Patti is celebrating their success in their business due to following the advice of Shannon and implementing the strategies she has taught, which has allowed their to feel more professional and relieved of the stress and frustration she was feeling. Full Text: Patti . 20h · 8 Just wanted to celebrate and say I landed my first 5k client due to following Shannon's videos, creating the package matrix and following all of it and doing the things she has taught. Allowing the process to work has been golden for my business. I finally feel like I have systems in place and not scrambling all over. I finally feel like a professional. I know this is only the beginning of more amazing things to come! I'm far from perfect at it, but it's been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and the frustration has gone away. I feel like can breathe again. So thank you for all of this! 21 5 Comments Seen by 55

First $5k Client