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April Income Report EP 91
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Thinking Your Way to $10K Months with Lauren Paige

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of overworking and undercharging, feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up with your business and personal goals? It's a common scenario many of us face, often leading to burnout and a sense of unfulfillment.

But what if I told you the key to breaking free from this cycle lies within your mindset and embracing change?

In this eye-opening episode of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, I'm thrilled to introduce you to a transformative mindset and business coach, Lauren Paige. Lauren's mission is to empower women to navigate their transformative journeys with resilience, breaking free from internal blocks and past traumas to unveil vibrant, fulfilling lives filled with passion and creativity.

Lauren and I dive deep into the heart of why we, as web designers and creative entrepreneurs, often find ourselves trapped in patterns that hinder our growth and happiness. She shares her remarkable journey from owning a Pilates studio to overcoming personal and financial challenges, leading her to discover her true calling as a life and business coach. Lauren's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of mindset in achieving professional and personal growth.

If you're feeling lost, stuck, or in need of a significant change, this episode is for you. Lauren's insights will inspire you to look within, challenge your limiting beliefs, and take bold steps towards the life and business you truly desire.

🎧 In this episode, Lauren and I explore:

  • The critical role of mindset in overcoming business challenges.
  • The importance of resilience and adaptability in personal and professional growth.
  • Practical strategies for breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing change.
  • Lauren's journey from business owner to life and business coach, and how her experiences can help you transform your life.

We also talk about:

Embracing Change for Growth

Change, while daunting, is often the catalyst for significant growth. Lauren's story is a testament to this, demonstrating that when we're willing to step out of our comfort zones and confront our fears, the possibilities are endless. For web designers and creatives, this might mean reevaluating our business models, exploring new niches, or even radically changing our service offerings.

The Role of Mindset

The discussion with Lauren underscored the critical role of mindset in overcoming challenges and achieving success. It's not just about the strategies or tools we use but about how we perceive our capabilities and opportunities. A growth-oriented mindset encourages us to view challenges as stepping stones rather than roadblocks.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

A common thread among creatives is the struggle with impostor syndrome. Lauren's insights offer a fresh perspective: you don't need to be miles ahead of your clients or audience, just a step or two, guiding them through the darkness with the light of your knowledge and experience.

Practical Steps to Mindset Mastery

    • Embrace B-minus Work: Perfectionism can be crippling. Lauren advocates for putting out B-minus work initially, allowing for improvement over time rather than waiting for perfection.
    • Understand Your Worth: It's crucial to recognize the value you bring to the table, even if you're just a few steps ahead of your clients.
    • Seek Holistic Balance: Success isn't just about financial gain or business growth. Lauren emphasizes the importance of holistic well-being, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

🕒 A Breakdown of this Episode:
[02:18] Lauren's journey from owning a Pilates studio to becoming a mindset and business coach.
[06:58] The intersection of personal challenges and business growth.
[15:45] Overcoming impostor syndrome and embracing your unique value.
[29:03] The importance of holistic well-being in achieving business success.
[33:14] Lauren's approach to coaching and how it can transform your business and life.
[41:29] Embracing change and the power of mindset in navigating life's challenges.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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Shannon Mattern (00:01.122)

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Profitable Web Designer Podcast. And today I am bringing you a guest that I was introduced to by one of our Web Designer Academy students. And her name is Lauren Page and she is a transformational business and mindset coach. And I'm so excited to talk to her today because you guys know I'm all about all things mindset and how your thoughts create your feelings and your actions and your results. So Lauren, thank you.

so much for being here. Can you share a little bit more with our audience about who you are and what you do?

Lauren Paige (00:38.166)

Yeah, I'm thrilled to be here. And it's funny, I was combing through your page and I was like, oh my gosh, Shannon's an incredible teacher of all things strategy. Like all the, like, how to do systems, how to teach, how to get people to move the needle forward. And so I'm excited about our combo because I'll kind of bring in the other piece of it, the mindset piece, the like, okay, I'm doing all the things Shannon's telling me to do and like, what's the missing secret sauce?

But a little bit about me, I guess the long story short, for the past decade, I've built a couple businesses. So I really like to say my superpower is resiliency. I opened up a Pilates and bar nutrition studio in Charleston, South Carolina when I was 25 years old. And I just didn't know any better. I didn't know that was a big undertaking. And I just, you know, I feel really blessed with...

You know, when you're going to a new business endeavor, and I think you can kind of relate to this too, you just say yes and hope for the best. And I figure it out along the way. So over the course of those four years that I had the studio, I learned the ins and outs of how to build community and how to build profitability within a brick and mortar setting. I sold it at 29 to move to San Diego, California. The other piece of my story is I grew up with very little, like we grew up very, very low income. So.

when someone offered me over six figures for my brick and mortar, I thought I had Oprah money. Like, I thought this was gonna last me till the end of time. We moved to a very expensive city. I was married at the time. Sadly, my then husband had a lot of mental health, a lot of addiction issues that just became like this big implosion in our so-called perfect life.

