In this image, Shannon Mattern is expressing their appreciation for Clare Lewis for helping their with their website and showing how the community is always willing to help each other. Full Text: Visual Storyteller · January 23 at 9:58 PM . @ #grateful Huge shout out to Clare Lewis who hopped on a zoom with me to help navigate php, advanced custom fields and bounce some ideas off of. She helped solve the mystery of the puppy posts and I'm making strides with this big site #ittakesavillage #thanksforbeinginmyvillage You and 19 others 2 Comments Seen by 46 Love Comment I'm so glad I can help !! This is what is so amazing about this community, I know that if I had needed help, any of you would have hopped in to help! Like · Reply . 1d 33 Shannon Mattern This makes my heart SO happy !!! Like . Reply . Commented on by Shannon Mattern i . 1m Comment as Shannon Mattern GIF

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