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From Plateaued to Profitable: 11 Stories from the Web Designer Academy

Today, I'm bringing you the stories of 11 ambitious women web designers who went from undercharging, over delivering overworking and overwhelmed to creating freedom, flexibility and financial independence.

This week's episode is a mash-up of three different web designer Academy student panel discussions from some of the live events that we've held over the past couple of years.

I put this episode together for you today because I talk a lot on this podcast conceptually about the mindset shifts to make and the strategies to implement to create a web design business that gives you that fulfillment and freedom and supports your lifestyle instead of one that creates stress and overworking and overwhelm, and I wanted to show you what actually happens when you apply the shifts and strategies and systems and processes we talk about on this podcast in your own web design business by bringing you stories from women, web designers who have actually done it.

Because hearing it from me is one thing…

…but hearing directly from our Web Designer Academy students about what their businesses were like before working with us and after working with us, and what their challenges and successes were along the way – that's when you can really start to see what's possible for you!

So if you're listening to this episode, and you resonate with just one of these 11 stories that you're going to hear, that ss a sign that this is possible for you too and we would love to help you!

You can learn more about our program and how we can help you right here!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 0:03

Welcome to the profitable web designer, a podcast for web designers who want to work less and make more money. I'm your host, Shannon Mattern, founder of the web designer Academy, where we've helped hundreds of web designers stop undercharging, overworking and create profitable, sustainable web design businesses. Hey there, welcome back to the profitable web designer podcast. And this week, I'm bringing you the stories of 11 ambitious women web designers who went from undercharging, over delivering overworking and overwhelmed to creating freedom, flexibility and financial independence. And this week's episode is a mash up of three different web designer Academy student panel discussions from some of the live events that we've held over the past couple of years. And I put this episode together for you today, because I talk a lot on this podcast conceptually about the mindset shifts to make and the strategies to implement to create a web design business that gives you that fulfillment and freedom and supports your lifestyle instead of one that creates stress and overworking and overwhelm. And I wanted to show you what actually happens when you apply the shifts and strategies and systems and processes we talk about on this podcast, in your own web design business by bringing you stories from women, web designers who have actually done it, because hearing it from me is one thing, but hearing directly from our web designer Academy students about what their businesses were like before working with us and after working with us, and what their challenges and successes were along the way. That's everything. That's a totally different story. So if you're listening to this episode, and you resonate with just one of these 11 stories that you're going to hear that as a sign that this is possible for you to and we would love to help you. And I'll tell you exactly how after you've listened to this week's episode. So let's dive in. What are you most proud of creating during your time in the program?

Speaker 2 2:11

We'll start there. Hi, friends. I'm Barb Pritchard, CEO of infinity brand design, I'm a spiritual I help spiritual entrepreneurs with our brand website and all of this goodness, I stumbled across CNN and her webinar. Back in 2019, I was still full time in corporate Hell was miserable. I had a terrible boss. And I didn't jump on the opportunity immediately. And I totally was kicking my butt. Because I did it. It took me a couple of months to kind of go back and scramble and figure out how did I find out about shaded? How can I join and I'm so glad I did. Because when I first started, I was just doing freelance work on the side for a long time. I've gone full time before but it just wasn't aligned. And with Shannon, I have learned to first off I found my niche. And I owned my niche because I figured out who the heck I am. And what lights me up, and who I want to serve as a result of that. And so the beginning of May See, I think I started in 2020. And y'all it's been sure what I started to think about that. Actually, I started in 2020. That's what it was. And I signed up and y'all I'm consistently making 5k months since June. And I was like scrambling and scrimping and saving and doing everything I could I was on pandemic support at the beginning of this year. I let it go because it was like I don't need that. Shannon helped me power through the mindset blocks that I had no idea you would have. Who knew there was going to be mindset issues when you are full time in your business? Not me. So I've been able to conquer that. And I am booked out until at least April. And it's I've got a line of people just on a waitlist ready to work with me. And it's because of WDA and the fam,

Speaker 1 4:09

Barb, and I say this it's like you being a part of the family. This is a community I'm talking about. And every single person just brings that fire to our community and Barb brings the fire to our community. So I It's truly been my pleasure to see you go through that transformation. Elise. Welcome. It's so good to see you. Thank you for being here. You were like an OG web designer Academy student like when it was like an online course without this whole like coaching program but like you were in the early days of the community and really like being a part of this thing that kind of is what it is now. Can you share a little bit with everybody about you what you do now and kind of like, what this journey has looked like for you. Yeah,

Speaker 3 4:59

So I'm Elise, I work with online service based businesses. And that's yeah, that's been a whole journey to get there. I joined web designer Academy in 2018. I think it was only like your second time going through it. Maybe. Yeah. Because the second cohort. Yeah. So I've been around for a little bit. I'm still in very good contact with the women that I went through the program with are actually some of my business best friends now.