Shannon Mattern (02:09.954)


Shannon Mattern (02:23.722)


Lauren Paige (02:25.39)

And I think we all kind of have that moment somewhere in our, anywhere from our late twenties to late thirties where you're like, Oh gosh, this is not what I thought it was going to be. Or you have that dark night of the soul, that big rock bottom moment. And that was it for me. So, um, over the course of that year that we were getting our footing underneath us in San Diego, the money very quickly ran out. We were struggling with infertility. We were struggling with his unemployment and everything just bottomed out. So I switched gears. I, um,

went all in on a network marketing company, which I was like, I don't even know how to do sales. Is this one of those pyramid scheme things? Like I never said I was gonna be a Tupperware lady. So it was interesting though, it was very much in alignment with what I was doing in the wellness world with fitness and nutrition. And then same kind of mentality, that beginner's mentality that I had when I opened my studio was I'm just gonna look for the people that are doing this really, really well and learn everything that I can.

And this is why I'm such a big believer in like the work that you do when people are putting out, whether it's courses or mentorship or a therapist, like there are people in the world that have gotten to where you want to go. So like save yourself some time. Go do the course. Save yourself some heartache. And fortunately, I did really well with that business. I built it up over the next four to five years. And then I met

my now partner and we have a set of two-year-old twins. And so life just kind of all sorted itself out along the way. And the interesting thing is though, this past couple of years, I didn't think I was gonna be a life coach. I just got certified so that I could help my current clients and help my sales team get better at what they were doing. I just thought it would be an asset to be able to offer them.

And as soon as I started really building my private practice, I was like, oh, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. So that's the journey, if you will.

Shannon Mattern (04:25.198)

That is fascinating that it all led you to the point where you're like, oh wait, this life coaching process, this, you know, what I learned in this, this is everything. So can you tell me more about like, just what was the realization that you had like about the life coaching that made you understand that this is what you were supposed to be doing?

Lauren Paige (04:54.598)

Yeah, I would say it's twofold, both my personal experience and then like in the professional world. So personally, you know, it was interesting. And I think like, obviously if they're listening to you, if there's people listening to your podcast, they're savvy, they're savvy gals. They're probably listening to podcasts, reading some personal development books. And I had kind of hit a point in my journey where I was like, okay, like, I've done years of personal development. I've gone to a lot of seminars. I've walked across the fire with Tony Robbins. Like I've done all of that.

And I had some like deep seated trauma. I had lost my mom unexpectedly. And I was like, I kind of need a therapist, but I like needs, I need something that's a little bit more than that. And a little bit more than like a self-help book. So that's where I was really blessed to be introduced to the coach that I ultimately got certified with. And she combined a lot of Byron Katie's work and really bringing both in strategy and somatics. So both.

the like, how do we do the thought work? And then also, okay, if that's not moving the needle, there's probably something stuck in our body that's repressed or in our subconscious. So that was my personal experience where I was like, okay, this is the thing that's working. And then professionally, I think, you know, I had been doing it for so long in the fitness world that it just took, it took that little like leap of faith to be like, I can get out of, I related to your stories, well, I can get out of imposter syndrome and do this in a bigger way.

And also like in the nutrition world and fitness world, you know, there's a reason it's a billion dollar industry. There's a reason why people keep trying the next diet, the next fitness fad, because they haven't switched the mental game that goes along with it.

Shannon Mattern (06:37.422)

I think that is so relatable to the online business space or the service provider space too, because what we see is people jumping from course to course to course to course to course, searching for the magic solution or the magic answer that is outside of they think is somewhere out there. And really, like probably all of us are teaching.

Lauren Paige (06:52.648)


Shannon Mattern (07:07.446)

very similar things. It's not rocket science, what we do here in the Web Designer Academy, but there is a reason why you aren't implementing the strategy or you're backing off or hiding or whatever all of the things that we see. We see our students, whether they work with us, whether they're in our program or they're.

preventing themselves from even joining our program and getting the help that they need, we see them do. So I'm so excited to talk to you about this piece because like, what is it that, well, you're a transformational business and mindset coach. So how do you help people, you know, get out of the strategy and into that?

Lauren Paige (07:38.744)


Lauren Paige (07:50.298)

Yeah. So, right. So let's just take someone like very similar to your audience. Let's say they're coming and they're like, I want to move the needle forward in my web design business. What we're going to do is we get on a call. We really actually look at things outside of their business. I want to know like what their home life looks like, what their finances look like. Can we, usually finances are sticky. That's always the piece that people are like, I think the biggest mistake I see with new business owners in that stage is that...

they put so much pressure on their budding business to pay the bills, to match their prior career, and I like to think of, if you're starting a new business, it's just like having a baby. You cannot expect a newborn to get up and start walking across the room. Just like you can't expect your business to start producing 10K months on like month six. So what I like to do with

with my new business owners or even people who are in a rut, same kind of parallel mindset stuff that's going on where they can't get to the next thing is like, we have to build on what's already working. So maybe it is, you literally need to just sign up for the web design academy. Like that's step one. You need to, and then what I really think if we're just going to be general, and then I'll bring it in a little bit closer. Generally speaking, what gets people results is easy programming.

which I'm sure your modules are set up that way. It's like follow module one, module two, module three, and then the accountability piece. So, and I get it. There are people that are in all different stages of their finances that maybe you really can, if you are a self-starter and like type A, no distractions, no kids running around in the background, no other jobs, you probably could get by with a lot on like a free Facebook community if you found.

