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Revenue Reset Part 2: Transforming Your Pricing Paradigm

Welcome back to the Profitable Web Designer Podcast! Today I'm bringing you Part 2 of the Revenue Reset Challenge – so if you haven't listened to Part 1 – Turning Mindtrash Into Gold, definitely listen to that first and then come back to Part 2.

In Part 2, we're gonna talk about your Pricing Paradigm -which is how you've been conditioned to think about money, and how your fear responses kick in when you try to operate outside of your default pricing paradigm, like when you go to raise your prices, for example.

Then I'm gonna give you specific steps for how to shift that fear response that keeps you operating in your current pricing paradigm (i.e. undercharging and overdelivering) so that you can create a profitable, sustainable web design business. We call this “making over your mindtrash” in the Web Designer Academy.

Ready to explore working together and make over your mindtrash for good so you can finally have the profitable web design business you've worked so hard for? Get all the details here.


Shannon Mattern (00:00.178)

So we're going to talk about how to turn your mind trash into gold, how to turn your mind trash into gold, how those thoughts are, um, are, are how sometimes your mind trash can create unwanted results in your business. So Kelly Beth says, my biggest aha was remembering how I tend to overcomplicate things when I feel unsure. I realized that nailing down my offers would help me feel more confident. It doesn't have to be hard. I can make it as simple as I want.

for my business. Every business is unique. There's no one size fits all. That's why we teach frameworks inside of our program and like, because we can't put every person in the same box, right? So absolutely. And we're gonna explore these thoughts today about like how nailing down my offers will help me feel more confident. That can be true.

But I also want you to consider that you could just decide to be confident about your offers as they are. So I'll show you what I mean when we get there. Um, but whatever way, whatever path works for you, take the path of least resistance exactly don't overcomplicate things. Uh, Chantel says biggest takeaways. I don't know my monthly numbers.

And I, and how much I need to charge to really run a profitable business that thank you for sharing that Chantel like that is so it's, it's something that I know a lot of people. Like, don't pay attention to and not for like, not for any reason. It's just like, oh, you're hustling doing so many other things. There's no like nefarious reason that you're not paying attention to your numbers that you don't want to look at it or whatever.

Maybe there's some mind trash around not wanting to see it. Maybe there's not, but knowing where you're at now is critical to knowing where you want to go. Um, and this is, and, and when you have that clarity, then you can be like, Oh, these are all the things that might be in the way. Karen says my biggest takeaway was I'm tired of not charging what I should be charging.

Shannon Mattern (02:24.77)

That can be very motivating. Just being like over it can be very motivating. And sometimes it's like, ah, you know, sometimes it's as easy as just being like over it and like, boom, I'm so over it. I'm just gonna go change my prices. But sometimes it is like, I know what I need to do, but I'm just not doing it. Have you guys ever thought that like, I know

Logically what I need to be doing, but I'm just not doing it. If you've ever thought that today's for you. So let's dig in to the mind trash makeover. So one of the things that happens when we have like explicit mind trashy thoughts or.

like they're just kind of like rolling there under the surface and you don't even realize that you're thinking them. It's just they're so ingrained in you that they're just beliefs that you just believe to be true. As if I said, like the sky is blue and you're just like, yep, that's a fact. Like, I just don't even think about it. It is absolutely true. And so.

When you have, let me back up, the way that results are created is that we have a thought. And that thought is triggered by a circumstance that happens, right? So, you know, the circumstance could be another thought, like, oh, thinking about raising my prices, right? So, participating in this challenge and me giving you exercises to think through,

That's a circumstance. Like I triggered you to have thoughts about your business, about your pricing, whatever. There's so many circumstances that you can have thoughts around. And then you have thoughts about the thing, right? And if those thoughts create what I call an unwanted results, I call those thoughts mind trash. If you have thoughts that are creating unwanted results,

Shannon Mattern (04:35.094)

that those go in the, the mind trash column. And so the way that our thoughts create our results is that our thoughts. When we think something in our brain, chemicals are released in our body that causes us to have like physical feelings. Right. So we have all experienced, um, you know, like having a thought that creates like fear and anxiety, like someone knocks on the door and we're not expecting it. Or.

