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Summer intensive series

This summer, for the first time ever, we are teaching three of our proven web design business strategies publicly that we usually only teach exclusively inside the Web Designer Academy!

We’re hosting 3 live, half-day intensive workshops teaching 3 of our most powerful strategies for getting clients, taking back your time and making more money.

How It Works

Get all 3 intensives for the price of 2!

Even if you can’t attend all the half-day intensive workshops live (or they’ve already happened), your ticket includes lifetime access to the recordings and workbooks. 

Regular Price: $447
Bundle Price: $297

Save an additional $50 when you register for all 3 intensives! 

🎥 Recording and workbook included!

Save $50 when you register by June 21, 2023!


Boundaries Bootcamp: Take Back Control of Your Time + Money


Learn our step-by-step process for getting stalled projects moving, how to communicate about time and money when it comes to scope creep, how to follow up on late payments and any mindtrash that’s keep overworking and undercharging.

Ticket Price: $149

🎥 Recording and workbook included!

Stop Undercharging


If you want to charge more, the first person you need to convince of your value is YOU. During this workshop you’ll completely transform your belief about the value of working with you and clean up any mindtrash that’s holding you back from raising your prices. Then you’ll implement our 3-step system for safely raising your prices without worrying about losing all your clients.

Regular Price: $149
Early Price: $99

Ticket Price: $149

🎥 Recording and workbook included!

Marketing Momentum


Learn how to evaluate your current marketing efforts for a few key shifts that could change everything…

Plus you’ll learn our proven strategy for promoting your web design business, leveraging your current relationships and creating new ones.

You’ll also learn our proven sales process AND take action to start booking clients for the next 30, 60 and 90 days – and get coaching on any mindtrash preventing you from marketing your business.

Price: $149

🎥 Recording and workbook included!

Register for all 3 intensives and save an additional $50!

Get all 3 intensives for the price of 2!

Even if you can’t attend all the workshops live, you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings and workbooks. Plus you

Regular Price: $447
Bundle Price: $297

Regular Price: $447
Early Price: $297 $247

Save an additional $50 when you register for all 3 workshops by June 21, 2023!

About Your Host

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Hey there – I’m Shannon Mattern and I’m the host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, and founder of the Web Designer Academy where we teach web designers how to create profitable, sustainable freelance web design businesses.

I created the Web Designer Academy in 2016 to create a space to provide the mentorship and support I wish I would have had available to me when I was freelancing!

We teach simple yet powerful marketing tactics combined with innovative and authentic sales strategies that no one else is teaching.

I’m committed to helping you create freedom, flexibility, financial independence and impact as a freelance web designer! 

Answers to Your Questions!

Q. What’s the refund policy?

A. This workshop series is non-refundable.You get lifetime access to recordings.

Q. Is this live?

A. Yes – and they will be recorded. You keep lifetime access to the recordings.

Q. Is there a workbook?

A. Yes, we’ll give it to you during each workshop and send it out with the replays.

Q. How long do I have access to the recordings?

A. Your access to the recordings does not expire.