But generally speaking, we need a little bit more buy-in. We need to either be part of like, in your case, a membership program, or if you are able to stretch yourself financially, like getting that one-on-one coach. It's just like having a personal trainer. Like you're like, well, shoot, if I show up, that's money down the drain, I better show up to my session. So that's the big picture. But then in terms of like, when you're actually in there, how to get over that rut is, and this is also,

Lauren Paige (10:12.89)

I want to call like a little bit of BS on our industry because in the world of like entrepreneurship and personal growth, it's like shoot for the moon and you'll land amongst the stars. Set these big goals for yourself. And I'm a big believer in have the big beautiful vision, 100%, whether you've got your vision board up, you know, you read it every morning, whatever the thing is. But then for your actual tangible goals, our brains will only get on board.

with about 50% more input than we've already put out. So for example, if you've made $50,000 in your freelance web design business, then the next year, your brain will pretty much get on board with about 75K. It's not, if you're like, this is the year I make 150, your brain's like, ah, all right. And then what happens is we get super discouraged because it's not happening. Whereas if we could just get excited about like going from 50 to 57.

or getting from 50 to 64, like the compound effect of how quickly your income will grow is gonna be so much smoother. Let's hit some nervous system. Then I hope I make 150. And then you spend all January and February beating yourself up, like Googling other careers you could possibly be doing that is gonna somehow make that money upfront. And so I just like to say, you've got to build on the wins.

Shannon Mattern (11:38.99)

That is so fascinating to hear that because I think the other thing that I see people do is they want to go from 50 to 150 and then they just hustle themselves into the ground and they look at like, you know, well, if it's this hard, it's not possible. And that's what I see them do. And so I love what you're saying is like, take smaller bites.

Lauren Paige (11:51.099)


Lauren Paige (11:57.947)


Shannon Mattern (12:07.326)

out of the skull because you'll get there faster than if you try to get there all in one gulp and tomorrow.

Lauren Paige (12:12.518)

Yeah. Yes. Yeah. That was a big thing for me. And I think, you know, you probably attract a lot of high achieving women as well, where when I was in that direct sales business, I mean, you're literally in a business model that is like, go, go. I would never shut off. I never, ever, ever stopped working. I had a pretty serious, like stimulant problem because of it and the whole thing. And so when I detox off of all that, the thing that I'm most proud of

this past year in 2023 was it probably wasn't my highest revenue year. I mean, I still like my, my thing was like, no matter what six figures. So that was there. But my biggest flex, if you go from last year is that I only worked 20 hours a week. That was my thing. I was like, yeah, cause I have babies. Yeah, I have babies. So I, uh, I got really clear on this is what I'm willing to work this year. And.

Shannon Mattern (12:58.318)

That's the dream, right?

Lauren Paige (13:11.75)

There's gotta be a mindset flip or switch that it's possible to still earn what I wanna earn while staying home.

Shannon Mattern (13:20.342)

Yeah, so tell me about that. When you say mindset flip switch, how do you walk yourself through that?

Lauren Paige (13:23.067)


Yeah. And I heard you say some key words. So you may have taught your crew this in terms of, you know, your thoughts become your feelings and your action. I do this every morning. I call it brain flossing. There's a lot of different like coaching schools that call it different things, whether it's like Byron Katie or the life coach school, they call it the model. But I write out the very simple acronym, C-T-F-A-R, which is your circumstance, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your results.

And the reason I do that first thing, because it dictates what I'm gonna do for the day. So what that actually breaks down to is the circumstance. So if we just take my example from last year, my circumstance, which can be a goal, your circumstance should be very neutral, very just like stating the facts. There should be, it's not subjective. It's like today the weather is 69 degrees. So my objective goal from last year was, I would like to clear six figures while working part-time hours.

very neutral. Now, if we go to the thoughts that I could have on that on any given day, most days our brains 80% of the time are going to feed us something negative. So of course it's going to say, there's no way that's possible. You're lazy. You should be working more or conversely you like you should be home with your kids and like that kind of money is not available. So on any given day, it's going to feed me something different.

So in my little, and I just like jot this down on a piece of notebook paper and call it a day. So then on the T line, maybe I just say, that's impossible. Now, when I think that thought, it's gonna produce an emotional charge in my body. So now all of a sudden, whatever the feeling is, let's just say that brings up, I think that's not possible. It brings up in me, because I'm more of like an avoidant attacher, I'm not an anxious person, in me it just resigned. It's like, well.

Lauren Paige (15:20.218)

that's not happening. I'm just resigned. Forget it. It's silly for me to even feel that way. And so then that those two pieces right there, it's just simply one thought causes the chain reaction of your whole rest of your day. And so it's going to have you either doing things or not doing things. It's going to have you in that case, if I truly believe that, then I'm probably not going to be very active in my marketing.

Maybe I will, maybe I'll put like three social media posts up a week, like they tell me I'm supposed to, but they're gonna be like pretty boring and bland and like kind of a muddled version of what else I saw, like inspiring on Instagram. It probably means I'm not really gonna follow up with my prospects or if I do, it's like, hey, do you wanna join my thing? And then so on. So it always reinforces, your results will 100% of the time always reinforce whatever the thought is.

But the cool thing is you get to just choose a new thought. And this sounds like so simple, but this is exactly what I did every day in my own personal practice. So let's just say, and maybe if your thought is so heavily rooted in, that's impossible. You can't just rah yourself and say like, yeah girl, I got this. Like, cause your brain will be like, ah, I'm not buying it. So I like to tell my clients that are like really stuck in it, like use a bridge thought. I'm willing to believe.