You know, just whatever that thing may be, you have a thought that generates a feeling in your body. And we have words that describe those feelings, fear, anxiety, happy, like emojis that describe that show those feelings that depict those feelings. Right. So your thoughts release chemicals in your brain that create your body feeling a certain way, whether it's like tingly, hot, like

And we have words to describe that. Those chemical hormones that are released in our body drive our physical body to do things, right? And when we have thoughts that create, we have mind trashy thoughts that create feelings like fear, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, frustration, rumination, whatever.

then we go into different responses, right? And so one of the things that fear and anxiety can cause is us to go into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. So you all have heard probably of fight, flight, and freeze. So fight, the way that it manifests in business, right? Is like, if your response to fear, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, like all of these

feelings that are like driven by cortisol and adrenaline. These types of thoughts create those types of chemicals in our body. And then we go into fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. So the way that this manifests in business is fighting looks like overworking, like doing all the projects at the same time. So imagine that like,

Shannon Mattern (07:00.306)

The circumstances like, you know, I'm, I'm not making enough money and you go into a fight response, then you're going to just be like, Oh, I'm going to do all the things for all the clients at any price all the time, no matter what. Right. That's how you might respond to that motion. If you go into flight, the way that this manifests is you're going to change your offers, you're going to change your niche. You're going to. Um,

like change your packages, you're going to rewrite your copy, you're going to start over, you're going to rebrand. That's a very typical response that people have when they're going into flight mode in response to mind trashy thoughts, right? Like I'm not professional enough. I haven't done this before. So if I go into a flight response, I need to redesign my website before I can even get started. The other response people can have to mind trashy thoughts is to freeze.

So they hide, they stop marketing. In the Web Designer Academy, they might stop coming calls, stop asking for support. If you're not in a coaching program, you might be holding yourself back from getting help in a coaching program because you go into a freeze response. So you're not really doing, you're not really taking action when you're in a freeze response. And a fawn response is like people pleasing, straight up people pleasing.

I'm not good enough. I, you know, I don't, um, uh, I don't, no one will ever pay me that much. So I need to like build a portfolio and work for free first to get people to work with me. So you Fawn, you're going to release all boundaries, take on bad fit clients, low paying projects, say yes to anything that comes your way, even if you don't like to do it. So if our thoughts create our feelings and drive our actions.

Our actions are what create our results, right? Our action or our inaction. So when I say your thoughts create your results, it's actually your actions that create your results, but your thoughts and feelings drive whether you take action or don't take action. And so the result is like, whatever you think and believe to be true becomes true. Right? It's a self-fulfilling process.

Shannon Mattern (09:27.362)

So when you have all of these mind trashy thoughts and you not just have them, you believe them and you decide that they're true and you don't question them and you don't think what else could be true and you either act or don't act as a result of them. You're not going to book new clients. You're not going to hit your revenue goals. You're stressed out. You're overwhelmed. You're frustrated. You're miserable.

Does everybody see how, how those things, how that like manifests itself when we, when we think these things? So the trick is to really understand. I don't have to believe any of this. It's a choice for me to believe this. What I, where I want to be careful is that like, it takes work.

It takes actual, like, action to go from.

Shannon Mattern (10:34.626)

And there's a messy middle part where you don't believe it, but you're working on believing it. And I'm going to show you the process of making over your mind trash here today. Because you can do this for anything. I made over some mind trash this morning that I was having about our next level retreat. So we host

I host a retreat, like an in-person event every year for our next level mastermind students. So that's something that people who are in the Web Designer Academy after they've completed their first year, they can join that next level and go on this retreat with us. We have about 15 people coming to this retreat. And what I noticed is that I'm procrastinating.

I'm supposed to be planning food and calling vendors. And I noticed that my action is procrastinating. So a lot of times I don't know what I'm thinking. I just notice that I'm doing or not doing something that I'm supposed to be doing. And I'm creating a lot of mental drama around it, spending too much time on it. Right. So I notice I'm procrastinating. What am I feeling?

While I'm feeling, I don't know what's one word for like, I'll screw it all up. So I'm feeling inadequate. Like, what if I order the wrong food? What if I, you know, whatever, all of the, all of the stuff that I'm feeling. So I'm feeling inadequate. There's probably something else going on. Maybe, maybe imposter, but maybe I'm trying to feel like, um,

Shannon Mattern (12:29.846)

A perfectionist isn't a feeling, but there's some kind of feeling. If you all know, if you all can like help me out, there's some kind of feeling. Going that goes with like wanting it to be perfect. Right. I can't articulate it, but like word, is a really great, um, resource to kind of like get the nuance of things that you're feeling. So I noticed I'm procrastinating. I'm feeling like an imposter. I'm feeling inadequate.

My thought is I'm going to screw this up. People won't have a good time.