Unknown Speaker 5:32

So that's, that's something a little special.

Unknown Speaker 5:33

What did you want to talk about my journey?

Speaker 1 5:36

Yeah, I think like, what were some of those, like, early struggles? And then like, What are you so proud of now? Like, what with where you're at now?

Unknown Speaker 5:44

Cool. Cool. Yeah. So I

Speaker 3 5:47

joined when I was doing another business. And I was starting to do this part time. And I think I've just landed, I found you somehow, I started following you. And I was like, Shana knows her stuff. Like she knows how to build a site. And I kind of like, had that kind of like dream that I could do that too. But I had no idea how to start. So when I found web designer Academy, and you were showing how to set up the systems, how to work with clients. First of all, I was like, Oh, I had never thought about those things. And thank God, I joined the program to teach me that from the very beginning. I think I actually we talked, I think that website, business in a box thing was something that I brought up, because I was like, that's exactly what it was. Because it was all the pieces, I just don't know where I would be, if I didn't have that, from the beginning, I think it would have been a hot mess. So instead of starting was a hot mess, and like finding that cleanup, I did get a really good foundation. And I eventually took my business full time, I've changed the niche that I've had, I've, I've changed that over time and used, especially the 2020 program, the new one that you put into place, I use that to work into my new niche. You know, I've raised my prices, and I feel like I'm at a good place. I actually just, this is a fun story, I booked a project the other day, it's just a short, like, it's a small redo, it's two weeks, I'm charging twice as much for this tiny project as I charged last year for a whole website project. So which feels just like so good. So that's actually one of my biggest and proudest things, is feeling really confident in the prices that I have. And the offers that I have, like, I know, I go into my sales calls or my console calls like with so much more confidence, knowing that like what I'm offering is worth what I'm charging and that I'm going to deliver results to my clients, and they're going to be proud of it and what they're investing in me is going to be worth it for their business. And I've proven that over and over again to my clients and myself. I will say I still doubt it. And I still have impostor syndrome a lot. So that confidence, like I kind of go into the call thinking oh my god, I could never do this, what am I doing? And then I run through that call with a client. They're like, Great, let's do it. And I'm like, Yes, I can deliver on it. So it's like it's a battle, it's a back and forth. But I have a lot more confidence. And I can kind of get over that impostor a little bit more these days. So I'm

Speaker 1 8:22

so glad you said it that because it really kind of does, it never goes away. It's just that you know how to not believe it anymore. Or you know how to believe it for just a short amount of time and then be like, You know what, even if I'm scared right now that I can deliver, I know, I'm the kind of person that's going to do everything in my power to deliver, I invest in myself, I invest in my business, I have friends that can help me, I'm not on my own. I got this. And I'm willing to take this on for for this client. So it's been my joy to see you go from where you were when you joined to where you are today. And I'm just thrilled for you. And I'm honored to like have been a part of that, like, get to, like, help you with that. And have you be doing this full time. And just, it's just it's amazing. So thank you

Unknown Speaker 9:16

fun journey, Shannon. I appreciate.

Unknown Speaker 9:20


Speaker 1 9:21

Thank you, Lee. I would love to hear from you a little bit. I shared your testimonial with everybody. But I would love to hear a little more from you about kind of where you were at when you came into the program and some of the things that you did in those early days to just start shifting.