Shannon Mattern (16:38.461)

I'm sorry.

Lauren Paige (16:47.11)

that it's possible or it's possible for others, it could be possible for me. So finding like a little bridge for your brain to get on board with. So now if I think, huh, like I've seen it for others, it could be true for me too. Now all of a sudden the feeling that invokes, it's not like once again, the feeling isn't like, oh my gosh, I'm elated, I'm gonna be so successful. Now all of a sudden it's just like curious or open.

And from that space, now my actions are kind of like curious and open. Now my actions are, all right, when as a mama of toddlers, like the time for me to best write social media posts is at five in the morning when my house is completely dark and no one is like asking me for a snack. Personally, I'm not, I have like complete sensory overload and trying to work around my children does not work.

So that I'm gonna be really mindful about going to bed early enough to do that. I am not just gonna like go through a cold list of like cold list of marketing, but what I might do is I might look at Instagram, see who's watching my stories. This is kind of a woo thing, but I truly like look at their profile picture and see if we can somehow connect like, so they are an actual person on the other side of the screen. And so I scroll through and I'm like, oh.

I, you know, I talked to her about six months ago. This might act my program that I'm offering right now might actually be a good fit for her. And I can shoot her a little voice memo. So she gets to hear me. We get to have a conversation about it. And then if we look at our results line, so if we go back to our C T F A R our results, now all of a sudden it's like, it's possible for that to come to fruition.

Shannon Mattern (18:34.528)

That is.

Lauren Paige (18:34.598)

The other thing that's nice about it is that I feel like an entrepreneurship, people live in one of two buckets or on any given day, it's either I have so much to do or an entrepreneurship. It's also like, um, no one's telling me, like, what am I supposed to do? Like what is actually going to move the needle forward? Um, so in that case, I like that in my action line, it has prompted my brain to give me the three smartest things.

that I can do for the day that's gonna move the needle forward.

Shannon Mattern (19:06.435)

That is so good. I so we definitely like I definitely talk about the CTF AR in our program. So, and I talked about it a little bit on the podcast. We call it mine trash makeovers around here. So we talked about how like on the, you know, on the.

Lauren Paige (19:16.476)


Lauren Paige (19:25.074)

Boy, what the?

Shannon Mattern (19:29.694)

You know, you have like mind trashy thoughts and you need to like make them over into thoughts that are going to like create wanted results. And, but so as you're saying all of this, I'm like, oh, you put your goal in the circle at the top and not at the bottom as the result. And that is fascinating to me because

Lauren Paige (19:46.181)


Lauren Paige (19:51.311)

as well.

Shannon Mattern (19:53.686)

That's always been like the tricky part to me. I'm like, okay, so.

Shannon Mattern (20:00.906)

Anyway, no, that just like blew my mind. I'm like, okay, so the goal, I'm trying to articulate like why this blew my mind. So you put the goal in the circumstance lined, not the results, so that you are then like, oh, here's this thing I want to accomplish. What are my thoughts about that? I'm either going to take actions towards that or not towards that based on my thoughts. And the result is.

Lauren Paige (20:03.668)

Okay, good.

Lauren Paige (20:21.48)


Lauren Paige (20:27.558)


Shannon Mattern (20:29.834)

I'm either closer to this or farther away. So yeah, that is.

Lauren Paige (20:33.446)

Yeah. What I have found, I see how you're working it. I'm like, ooh, that would work too. I think why I do this way is because your result will always confirm the T-line.

Shannon Mattern (20:46.418)

And it always has to be about you.

Lauren Paige (20:50.69)


Shannon Mattern (20:51.906)


Sorry, I'm like, we're getting too far into the weeds for this podcast episode on this. But I'm just like, that just broke my brain a little bit because I'm like, oh, because if the result always like reflects the thought or proves the thought true.

Lauren Paige (20:58.146)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shannon Mattern (21:13.482)

then it can never be true until it happens. And so therefore, like it doesn't work if you're waiting for the goal to happen. And so you're just like, well, it's still not here yet. It's still not here yet. And that's another thought that then like just drains your mental emotional capacity. But if you put what you want to be the thing that you're thinking about, then.

Lauren Paige (21:23.098)

Right, for the goal, exactly.

Lauren Paige (21:35.262)

we're in.

Lauren Paige (21:39.623)


Shannon Mattern (21:40.062)

Every day you're just getting closer and closer to that instead of feeling like you're not making progress because it hasn't shown up in your result line yet.

Lauren Paige (21:48.442)

And the cool thing is, like, let's just say for your clients, like maybe they have in their goal, I want to have a 10K month. So there's going to be some days where their thoughts are like, I have a net, like, let's just say, right, I may have time, or maybe they have a networking event to go to. So now like, not to say that their social media marketing doesn't matter, but right now their main focus is like, how they're going to show up at this in-person networking event. So what if their thought, like the goal is always the same, but the thought could be like,

Shannon Mattern (21:59.786)

I'm running out of time.

Lauren Paige (22:18.754)

Oh, I never meet anybody at these things. This isn't my demographic. And so then you can work at that.

So it changes every day. There's some days that it like relates to my marketing. There's some days where I'm like, my kids need me and I don't have time to get out my email funnel and all like, you know, whatever the thing is.

