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#88 – Managing Your Web Design Business Finances with Rocky Lalvani

Today I’m sharing a candid conversation about finances with certified Profit First Professional and Profit Answer Man, Rocky Lalvani. He teaches business owners how to ensure they get paid and make profit a priority!

Rocky specializes in teaching entrepreneurs the crucial skill of making sure we get paid and prioritizing profit in our businesses. As a certified Profit First Professional, Rocky uses Mike Michalowicz's Profit First System to transform the traditional accounting formula from Sales – Expenses = Profit to Sales – Profit = Expenses.

This simple flip ensures that profit takes the front seat right from the start!

Rocky and I talk about:

  • how to manage your business finances
  • how to make forward-thinking financial decisions
  • how to price for profit
  • how to navigate challenging financial periods in your business.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Shannon Mattern
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I help ambitious women web designers reclaim their time, book web design projects they love, and make more as a freelance web designer than they ever thought possible.

I created the Web Designer Academy to give you everything I wished I would have had when I started freelancing:  step-by-step processes and fill-in-the-blank templates for your messaging, marketing, packages, consultations, sales and project management combined with next-level support so that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable web design business doing work you love for clients you love.