Speaker 4 9:40

Sure, yeah. Thanks. Hey, everyone. I'm Leigh. I'm happy to be here and share my experience with you guys. And it wasn't an easy journey. In the beginning. This has been a great investment and a great adventure. But going back to the earlier days, so I left my corporate job ads, officially at the beginning of this year, with the hopes of having flexibility, financial independence more time with my kid. And I was so excited when I left and like now I can really invest in, you know, growing my business. And so I went at it for a couple of months. And it was the complete opposite. I was making less than I had been, I was working more than I had been. And I was lonely. While doing it. It was a really rough couple of months where I was just putting in a ton of work for a little pay. I mean, I was proud of it, because it was something I was building. And it was also something I enjoyed. But it was also very frustrating. In the beginning, and I'm sure a lot of people go through that phase. And I was fortunate enough to hear Shannon's money mindset workshop on Facebook alive when I was driving one day, and I was listening, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is me, this is totally me. This is where I'm at, I'm struggling. And I need this if I'm going to make it and actually achieved the things that I was looking for. And so that night, I went and I signed up for the Academy. I thought about it for a few weeks. And like do I really want to make this investment, this is really scary. And then I did and almost immediately, I mean, it sounds crazy. But my mindset started to change again, confidence, I started to value myself my time, more. And that really started to, to show itself in my revenue, and how I manage my time and my confidence with my clients. And I still have struggles. I mean, I just met with Shannon and work through something that I hope to improve going into next year. But I just can't express how much it's helped and how much the community has helped me and my development. I mean, just now I couldn't find my panelists link for zoom and Eric jumped in and Erica Johnson and saved me and sky email me a link. I mean, the community is amazing. And they're there to support you. And yeah, I just can't speak highly enough of them.

Speaker 1 12:16

I just I'm so glad you're here. I know, we had conversation back and forth quite a bit like when you applied and you were considering joining and you were like really like is this for me? Is this the right thing for me, and I'm like, only you can make that decision. I'm here to give you all of the information that I can give you to help you make the best decision for you. And like I'm fully committed to helping you navigate this. And I'm so glad that you decided to join us because it's like every single one of you. I'm like I see how amazing you are and what's possible for you. And I'm like, now I get to get her believe it to believe it too. And everything shifts when you do so the I'm so happy you're here. Thank you for being on the panel. And as you guys have questions for our current students, like please put them in the chat. I have some that I know everybody always asked me that they want to know from you guys. But now's your time to like hear directly from them. So Erica, like I love everybody's amazing hair. Like you guys are so awesome. Oh, not that not that brave. I love it. Tell us a little bit about cuz I was talking about you before you got here. You came in with zero, like zero business, zero clients, zero. I

Speaker 5 13:36

didn't have really a business. I just had an idea and a name. And that was it. So I'm Erica, and I am the CEO and weirdo in charge of brazen babes. And it all started with an idea of like, I'm weird and unique. And I need to help other weird, unique women. So I decided it was after I separated from my corporate job where I was doing graphic design, that I wanted to do something still in the design field. But I've always enjoyed web design. And I was like, Okay, it's time to throw yourself all into this. So I did. So I came into the program, and I knew nothing. And I am one of those girls who is unashamed of how many courses I've bought in my life. How many I bought and haven't even touched like not even looked at them. So I bought this one and I was like this is an investment. And I did not realize the amount that I would actually get out. Because it's not the money. The money is great. I love making all of the money that I do because I went from zero to a lot and it's fantastic. But it's the confidence for me. So like I came in. So in short when I sent in my application, I was like shamans never going to approve me because I'm weird and I Don't know what I'm doing. I'm just making it up as I go. And I realized something like through my months. And the thing is, we're all making it up as we go. But with a framework, it makes it so much easier to make it up, make it your own. Like, really, the greatest thing for me has been the competence, the competence to get on a consultation, and say, I'm an expert, I know what I'm doing. Because even if I'm not, I go to the Facebook group. And I'm like, Hey, I don't know what I'm doing. Please help me. And somebody will always answer me. And so I'm able to say yes, I'm an expert. Yes, I can help you with this. And I can charge a lot of money for it.

Unknown Speaker 15:37

And it's fantastic.

Speaker 1 15:40

Oh, my gosh, that just gave me goosebumps right now. It's because it's like, our clients are not paying us to already know they are paying us to find the answers. Truly. And if you can shift that also, like that imposter syndrome shirt pops up, but you can challenge it every single time. Megan asks, Is the community for life the community is for 12 months. So we have a year one and we have year two? And we have years beyond that. Right? So your first year in the program is you learning all of the foundations. And then and implementing and us helping you through that first lifecycle of your business. And then year two is like next level, right? So after your first 12 months, you can stay if you want stay in the community, you keep the curriculum, but you move into what we call the Next Level Mastermind. And that's where we're like, okay, you've got the foundations, what's your next level? Like? What are the biggest levers we can pull is that that you want to do something new that nobody else in this program is doing? Awesome, let's help you with that. Let's support you through that mindset and all of that stuff. So that's your two. And so it is 12 months access to everything that's 12 months access, and at the end of 12 months, we don't want you to need us at the end of 12 months, we want you to want to stay with us at the end of 12 months, you will be self sufficient, ready to roll go out on your own after that, if you want to. And you can stay with us if you want to. So we have some of our panelists who are halfway through year one. We have some panelists who are continuing on to next level. And we have people who come to us learn all of our strategies, pivot and decide that like, I actually want to do something completely different with my business. And I want to take all the mindset and foundations that I learned here and go do that. So everybody is different. And I think you no for people not continuing on. And Elise, we talked about this. You're like, I feel so grateful to have been here. It's like I'm pushing you out of the nest, right? Like you have, you can fly. I know.