Shannon Mattern (22:38.626)

So good. I'm just so like, yeah, you just like, I don't know, like I said, broke my brain in the best way about because let me let me say this, I got some coaching yesterday from my coach who also like, you know, uses the model as the basis for coaching. And so I like had set these sales goals for 2023 that I did not reach.

Lauren Paige (22:40.818)

Okay, good.

Lauren Paige (22:47.387)


Shannon Mattern (23:08.35)

And so my thought about that was like, oh, there must be like, how do I explain this? My thought was like, well, because I'm not like beating myself up about this, I must be letting myself off the hook or something. And so I shy away from setting goals, like what you said, clear six figures with part-time hours because I'm like, I feel like they're not in my control.

Lauren Paige (23:20.35)

Good. Mm-hmm.

Shannon Mattern (23:38.414)

Does that make sense?

Lauren Paige (23:38.466)

Okay, I want to add a little piece to this. This is something that I got coaching on a year ago that broke my brain. Uh, because especially, you know, as entrepreneurs, we're, we're always setting monetary goals. We're always like in 30 days, I want to be at the end of the month, at the end of the quarter. And the, what typically happens, let's go back to our little 10 K example. I want to make 10 K by the end of January. We wake up February 1st, we've made $8,200. We feel like we suck at life. And so typically what happens.

Shannon Mattern (24:04.597)


Lauren Paige (24:06.934)

is then like the next week or so we wallow. Like there's so much downtime. There's so much like, once again, you're like, do I run off and join a monastery? Like any other career option out there? Um, and, and so if we can just say, keep going, what if it takes you five weeks instead of four weeks to get to 10 K? Like that's not that big of a deal. So whenever, and I work with a lot of people in sales, it's the same thing. It's like, oh man, I didn't get my sales. So it's like, okay, well, maybe you now know.

It's just feedback that takes you six weeks to hit those goals. So let's repeat it next time and see if it can take you five weeks and then four weeks to hit those goals. But in the meantime, it's not that big of a deal if it takes you an extra week, a month, a year for that matter, if it's like a really big meaty goal, um, you're still tracking. And so the kind of speaking to what you were saying of like the other, the flip side that I hear people say is like, well, does that mean it's like, okay, if I don't hit my goals.

I say we play full out till the end of the month. Like you want your head to go on the pillow every night knowing you did everything you possibly could without burnout. That's why we do our three like inspired action items of the day. And then after that, like you know that you have done everything we play full out. And if it doesn't happen, then we address it then. Like then you keep going at that.

Shannon Mattern (25:28.722)

That is the shift that I've needed to make with goal setting, because it's not about did I do it or I didn't do it. It's about what is there to learn from what I did do and the result that I got and is it that there was something more or different I could have done that I would like to try for next time, like you said, to shorten the timeline or to...

Lauren Paige (25:35.483)


Shannon Mattern (25:57.878)

whatever, or is it that like, truly like, this was an unrealistic guess of the timeline, on the timeline, or, you know, whatever, it's like, what else could be true? What do I want to test for next time versus this is impossible, I just shouldn't set goals. I should just do the things and see what happens and, you know, not set a goal so that I don't beat myself up when I.

Lauren Paige (26:04.699)


Lauren Paige (26:20.283)


Shannon Mattern (26:27.554)

Don't reach it.

Lauren Paige (26:30.167)

Totally. I don't know. And please know this is all preaching to the choir for myself. If I had my heart, I would have just sing it out quite a few times.

Shannon Mattern (26:34.727)


Shannon Mattern (26:39.885)

Oh my gosh. So I'm normal. Yes, amazing. So, no, that is so fascinating.

Lauren Paige (26:41.435)


Lauren Paige (26:44.986)

And also like such a beautiful thing for your audience to hear because, you know, I think so often they look and they're like, well, she's got it all together. She's so successful. She's built this company. And like, even you at the end of 23 were like, Oh, I'm feeling less than about my money stuff.

Shannon Mattern (27:01.53)

Oh, for sure. Yes. Because I think that there was this piece, and I'm so curious what you think about this is when you've achieved a certain level of success, you have I had what I now realize to be some false thinking or whatever that like, oh, I have reached this level, I will stay here always. And I will just grow from here. And

I experienced a decline in 2023. As did a lot of business owners, but at the time I was like, my reaction to it, my nervous system and my thoughts and all of the things was just like, chicken little, the sky is falling. Which when you run that through, circumstance, thought, feeling, action, result, compounds the problem.

Lauren Paige (27:46.373)

Right, yes.

Shannon Mattern (27:54.698)

And I'm like, I'm like watching myself do this and like not quite able to pull myself out of it. And I did ultimately pull myself out of it. But like this, this thought that like, because I reached this goal, then I will always reach this goal always forever going forward from now on. So yeah, my new baseline. I don't have to do anything to maintain this. I'm just.

Lauren Paige (28:14.151)


Yeah, this is my new baseline. Yeah.

Shannon Mattern (28:23.402)

I'm just here and that's it.

Lauren Paige (28:27.45)

Yeah, I think that there's like, not to be too esoteric about it, I think there's some years where we grow and there's some years, our businesses grow and there's some years that we personally grow.

Shannon Mattern (28:36.35)

Yes. I was like that 2023 was a growth year for me and all the ways I needed to grow to grow beyond my baseline. I guess.

