leighscott: Ohh no.. sorry Shannon
00:03:03 Rachel Briscoe: Oh no… I think I may have it too…
00:03:05 Kate Newnham: YAY!
00:03:09 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Wooahh Leigh!! Nice!!
00:03:10 Janet Hoover: YES!
00:03:13 Rachel Briscoe: Yay Leigh!!!
00:03:13 Caitlin Harrison: YESSSSS
00:03:15 Lisa Doiron: Yeah Leigh!
00:03:19 Kate Newnham: Aww sorry to hear that Rachel.
00:03:21 Trish Bovell: get better soon!
00:03:24 leighscott: She made me really angry so I just did it before I calmed down
00:03:34 Kate Newnham: HA
00:04:02 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: A client I thought had totally ghosted me randomly reach out and paid a deposit on a $18k project yesterday…just goes to show you can’t make assumptions about why you haven’t heard back.
00:04:19 Janet Hoover: Happy birthday!!
00:04:21 Sharon Blalock OBM: Great way to word it too
00:04:31 Trish Bovell: yay Leigh!
00:04:57 Karen: I did an in-person outreach to my holistic family doctor at the end of my visit with him yesterday. Holistic health & wellness is my niche. I don't know if it was appropriate to do that during a visit or not. It was totally spontaneous.
00:05:10 Rachel Briscoe: OMG!!!!
00:05:20 MoonSoar Services: Wow, $18K! That’s awesome
00:05:47 Kate Newnham: Woot woot!
00:06:26 Kate Newnham: Great job Karen!! That’s how I got half my clients.
00:06:47 MoonSoar Services: Good for you Karen – that must’ve been hard!
00:06:54 leighscott: That’s awesome Karen
00:07:11 Rachel Briscoe: That’s great Karen!!!
00:07:30 Janet Hoover: Yay!!
00:11:20 Kate Newnham: SO grateful for this group!!
00:11:34 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Awh, we already had our Thanksgiving up here but grateful for all of you too!!
00:13:49 Kate Newnham: Hope you ate tons LOL
00:16:04 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I just use a ‘fast action discount’
00:16:05 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yeah
00:16:36 Caitlin Harrison: that pay in full bonus is tempting me a lot now as I am getting ready to renew haha
00:18:52 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Ooooh, I feel the same!
00:19:06 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Canada
00:19:07 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: lol
00:19:25 Lisa Doiron: I have a hard time with that too!
00:19:29 Cynthia Norman: I'm in Ontario CA
00:19:29 Lisa Doiron: Canadian
00:19:46 Cynthia Norman: no
00:19:58 Kate Newnham: Yeah, I won't
00:20:01 Sharon Blalock OBM: Not at all
00:20:02 Caitlin Harrison: it feels a little uncomfortable
00:20:03 Rachel Briscoe: It depends. I’m following the formula and everything is intimidating LOL
00:20:03 Becky Swan: A little
00:20:05 Brittney: a little bit
00:20:07 Caitlin Harrison: they usually dont answer
00:20:15 Trish Bovell: used to but not anymore
00:20:26 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: I want my clients to be really comfortable talking about their business and pricing anyway, so I try to set that tone early.
00:20:27 Lisa Doiron: Mine don't answer a lot either.
00:20:41 Cynthia Norman: it speaks to goals
00:21:08 leighscott: I find it’s important to ask when trying to create an investment-oriented discussion
00:21:10 Cynthia Norman: *their goals
00:21:15 Sharon Blalock OBM: It may be the OBM in me, but I need to have a good understanding of where they are in their business to be able to help them
00:21:16 Melissa Miller: I would NEVER ask!
00:22:33 Kate Newnham: My best friends don’t even talk about that with me.
00:22:38 Kate Newnham: It’s so private here
00:22:53 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: I wouldn’t ask a friend either.
00:22:54 Melissa Miller: I agree Kate
00:23:09 Erica Nash: I think the pay transparency conversation is making strides, but still has so far to go!
00:23:16 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: But a client I’m trying to help with creating more revenue is a whole different thing.
00:23:44 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I just had to check my consult form – I ask ‘what are your revenue streams’ so I must have been uncomfortable enough when I was creating it to remove the direct ‘what is your revenue’
00:23:55 Rachel Briscoe: Because you want to help them to make money. Like a financial advisor you would give the info to. ROI is central to your work for them.
00:24:09 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: Yes!
00:24:30 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I have had clients volunteer more revenue information there
00:24:39 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: But some do not
00:26:14 leighscott: You could say something like, I built websites to help people improve their business. What are your objectives in regard to how the website will help you improve your revenue streams?
00:27:06 Rachel Briscoe: Saving the chat…
00:27:33 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yeah, I’m glad you asked this! I’m going to change the wording on my intake form too!
00:27:56 Melissa Miller: This is great, I feel more comfortable with the word revenue
00:28:43 Caitlin Harrison: I am feeling ALL of this
00:29:12 Janet Hoover: Totally
00:29:16 Rachel Briscoe: Wow resonates!!! Amazing!!!