Et cetera. Pressure. Pressure is the feeling. Pressure.

Shannon Mattern (13:20.202)

Um, and yeah, probably some fear as well. So I didn't know what I was thinking, but I knew I was procrastinating. And now I can see.

If I'm procrastinating because I'm worried I'm going to screw it up and people have a good time. If I stay here, what's going to happen? I'm not going to order the food. It's going to all be last minute. And it's possible that I'll screw it up. Like, if I stay here, I'm going to create the unwanted results. Right.

But I also screw myself, right? Like, I kind of waste a whole lot of time in mental drama that I don't need to be in. So I screwed up. I screw myself over, Kate starves.

Shannon Mattern (14:17.602)

So what do I, I can go all the way to like a made over results. So I'm going to, I'll take you back here in a second. Let's come back to the mind trash makeover. So we can see like all of these thoughts. And I just listed out like all the stuff that I hear in conversations with you guys on applications on discovery calls like all of the reasons why

Shannon Mattern (14:47.466)

Like all of the things that are in the way of you having the business that you want. And people tell me these things as if it's just a fact. It's just a fact that I'm not good enough. People can't afford to pay that much that all of these things. And some of these are facts. Like I don't have my next client lined up, right? But it's like, how do you feel about that? Cause some people would be like, I don't have my next client lined up.

No big deal. I'm going to like go get my next client, but some people, it creates one of these responses. So let's look at the messy middle. What evidence do I have that my mind trash is false or that what I want to believe is true. When I decide intentionally to think something different, I calm my brain down. I calm my brain down. When we are in

When we have a lot of cortisol and adrenaline going through our body, whether it's like chronically, because we're super stressed out all the time, or it's like an acute situation where something like where you were like kind of flooded. It shuts down your highest level of thinking, it shuts down your creativity. And so for those of you who are constantly hustling.

Um, overworking just on call for clients, 24 seven, never feel like you can keep up. You're probably just in this con. That's why you like feel burnt out, right? Because you're just like your highest levels of thinking are dampened. Your creativity is dampened. And if you don't realize that you're at risk of being like, Oh, I'm going to throw this business away and completely start over with something different. Because then you get the relief, but you haven't solved the real problem.

So the messy middle, we need to calm our brain down so that we're like in a space to create new beliefs, right? So we're breaking down this old paradigm, this old belief system, this old way of thinking, and we're calming our brain down enough to think something different. And so it might not, it's not gonna be like rainbows, butterflies, pie in the sky, like.

Shannon Mattern (17:06.266)

I believe I can charge $10 million for one website. Like we're not, like a lot of times we have to step our way there. So we need to think like, okay, what evidence do I have that my mind trash is false or that what I want to believe is true? Who am I as a person? You can screenshot this, Tara. And we have a whole lesson on this inside the Web Designer Academy too. And this is how we coach our students inside the program.

We basically just do a bunch of mind trash makeovers as you're going through and implementing our strategies. Once you've calmed your brain down, you're able to create new beliefs and really start to integrate them. And so when you're starting to think, like for me, I didn't screw it up last year. Right.

Shannon Mattern (18:02.403)

This is the truth. What evidence do I have that this is not true? I've planned events.

for over 400 people at my day job.

Shannon Mattern (18:17.957)

and no one starved.

Shannon Mattern (18:24.278)

I can deal.

with people being disappointed at me.

Shannon Mattern (18:39.018)

If it happens, this last one might actually be like a makeover thought. I might not be quite ready to think that. But I can look at evidence of my past, um, that my mind trashes false. What do I want to believe is true? I can figure it out.

Shannon Mattern (19:02.611)

I can ask for help.

Shannon Mattern (19:07.178)

I can call the catering place and be like, I don't know what I'm doing. I have 15 people coming on these days. Here's my budget. Can you just tell me what to order? Please. And thanks. I could make it easy. Right. Feelings. Like, what do I feel when I'm like, okay, like I feel, um, calm. I feel capable. I think that's really all I need to feel. So.

When I feel that way, what will I do? Order the food?

Call the company and ask for help.

Shannon Mattern (19:51.762)

Results? I figure it out.

Shannon Mattern (19:58.647)


when you think all of these thoughts.

What else could be true? What else could you think? I'm willing to try it and see what happens. Does that calm your brain down? Maybe it's not forever. Maybe it's just temporary. Maybe you just try a price increase. And if they're like, whoa, no, you can be like, oh, I have another offer for you. Let's do this at this price. We have scripts for all of this in the Web Designer Academy, by the way. I've gotten new clients in the past. The clients who said, no, we're not my best clients.

