In this image, Rachel is excitedly sharing that she has quit their job and has booked two clients for October and November, and has also been contacted by a local business owner for help with their website. Full Text: Rachel 6d . 8 Hey lovely ladies !! Omg what a month, I have so much good news - but also need some advice! First is that I have booked in two clients for October and November. Once they were in the diary I handed in my notice and yesterday was my last day at my horrible day job! Pretty scary but I know I'm covered for the next couple of months and honestly, my day job was making me so miserable that I knew I wouldn't be able to do my best work for my clients if I was trying to fit it around my full time job. So today I'm literally in the best mood, and I've just been messaged my a local business owner who wants some help with her site! Her website was built on Webflow (brilliant, cause that's what I use) but she needs some pages added and some layouts changed, so I'm looking for some advice on pricing.

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