00:29:17 Caitlin Harrison: thank you for being so vulnerable and open with us
00:29:37 Lisa Doiron: I totally get this
00:30:01 Sharon Blalock OBM: I feel all of that and keep remembering… get paid to do it scared
00:31:00 Erica Nash: “Action creates traction” – Alecia
00:31:04 Trish Bovell: my new mantra is “I have the tools and resources to be able to reach my goals'
00:31:58 Sharon Blalock OBM: Love it @trish
00:33:34 Caitlin Harrison: 🤯
00:34:50 Rachel Briscoe: It releases the ‘judgement’ of it all and creates more feeling of ease…
00:34:55 Caitlin Harrison: the whole point of being an entrepreneur was to NOT be stuck in the paycheck 9-5
00:35:04 Caitlin Harrison: what a great mindset shift
00:37:41 Sharon Blalock OBM: I’ve always said be careful what you wish for
00:38:41 Trish Bovell: let the problem come to you
00:38:51 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: Yes Trish!!!
00:39:31 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: After that strat call I definitely used the ‘let the problem come to you’ on my husband haha
00:39:41 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: So thank you for that :p
00:39:43 Erica Nash: Haha Kaila
00:40:33 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: He was stressing about something that hadn’t happened yet! It was super fitting!
00:43:50 Erica Nash: Core belief
00:43:55 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: Big assumption?
00:43:56 Lisa Doiron: big assumption
00:44:20 Lisa Doiron: I just redid the ITC this last week
00:44:39 Caitlin Harrison: ITC?
00:44:48 Lisa Doiron: Immunity To chage
00:44:50 Lisa Doiron: Change
00:44:55 Caitlin Harrison: ooh gotcha
00:45:01 Lisa Doiron: Alecia St. Germain workshop
00:45:04 Kate Newnham: She has some huge workshop coming up again if anyone is interested – I have a % off
00:45:34 Kate Newnham: I’ll be there!
00:46:02 Caitlin Harrison: I’d take the link 🙂
00:48:00 Janet Hoover: I can relate, I had one person say no and one a no show to the discover (even after rescheduling) — so, had a mindset trip up this week
00:48:12 Caitlin Harrison: I did it a while ago and was so bummed at myself haha'
00:49:05 Kate Newnham: Go to: (add coupon code FRIEND) and it’s $99 and put my name as the referral Kate Newnham
00:49:25 Kate Newnham: Or there’s a free version on her website
00:49:27 Rachel Briscoe: Thanks Kate!
00:50:22 Lisa Doiron: @Caitlin if you've done the live workshop before you should be able to sign up for this next one for free I think…? I could be wrong but you might want to check before paying.
00:50:37 Caitlin Harrison: good to know Lisa
00:50:41 Kate Newnham: Oh cool didn’t know that!!
00:50:50 Rachel Briscoe: @Lisa that’s good to know as I did it earlier this year too
00:50:55 Sharon Blalock OBM: Instead of using Updraft for backups
00:51:36 Caitlin Harrison: I am about to move to MainWP, I think
00:51:43 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I don’t pay for many add-ons but some of my clients are on GoDaddy hosting and get the premium ones for free. I don’t find the uptime monitor is all that accurate. But agree with Shannon on the paid backups.
00:51:50 Caitlin Harrison: its more affordable to have for my clients that has backups, uptime, etc
00:51:51 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I moved from MainWp :p
00:52:04 Lisa Doiron: LOL now I am second guessing myself! Check still… but I am sorry if I am wrong. 😝
00:52:09 Caitlin Harrison: the bill has gotten SO high
00:52:37 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yeah, if you have another system doing backups, MainWP could make more sense. I didn’t trust the backups I had going.
00:52:40 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: (Which is why!)
00:52:43 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: And yes! Both worked!!
00:53:03 Caitlin Harrison: why didnt you trust the backups?
00:54:02 Caitlin Harrison: I’ll be in Mexico 🏖️
00:54:21 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I was managing my backups right on each site via free Updraft and I wanted to be able to manage them within the management software. I found the MainWP management of it not super intuitive to use. But that’s a quick answer and I can chat with you about it if you want to message me!
00:54:27 Caitlin Harrison: I would!! I want to
00:55:13 Caitlin Harrison: Barb has been in this Black Friday challenge I’m doing and she is 100% the reason I joined, the student panel was the game changer
00:55:37 Kate Newnham: I would, but I did it already and want to step out of the spotlight LOL
00:55:56 Kate Newnham: Lmk!
00:56:01 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: P.S. If you’re nervous to do the student panel – know you’re not the only one and take the leap! You’ll for sure have something valuable to say!
00:56:32 Sharon Blalock OBM: Hope you feel better Shannon.. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
00:56:34 Rachel Briscoe: Happy Thanksgiving 🌷