Unknown Speaker 17:58

But we all remain, you know,

Speaker 1 18:00

it's a family. It's the WDA fam. So let me go through some questions here. Amy wants to know, how long would you say it took you before you saw the ROI from your initial investment in

Unknown Speaker 18:15

this course.

Speaker 1 18:15

And anyone just jump in? Who wants to share?

Speaker 5 18:19

I responded in the chat. So for me, it was about the second month of really putting myself out there. So when I joined the Academy, I gave myself like one month to get everything in order and like, make me feel like my head was screwed on right? And then I just like hit the ground running. The first website I booked was very underpriced. It was for a family friend. And they just like gave me the confidence that I absolutely can publish a live website. And then it was the next month that I had two website clients booked. One of them was just a one pager and I made up the entire investment in that. And

Unknown Speaker 18:55

it was awesome. Amazing answer to I like

Speaker 2 19:01

Erica, I love so I looked back I joined in 2020 I didn't get really into the weeds until January of this year. And when I did oh smack in the jacket, Hey, y'all. It took two months, two months to make it all back. And then it was like so you kind of grease the wheel prime that pump a little bit and it's like, it's amazing. It's like a the dominoes start falling. And it's like now I've been consistently making 10k plus months for the past six months shaded. Look what you did.

Speaker 1 19:40

But you didn't. You did, right. Like that's the thing I want you guys to know. Everybody's different. Everybody's timeline is going to be different. I am not going to ever guarantee you any kind of ROI on any certain kind of timeline because that's gross. And I can't control that. And it's not Cintiq. And I would never, never do that. What I am committed to is giving you the best set of circumstances for you to create that on the top on your own timeline. And knowing that you're going to have mindset stuff come up, you're going to have things that you're going to need to work through, I anticipate that I'm going to give you a strategy, and it's going to scare you. And that we need to unpack that a little bit before you're going to do it. Because if we don't, you're not going to do it. And then you won't get the ROI. So that's how this program is really structured. It's like, I know, I'm gonna stare at you, and I'm sorry. And then we get to work through it so that you get to do it scared, but with confidence and knowing that we have your back to give yourself the best possible chance of creating the ROI on the timeline that you want to create it. Does anyone else have anything to add on that? I was just gonna say I

Speaker 5 20:55

agree, is scary, but it's with love, like you are the most supporting scary person I've ever experienced. When we did the get your first client or your next client workshop, it was horrifying, like just absolutely horrifying to put myself out there and address somebody that I don't really have that much of a connection with. Because I'm not salesy. Nick's lasers in here. I'm just like, hey, you need me, I can help you. So just be like, out of my comfort zone. But it was so good. And you supported every step of the way. And I think again, that's like, the main thing. The main benefit that I get out of this program is to support I never feel alone. I can always come and be like, thinking about doing this? Is it stupid, and you'll either be like, it could be rearranged because nothing is stupid or no, this is great. Run with it. Raise your price.

Speaker 1 21:50

Ah, awesome. I just saw that Amy joined Amy. Welcome to the fam. That's amazing. Congratulations. I can't wait to make your roadmap for you. Wow. Like, I don't know. It shouldn't blow my mind when you guys join it still does. I still have impostor syndrome. You guys truly. Like I do. You know, we all do we work through it together. We're so excited to have you. And that's amazing. So I want to make sure I asked the other questions. Lisa wants to know where any of you starting from a position of overwhelm? And how did the program helped you with that? Leah's like, yes.