Lauren Paige (28:37.859)

And so.

Lauren Paige (28:41.399)


Lauren Paige (28:45.626)

Yeah. And so what I would encourage your audience is that exactly what you're saying, I think what happens in hard times is it's kind of cliche, but it's like, we either lean in or we lean out. If you are in a season of your business where all of a sudden you're experiencing like the decline or a rut or any of these types of things, the best thing you can do is like to, to lean into personal growth, to lean into working with a coach, a therapist, go all in on, you know, read some books, whatever the thing is.

Shannon Mattern (28:57.058)


Lauren Paige (29:15.694)

If you can do that, you will come back 1000% stronger. I see it every time. It's like we are able to trust ourselves. You're not just sitting on your couch eating Doritos, watching Netflix for the majority of your time. But, and I don't think the people that are listening would fall into that category, but that's where so often, if people are experiencing multiple years of hardship, a lot of times it's because they're not doing the work. Yeah.

Shannon Mattern (29:45.198)

Yeah. So you work with your clients in this capacity of like helping them figure out what their goals are and then leading them through a process to create that and to make it happen. So can you tell me more? I mean, we started with like the big picture and you kind of dig in and then this is the process, but like, what does that process look like with you with when you work with someone?

Lauren Paige (29:58.556)


Lauren Paige (30:03.358)

Right. Yeah.

Lauren Paige (30:09.87)

Yeah, you know, I'm a big believer. It's so funny. And you're probably gonna be like, shame on you because you probably are so much better at marketing, branding, but we, you know, it's very, very important right now that you niche your business. And I just can't do it. Like, I just can't do it. I, you know, people would say like, oh, I'm a general life coach because I think how we do one thing is how we do everything. I can't help you with your revenue goals if you're not taking care of yourself because you're gonna burn out. Or I can't like.

be the co-conspired, like, go live your joy, go travel the world, but yet, like, this is the year you also told me you wanted to pay off your debt. Like, there's conflicting messages in different pieces of the pie. So what I typically do, I have a one-on-one practice, but I really think where the secret sauce is, is I do a six-month mastermind. And it was everything that I could have needed over the past few years. I was like, how can I?

combine the one-on-one attention that not everybody can financially afford with the magic that happens in group. And I think until you've done group coaching or like a group program, you don't quite get it. That's really where it's at because what happens in those sessions is you show up and you start to hear your neighbor shine light on something that might've been your blind spot. You're like, I'm here to talk about marketing. And the gal next to you might be like, my marriage is imploding. And you're like, oh.

I hadn't thought about it from that perspective. Maybe I should be leaning in a little bit to this conversation. So we do that. I bring, and then each month has a specific focus. So month one is always, we've got to start with you. I'm going to teach you how to do the model in depth. We're going to bring in some different pieces so that you can better know. I have a human design expert that I bring on just so that you can know energetically how you best operate in the world. So you're not trying to do the square peg round whole thing.

So we, and then we have like a really beautiful community there. And then the other piece is that once you're in the mastermind, you also get a once a month deep dive session where it is one-on-one. If there's something that you are more comfortable sharing privately or if we want to like get a little deeper in one area, or like maybe you're here for something really specific like your business goals. That's actually how I got into business coaching because, because I had built both the brick and mortar and the online business. People just started saying like,

Lauren Paige (32:35.538)

What are your systems? How did you do that? So maybe during your deep dive, we are looking at like, how can we reverse engineer your numbers? What if the pieces is missing? And so one month is about identity. One month is about your health. One month is about your relationships. And actually that's where I put a lot of, I put sexuality in there with your creative energy. It doesn't matter if you're partnered up or not. We do a month on your finances,

I think when you were like, what's the thing that you weren't expecting? I think for me, the biggest learning curve for me was money mindset. Because now that I am making money, much like to what you're saying, I thought it would make me feel secure. And it took a lot of work to, and you hear it all the time. I remember being in a business seminar years ago and this guy goes, yeah, I had $200 million that I lost with poor business decisions. And I was like,

Who in their right mind loses $200 million? You're set for life. You're the smartest person on the planet. And now I see that as you expand your income, it doesn't just mean you expand your thought process on it. So we spend a lot of time on money mindset. And then we do a month on the last month of the program's all around growth and contribution, on finding ways that will give you that meaningful pursuit in life. And that's what we do.

Shannon Mattern (33:40.014)

Thanks for watching!

Shannon Mattern (34:00.666)

So I just want to say, like I was jotting down notes because I'm like, oh, that's so good. Oh, that's so good. Because the first thing that you said, you're like, you know, I don't have a niche. I'm a general life coach. And I just wanted to say, like on for our web designers, like they all think like I have to have a niche to be successful. And I'm like, actually, no, you don't. Like you have this thing that you do that you're super skilled at.

that can apply across lots of different types of businesses that if you tell yourself that you have to have a niche and you don't know what it is, then your result is going to be that you don't have any clients. And so I'm in the same, I think that advice works for the people that it works for and then it's advice isn't universal and isn't like a rule. So,

Lauren Paige (34:43.07)


Shannon Mattern (34:57.346)

when you said that and you're like, I'm a general life coach, and then you started explaining all that. I'm like, no, you're like a holistic coach. Like you look at every single part of what's going on because absolutely, like if you aren't in, and when I say in integrity, I don't mean like you're a liar or cheating or whatever, but like if you're not in integrity,

in all of the areas of your life, it's going to bleed over into, like if you're like, oh, I'm gonna ignore all this over here and just focus on my business, that doesn't work because the stress of this is going to like suck the capacity out of you. You're gonna like overwork to ignore that. You're gonna burn out. You're gonna think it's a problem with your business when really it's like you just needed to have a conversation with your partner and clear this up.

