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 live strategy call replays​ 

WDA Live Strategy Call 9-19-2023

This Week’s Questions

Summary + Transcript

Meeting Notes

  • Overcoming impostor syndrome in business. 0:15
    • Alicia St. Germain discusses impostor syndrome with a group of professionals in a three-part series.
    • Shannon helps clients overcome impostor syndrome by addressing self-worth and perfectionism.
  • Impostor syndrome and celebrating wins in business. 5:00
    • Unknown Speaker discusses three components of impostor syndrome: perfectionism, others-focused vs. self-focused, and lack of openness to receiving.
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on the importance of celebrating small wins and recognizing what’s working in business.
  • Giving and Receiving in Business and Life. 8:48
    • Participants discuss the importance of giving and sharing personal experiences with giving, with a focus on the book “The Go Giver.”
    • Unknown Speaker discusses the importance of balance between giving and receiving in life.
    • Unknown Speaker encourages audience to reframe receiving as an expression of love and gratitude, rather than feeling awkward or selfish.
  • Emotional responses to help and support. 15:55
    • Participant reflects on default responses to offers of help, noticing physical sensations and thoughts.
    • Unknown Speaker: Responds to offers of help with mixed emotions, feeling both grateful and uncertain.
  • Self-protection and receiving help. 20:42
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their responses to visualization exercises, noticing a trend of taking responsibility and feeling anxious about asking for help.
    • Participants express similar thoughts and feelings when paying for something, with a focus on not wanting to burden others and feeling anxious about the exchange.
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their tendency to overwork and under-receive, exploring the psychological and energetic impacts on their well-being and financial abundance.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and self-care. 26:08
    • Unknown Speaker emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and taking care of oneself in order to be generous and give one’s best.
    • The speaker shares exercises to help audience members build neural pathways for receiving, recognizing that it takes time and effort to shift one’s brain filters for receiving.
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their discomfort with receiving compliments and the importance of learning to accept them.
    • Caitlin shares their struggle with setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, and how it impacts their ability to support others.
    • Preschool teacher’s advice on negative self-talk: “Don’t say it, or your ears will hear it again.”
  • Overcoming mental health issues through asking for help. 34:04
    • Caitlin shares her experience with visualization exercises, feeling more open to receiving money after practicing gratitude.
    • Caitlin reflects on her past mental health struggles and how she’s learned to embrace seeking help, finding it interesting to connect this with the money exercise.
    • Madison learns to recognize and change neural pathways that reinforce asking for help.
  • Worthiness and trust in business relationships. 39:06
    • Unknown Speaker experiences tightness in their chest when discussing monetary worthiness, indicating a lack of self-worth in that area.
    • The speaker is encouraged to hone in on their worthiness around their expertise in web design, and to master one thing at a time to build confidence and skill.
    • Angelica shares her struggles with people-pleasing and assuming others think and operate the same way she does.
    • Angelica reflects on how her upbringing and fear of rejection impact her ability to say no and trust others.
  • Self-awareness and communication. 45:06
    • Madison shares how she feels judged when asking for help, and Lisa helps her identify the root cause of these feelings.
    • Lisa encourages the group to pay attention to their own emotions and needs, rather than focusing on how others might feel.
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on making up stories about others’ feelings and values, realizing it has nothing to do with them.
    • Unknown Speaker advises against making up stories about others’ emotions and thinking, as it causes unnecessary stress and can lead to self-doubt.
    • Unknown Speaker suggests asking oneself why they feel a certain way about themselves, and examining the source of those feelings to overcome self-doubt and be their authentic selves.
  • Personal growth and receptivity. 52:31
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on their past reluctance to accept help from others due to a fear of owing someone and the potential for it to come back in the future.
    • Unknown Speaker’s belief around the oneness of humanity is unclear, as they mention not knowing this concept.
    • Unknown Speaker discusses the importance of receptivity in giving and receiving, sharing exercises to build receptivity.
  • Receiving money and self-worth. 57:16
    • Unknown Speaker reflects on the value of small amounts of money, such as pennies, and encourages listeners to stop and pick them up as a way to honor money and shift their energetic willingness to receive.
    • Unknown Speaker suggests prioritizing sending proposals, offers, and invoices that have been sitting unattended, and following up on money owed to them, to honor the value of their work and time.
    • Unknown Speaker encourages listeners to change their mindset around receiving money and appreciate it more, noticing how it affects their business and well-being.
    • The speaker suggests sending messages to 10 people who love and support them, asking what they love about them, and noticing how it affects their self-worth and ability to receive compliments.
    • Unknown Speaker encourages listeners to complete exercises to transform their business and self-perception.