Speaker 4 22:29

I mean, that that's like one word to describe how I felt it was overwhelmed and defeated. When I came into the program, there was just too much going on. And I, I felt, so when I left my corporate job, I was like, I'm gonna be in charge of my self. But I took the same mindset into my new business. And I became, and I started, like working for my clients. And they dictated my timelines, I dictated my income. And I was overwhelmed, because I was now reporting to like, 10 different people. And I mean, and then with my son, like, it was just so much, and I didn't know how to get out of it. And I think one of the amazing things about the program is that there's structure to it. So I mean, when you start going through these modules, right, it's clear steps to take to get out of out of that messiness. And then, I mean, then it's customized to like Shannon gives you like he said, a roadmap based on where you're at. But then you also have clear steps and actions to take to help you get out of that. And it requires action. It requires hard work. But it takes you to a place where you're in charge, and you don't feel as overwhelmed, because you're in control of how you're working and who you're working with and how you're charging. And so it just it completely changes your perspective. Powerful Barb. Yeah.

Speaker 2 23:55

I was overwhelmed. Because I didn't know I felt like, okay, imposter syndrome hit really, really, really heavy and hard. When I was like, Okay, I'm full time. What do I do? I felt like I had, I've invested in other classes of web design stuff. And I was like, I know how to design. I've been doing it for 20 years. I don't know how to run the business part of it. And I've been searching, seeking, looking for that part of it. And I just haven't found it until I ran across Shane. And I was like, this woman is speaking my language. She gets me I feel so seen. And it was a webinar like this, you know, and it was like, I get it. So when I jumped in, I felt like oh my gosh, I need a client yesterday. I need to mark it and do all the things. I was trying to do all the marketing stuff. And what I really love about how shaded houses all built is, yeah, you do have to mark it. It doesn't feel heavy. It doesn't feel like a big huge burden. In fact, once you really start pumping, like again, priming the pump, greasing that wheel, it gets to a point where it's like I don't go, I'm not really that active on social media. I'm horrible at posting, I'm horrible at being consistent about it. All of my clients that are have lined up, it's because I show up in certain ways now, because it feels aligned, it feels really good. It feels like it doesn't feel burdensome, so I don't mark it, like a lot of other people do out there a bit. I think that's the beautiful thing about how Shane's got this setup is like, you don't have to, it makes the marketing part super easy. Because you're working on the mindset, you're working on the confidence. And again, I had no idea that that was going to be a thing. I'm pretty confident at way and pretty bubbly. And I don't dwell in negative thoughts or anything like that, just just not how I function. But with these pieces to the puzzle of Shannon go, and hey, this is normal to feel that way. Here's how you overcome it. And it's like, Dude, you're amazing. Thank you. So now I feel equipped, and empowered. And I don't have to worry about marketing myself like that. And it's such a relief, I can focus on my business, I can focus on my clients, and she's right. Those mindset issues. They're, you know, you start getting a little uncomfortable with things and they, they do pop up, but she's there for you. And I want to add this to I think the really something else it's super, super valuable is getting Shannon's eyes on your business,

Speaker 6 26:24

y'all. It's like, you submit

Speaker 2 26:27

your information, like, here's what I'm working on, what do you think, and she gives it to you legit, straightforward, direct. It's not she's not playing patty cake with it. It's like, Hey, this is what I think. And, but it's still in a sweet, loving manner, because she does care. It's genuine love for us. And it shows in this community that she's built is a direct reflection of her beautiful, gorgeous heart and soul. And Shannon, thank you so much. I swear I'm not gonna cry.

Speaker 1 26:57

Barb, thank you. And I mean, truly, I get to know every single person I know, this is one of the things it's like, this is a group coaching program. It's not one on one, right? The way we have it structured is so that we can get to know who you are, what your needs are, what your potential pitfalls are. When you come and ask a question about like, Oh, I'm gonna go off and over here and do this. It's like, let's rein you back in. Because this is what you told me your goal is, and you're going to do this over here is like you being safe and not taking action, what's underneath that we need to get you to back on track. So thank you, Barb, for sharing that. Incredible. People are always like, I just don't know how to get clients. I don't know how to get clients. I don't know how to get clients. I would love maybe Elise and Erica, like, would you share, like, what did you do in the early days to get clients? Yeah,