Lauren Paige (35:30.66)


Lauren Paige (35:46.343)


Lauren Paige (35:52.484)

Yeah, I take a nap.

Shannon Mattern (35:52.882)

And so I think like it's so important. Yeah, go to sleep, take a nap, whatever it is. And I just think that that's so important. So when you're talking about like, I'm not going to just coach you on your business. And here's why, like, it makes so much sense that you're not just gonna like niche down into this area. It's like, no, your niche is all of it because if you want to...

have it all, you have to look at all of it.

Lauren Paige (36:23.222)

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. The other thing that was really helpful for me to hear, so I can't take credit for this was, um, with the niche thing, like the cool thing is if you have, if you're new to your business, it will sort itself out. Like I had a coach one time say, do not worry about a niche until you make a hundred grand and even, and at that point you can decide, but it's like, and I imagine this is with the case with the clients that your people are taking on. Like what will happen over time is they'll start to realize that their clients have trends.

Like maybe they are only attracting service provider men in their 40s that have like a technical skill. And that just happens to be like their clientele. And so at that point, only after you've had a ton of those, then change your marketing. But until then, you don't know.

Shannon Mattern (37:10.782)

Yeah, exactly. So, how, you know, just, I could talk about mindset stuff, like all day with you. What about your best mindset stuff around marketing? Because that is one of the big places that I see our listeners and our clients holding themselves back. They think that they...

don't want to be pushy or salesy or they feel like an imposter when they talk about what they do or all of these things. What are some of your best, I guess, reframes around that?

Lauren Paige (37:47.994)

Yeah. Okay. So let's, cause there's a couple of different pieces in there. Do you feel like your people mostly say, I don't want to be salesy or is it, I don't have anything to say. What is like the biggest pain point usually?

Shannon Mattern (38:01.726)

I would say the biggest pain point on the just like putting themselves out there, because that's like different. That's a different stage of the process than like making an offer, right? Would be I'm an imposter. Like what if I don't know everything? What if they ask me a question that I can't answer? Like I'm a fraud.

Lauren Paige (38:13.467)


Lauren Paige (38:20.43)

Okay, right. So I'll just touch on this one little piece first. You know, what's so funny about being an entrepreneur or especially in the online space is that if you go to Thanksgiving dinner and you talk to Uncle Jim and he says, I go to my office from Monday to Friday, and then you say, well, like, can you meet up at 2 p.m. on a Thursday? He's like, no, I'm at work. And I think that if we are online,

in our business, our job is to sell. Or like is to open, to turn on our, flip our open sign on in the window. And so we're just not selling enough. So I like to say to people like, no one would, if you were doing this in an office, people wouldn't questioning why you're selling. And if you were doing it for some, yeah. I mean, how often do you go to like, I don't know, networking events, or you meet people through friend groups and they're like, I'm in software sales. And you're like, okay.

Shannon Mattern (39:10.075)

Yeah, or a store.

Lauren Paige (39:19.742)

like whatever the thing is and nobody questions it. But when we put out a product ourselves, it's like, oh my gosh, like why is she selling something? So for one, I really try to have blinders about whatever social platform I'm using. And I don't think you need to be on all of them. I think pick one and go all in, whether it's Instagram or LinkedIn or any of the things. You put your blinders on and this is your storefront. And if...

Shannon Mattern (39:22.774)


Lauren Paige (39:43.73)

friends, family are like, gosh, he sure is posting a lot. You're right, it's my business. It's my business. So there's that, like in terms of the being seen, but in the imposter syndrome, I think you just have to get really used to putting out B minus C plus work. And you're never gonna make the algorithm happy. You're never going to, like if people are reaching out to you and they have a question that you don't know.

The beautiful thing is we live in a really incredible time where you can Google it, they can reach out to you if they're getting supported by you, that there will be an answer. People have no problem saying, let me get back to you on that. Or, you know, there's so many like lovely ways you can handle that conversation. And then I would say if it's deeper than that, if strategy isn't working, then there's probably something somatic going on. You know, all of our, on the subconscious level,

all of our inner workings. And even if you had the most beautiful childhood ever, so this isn't like, oh my gosh, my parents suck. Even if you had the most beautiful childhood ever, from ages zero to seven, the whole purpose of our brain development is to just start assigning meaning to things. So it's like the first time you've ever seen dishes being washed. It's the first time you've ever, so, and like children's minds, the way that they work are very black and white in thinking. They don't understand gray.

So it's just like assign meaning move on. And then by the age of seven, 14, the latest, now it's like, okay, we've got that part settled. That's gonna run the show. Now we get to go do life. The bummer is you don't want six year old Lauren or Shannon running your business. You want her to be like, you do want like, you know, if we're talking like inner child worker, what not like, of course, that's like the creativity, that's the heart, that's the soul who could become throughout the years. But like, if someone told her on the playground,

simple and innocent enough, we're not even talking about big T, big trauma, simple enough, someone made fun of her for her science fair project, that's the stuff that won't go. That's the stuff that's why you won't put yourself out there at age 37 or whatever it is. So at that point, what I do with clients is we go in and we like find that block in the body and subconscious and we clear it.