I don't think like that anymore. That's such a good one. Um, I just don't think like that anymore. If you have like this persistent, like, I'm not good enough. I'm not professional enough. You're just like, I don't think like that anymore. You know, like when I say that to my best friend, no, I'm not going to say it to myself. Right. So you might just need to interrupt those thoughts. My therapist, um, her favorite one to like remind me of is anxiety lies. I'm like, Oh yeah.

This is just my brain spinning out anxiety lies. Right. So when I'm feeling calm and willing, I'm able to, um, able to like think in a different way, start creating new beliefs, kind of get out of that, start, start taking action and put myself in a place where now I can make over my mind trash. I might be able to go all the way from mind trash to make over, but I might not. I might need to go through this messy.

Shannon Mattern (21:31.146)

What evidence do you have that your mind trashes false? It could be, I see all the testimonials that Shannon shares on the Web Designer Academy website for all the people who have, who used to think like I think and have worked through it and have created results who have gone from. 0 to.

Shannon Mattern (22:00.418)

to 10,000 over a period of time, right? The evidence could be, maybe it's not your past evidence, but maybe it's like, oh, these people are just like me. They were where I was. If they can do it, I can do it. I'm no different than them, right? How can you just interrupt the old pattern? Maybe it's just like, I just don't think like that anymore. Every time I notice myself thinking that way, I'm just gonna be like, that is not true. I do not think like that anymore. So what new...

What kind of like bridge thoughts can you think to just get your brain to be like, Oh, maybe this isn't true. Maybe the thought is maybe none of this is true. Maybe I've just been believing everything that my brain thinks. And I'm going to decide to stop doing that and start creating some new thoughts. How do you feel? Do you feel calm, capable, relieved is one. What do you do or not do?

because not do could be I stop, procrastinate branding, I stop like pivoting. I stop holding myself back from support because I'm afraid of failing and losing money. What do you start doing or stop doing as a result of just calming down? And what is the result of that? And then

Making over your thoughts, what do you want to ultimately think, feel, believe or do that creates a wanted result? You can start with the results if you want. You know, booking, booking 1 client at my minimum baseline revenue could be a result. What do you have to think. Feel and do to make that happen or booking 2 clients. At 50% of my minimum baseline revenue, let's say you just need 2 clients.

because you're not ready to go all the way there yet. What actions need to happen? You probably need to market yourself, connect with some people, let people know that you're a web designer, ask them if they'd like to get a discovery call with you. You probably like put yourself out there, right? How do you have to feel to do that? And what thoughts do you need to think about yourself in order to feel that way, to take those actions, to create those results? This is the missing piece.

Shannon Mattern (24:24.29)

to a lot of what if you've ever thought, I know what to do, but I'm just not doing it. I know I need to market myself. I know I need to do lean generation. I know I need to raise my prices and yet you're not doing it. This is how you go from not doing it to doing it instead of just staying stuck in that inertia.

So now you have the skill of identifying your mind trash. You have the skill of making over your mind trash. Now we're going to figure out like, we're going to dive into it. Like, what do you think about money and what do you think about your client's money? How is that, uh, helping you create, uh, wanted or helping you create wanted results or help or causing you to create unwanted results and.


In this conversation, Shannon Mattern discusses how to turn negative thoughts, or ‘mind trash,' into positive outcomes. She emphasizes the importance of simplifying and nailing down business offers to boost confidence. Shannon also highlights the significance of understanding monthly numbers and charging appropriately for a profitable business. She explores the fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses that can result from mind trash and explains how thoughts and feelings drive actions and create results. Shannon provides a step-by-step process for a mind trash makeover, including identifying false beliefs and creating new thoughts for desired outcomes.


Simplifying and nailing down business offers can increase confidence.
Understanding monthly numbers and charging appropriately are crucial for a profitable business.
Thoughts and feelings drive actions and create results.
A mind trash makeover involves identifying false beliefs and creating new thoughts for desired outcomes.


00:00 Turning Mind Trash into Gold
03:16 The Relationship Between Thoughts and Results
06:02 Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn Responses
09:27 The Power of Thoughts in Creating Results
13:11 The Process of Mind Trash Makeover
18:02 Breaking Down Old Belief Systems
21:31 The Messy Middle: Calming the Brain
23:25 Making Over Thoughts for Desired Results
24:50 Moving from Inaction to Action

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