00:00:45 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: 👋🏻
00:01:23 Caitlin Harrison: I haven’t had a chance to catch the replay from session 2
00:01:38 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: I haven’t seen any of them because I joined WDA Sept 1
00:07:56 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: My systems are working!
00:08:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: My client communication is working
00:08:22 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “My systems are worki…” with ❤️
00:08:27 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “My client communicat…” with ❤️
00:08:27 Amy K Ogden: My time blocking
00:08:32 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “My time blocking” with ❤️
00:08:32 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Reacted to “My time blocking” with 💕
00:08:52 Angela Winter: My confidence and sense of value is increasing
00:08:56 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “My confidence and se…” with ❤️
00:09:06 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: My ability to give myself grace is improving
00:09:12 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: Reacted to “My ability to give m…” with 💞
00:09:23 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Reacted to “My confidence and se…” with ❤️
00:09:28 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “My ability to give m…” with ❤️
00:10:04 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Giving is kind
00:10:06 Maddison Manente: That it’s a really nice thing to do
00:10:27 Diana Richards she/her: Giving to others is a priority, yet giving to ourselves is never mentioned
00:10:39 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: That it might meet a need that you didn’t know was killing the other person… can raise their hope and belief in themselves.
00:11:01 Maddison Manente: It feels great!
00:11:02 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: feels fantastic
00:11:03 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: It can feel good! But also exhausting.
00:11:30 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Oh probs terrible.
00:11:33 Diana Richards she/her: Bad!
00:11:40 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: I’m actually good at receiving. I’ve had to be (long story)
00:14:57 Angelica Hidalgo: Yes!
00:15:19 Sheila McRae: Yay!
00:17:10 Angelica Hidalgo: Saying it’s all good I got it 😂
00:18:05 Angela Winter: brb – kids…
00:21:43 Lisa Doiron: Yes
00:21:51 Angelica Hidalgo: Absolutely
00:22:01 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yes and no
00:24:27 Angelica Hidalgo: I think “I can do it myself”
Feel shame and guilty like I’m taking something from them
I’ve failed if I don’t do it myself
00:30:11 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Oh the worst
00:32:51 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: That is adorable and also amazing.
00:34:48 Maddison Manente: What about feelings of guilt instead of feeling unsafe?
00:35:25 Lisa Doiron: I get feelings of being judged.
00:35:30 Angelica Hidalgo: I feel like then they’re thinking oh she actually took the money
00:35:50 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Some you accepted help and some you didn’t?
00:38:28 Angelica Hidalgo: Alecia I love you. I just had such a breakthrough 😭😭😭
00:38:35 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I resonated with the ‘paying someone back or owing someone’. I wonder if my gut reaction was not to accept help from the person at the grocery store because I couldn’t pay them back. But I accepted help from the friend in the kitchen because I would do the same thing for them if roles were reversed.
00:38:40 Shannon Mattern: Reacted to “Alecia I love you. I…” with ❤️
00:39:26 Shannon Mattern: Replying to “I resonated with the…”

This resonates for me too!
00:40:39 Angelica Hidalgo: My parents are immigrants and we never had much money growing up, every time I received something from them or asked to do something I felt guilty that I was adding pain to our financial situation. I’ve just realised that’s why I feel shame and guilt receiving money from people. My throat and chest feel tight.
00:40:53 Angelica Hidalgo: Reacted to “I resonated with the…” with ❤️
00:40:56 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Reacted to “My parents are immig…” with 💕
00:42:27 Shannon Mattern: I’ll send these out in the newsletter again when this replay is posted, but for anyone who is interested in watching the replays for the other sessions:

Session 1: https://webdesigneracademy.com/wda-global-live-strategy-call-07-25-2023/

Session 2: https://webdesigneracademy.com/wda-live-strategy-call-8-15-2023/
00:43:36 Ivy Neal: Reacted to “I’ll send these out …” with ❤️
00:43:58 Angelica Hidalgo: Dad would always try to give to all his children no matter how it would affect him so I think that everyone does that
00:58:43 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I love this! I’ve always felt like finding pennies is good luck!
00:58:50 Angelica Hidalgo: Reacted to “I love this! I’ve al…” with ❤️
00:59:43 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: it’s like that old poem / nursery rhyme “Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck”
00:59:50 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Reacted to “it’s like that old p…” with 💕
01:03:16 Angelica Hidalgo: Thank you so much Alecia
01:03:37 Tracy Trathen • e design studio, LLC: SO amazing. Tyvm!
01:03:44 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Thanks Alecia!
01:03:51 Ivy Neal: Thank you!
01:03:52 Lisa Doiron: Thank you Alecia…again! 😉
01:04:32 Alecia St Germain: Angelica throat tightness is a breakthrough around being heard.
01:04:44 Sheila McRae: Awesome session. Thank you!
01:04:46 Alecia St Germain: Using your voice to speak for what you want
01:04:51 Angelica Hidalgo: Reacted to “Angelica throat tigh…” with ❤️
01:04:53 Angelica Hidalgo: Reacted to “Using your voice to …” with ❤️