Shannon Mattern (42:06.134)

That was fascinating. It was just absolutely fascinating because yeah, like mindset stuff can take you far. But like if you find yourself repeating the same mind trash makeover as we call it here over and over and over again and not breaking through like what you said makes so much sense that there is something deeper.

Lauren Paige (42:07.911)


Lauren Paige (42:23.019)


Lauren Paige (42:32.796)


Shannon Mattern (42:35.01)

going on there that needs to be uncovered and addressed and healed so that you can make that shift.

Lauren Paige (42:43.27)

Yeah, and what I like to share with people about that process, which I found in my own personal journey is good news and bad news. The good news is it's not as traumatic as you think it's going to be. People are like, what kind of deep dark secrets am I like? The actual good news is like the clearing of it and the dealing with it is usually done within a matter of minutes. The bad news is because it's your stuff, we've all got our stuff, it's most likely going to come up again. Because the universe, like I think, you know, if we look at energetics,

whether you want to call it the universe or God or source energy, the whole purpose of us being here is to return back to our whole and worthy selves. So it's not that God is punishing you, the universe is punishing you. It's that you are being presented with tests along the way, lessons we're here at our school, uh, with lessons along the way. And sometimes it takes a couple of rounds to get the test right. And that's okay. You know, while we're here, we might as well figure it out.

Shannon Mattern (43:42.802)

Yeah, I mean, I always personally find those moments like revelatory and relieving instead of like, oh my gosh, I'm like so broken. I'm like, oh, that's why I do what I do. And it just feels like there is a sense of relief in terms of it just makes so much sense because there's a lot of frustration before that where you're like, why do I keep?

doing the same thing over and over, even when I want to do something different. Like I know I wanna do something different, I'm committed to it, and yet here I am repeating the same thing again.

Lauren Paige (44:23.474)

Yeah. And if it's something that like you really are, that your people are coming up against, this is where like I am an advocate for you've got to bring in like a supporting party of some kind.

Shannon Mattern (44:25.64)


Shannon Mattern (44:35.11)

Yeah, I mean, because we'll coach you in the web designer academy on strategy. We'll even coach you on your mindset around a lot of the things that come up when you implement strategy. But if you come to me with a relationship problem that is impacting your ability to implement strategy, that's where I'm like, I don't have the resources to support you in that. And, you know, and it is very holistic, you know,

Business isn't just business, it's all of it, you know? And so if there is, you can't just look at one piece of it and not look at the rest, like what you were sharing. Oh, I could talk to you forever about this, but I have just one, I know, like, oh, I'm so glad we met. I have just one more question for you that I ask everyone that comes on the show, and that is what belief about yourself did you have to change to get where you are today?

Lauren Paige (45:09.374)

Thank you.

Lauren Paige (45:18.162)

I know, same, same.

Lauren Paige (45:32.779)

Oh, dang, you know, I hate speaking on podcasts where they don't give you this question ahead of time. Okay, so let's move.

Shannon Mattern (45:38.327)

Everyone takes a minute for this one, so take your time.

Lauren Paige (45:42.074)

I think that the first one, an intuitive ping that just came to me was the, I am not enough. I am not enough. That one was the biggest one.

And I think this goes back to what you were saying with your people experiencing imposter syndrome that I guarantee you what you have to offer. And the biggest, I think what I had to change was people aren't coming to me personally on how to coach you to get to be an eight figure earner. So I think so often we see these coaches in these course.

creators and these service providers that are extremely, extremely successful. And we think, well, I'm not like them, but your clients, that is so, they're not trying to be an eight figure earner. They're trying to, they're trying to break six figures. They're trying to pay their electric bill at the end of the month, whatever the thing is, even if you are literally, you know, there was like in the beginning stages of my coaches coaching, most of my clients made a heck ton more money than me. But what I had

was emotional mastery. So I think that whatever the piece is that you're offering, like for me, I could probably scrape by on Squarespace, but it would do me a heck of a lot of good to hire a web designer. Like I have no idea what I'm doing really. And so know that you have the unique gifts that even if it's just one step further than your client, it still counts. You don't have to be 10 steps further than.

You just have to be one step ahead of them and then turn around and be like, okay, we're heading this way out of the tunnel. We're heading towards the light.

Shannon Mattern (47:27.229)

Oh, that is so good. So so good. So can you tell everyone where can they go to connect with you, learn more about you, learn more about your group program, all of the things.

Lauren Paige (47:38.058)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My website is On Instagram, I'm So all of the links and fun stuff are there. I've got some freebies that you can definitely take advantage of. And then as far as spots being available in Mastermind, just shoot me a DM. I'm super accessible. Just shoot me a DM and be like, what's that Mastermind thing that you talked about on the program? And we'll see when I can get you into that.

Shannon Mattern (48:04.446)

Amazing. So I will link all of that up in the show notes for everyone. So definitely go check that out because it's all your whole life is part of your business success and you know looking at all of it is so important. So thank you so much for being here. It was such a pleasure meeting you.

Lauren Paige (48:21.702)

Thank you for having me. Yeah, thank you so much.

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