Speaker 3 27:53

I'll jump in on that. Because I remember this really clearly. And I remember being in the, in our group coaching and talking about this and like, not knowing how to approach marketing or finding people. And it ended up being as for me, like, as simple as telling people that I was a web designer. Like when I finally owned that for myself, like I just remember, and I still didn't quite believe it. But I remember just walking into it. And people were like, What are you doing now? And I was like, Oh, I'm, you know, I'm a web designer now. And they'd be like, oh, I need that. Or I know someone who needs that. And we also another thing was I doing like the market research. Market research is one thing that we've always talked, you've talked about throughout the programs. And that was it to just like reaching out to my community, my network and being like, Hey, I just want to ask them questions. And it was the same thing. Like when they found that I was a web designer. I still have clients from three years ago that you know, started out as friends or people in my network. And now they I built like, several sites for them, or I've been working with them for multiple years. And it really was, it was just much as much about saying, I'm a web designer for someone like you or Yeah, and I don't really I've never really liked. That's helped me up until now. I've been doing this full time for three years. And it's still the majority of my clients are in my network or from my past network. That's one thing about doing like a lot of jobs throughout my entire life as I've just like, got a stockpile of people. I work in a co working space now. These are all my my friends and my clients now. So look at my Instagram, there's still nothing on there. But I have coming in

Speaker 1 29:37

because like they know who I am first and I think that that's huge. I love that you just said look at my Instagram. You're not gonna like I'm not getting clients there. I'm getting them all this other places. So I'm

Unknown Speaker 29:51

just working on

Unknown Speaker 29:56

Erica, what about you? Okay, so

Speaker 5 29:58

the only thing that I did was I put myself out there. I said, Hey, I'm Erica. I'm a branding and I'm a web designer. How can I help you? So like, anytime I would like see a post on Facebook or anywhere, I was just already hanging out. And somebody says, I need help with this, I would respond, even though I felt like maybe it was out of my reach, or that they would never consider me, I would still say, Hey, I'm Erica, I hope weird babes like you, let's talk. And I got so many consultations just by saying like, I'm a weirdo,

Unknown Speaker 30:31

because people

Speaker 5 30:32

are attracted to like the vibe that you put out. So just me confidently saying that I am a web designer, put me like, so ahead of these people that have like these templated messages, like, all drawn out to be like, I do this, this and this, and this, and this. And then also just friends, I talked to friends and said, Hey, I'm doing I started my own company. I'm doing branding and web design. One of my largest packages came from a friend, I did brand strategy and her web design. And I figured out that just because they're your friends, you don't have to charge less, I charge the exact same rate I would for a normal client. And they were super happy and super excited to pay it. Because I'm worth it. And they realize that they see the skills that I bring to the table. So it's really exciting for me to just be able to anytime I see a position that I think that I would be a good fit for, for me to align with that, instead of me just like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, because that's not fun stuff back to the sleazy mix salesperson. Love it. And

Speaker 7 31:46

there's so many new things coming out of this training that like are going to be memorialized in the like Facebook group and everything. I love it. Hi, everyone. So basically, I've been doing marketing for 18 years. And specifically, I just always loved like design and the website element of it. And I was kind of being like all things to everybody. And I really didn't want to do that anymore. I really wanted to try to get into design, even though I wasn't a formal designer, I was a self taught web designer. So this was going to be a huge leap for me and I was really nervous about it. But you know, something that I'm really passionate about. So I decided mid career or mid life, whatever that make a change. So somebody actually in another group had recommended. Shannon, I was like, Oh, she's the best, whatever. And so I just put on the type of person that wants I'm psyched about doing something I just hit go. So that's what I did. And it's been, I mean, totally has changed my business. I mean, I'm doing mostly websites now, which is not what I was doing before. A couple of other things, but I market myself completely differently. I had mentioned in the chat, I just had my first 10k month, which when someone else said that in the beginning of the web center Academy, I joined in November, I was like, please, that's never gonna happen. You know, and now I'm like asking for like, you know, 1000s of dollars for like one out of four payments, you know, and it feels weird, still kind of, but I'm like, I don't know if they still want to go for it. So that's been cool. Yeah. So I'm happy that I that I've been joined the group, I just want to say really quickly. The group is like, unlike any other group that I've experienced. I mean, I literally joined another Facebook group recently for a different purpose. And within five seconds, I was like, I got one response. I'm like, I don't think so. Yeah, it's just not so helpful and supportive. And like everybody knows everything. So even if you don't know something you just ask. And there's someone who always has an answer within like less than an hour.

Unknown Speaker 33:49

So it's pretty awesome.

Speaker 1 33:51

That warms my warms my heart. This is like my favorite. I love hearing all the wins and the transformations and just that you didn't you're like 10k or whatever. And then it's like, oh, wait, it's happening.

Unknown Speaker 34:05

I love it.

Speaker 8 34:07

Nay, for me, my business was almost non existent. I was operating completely out of fear. I'm busy. But my husband and I moved to Mexico to do volunteer work here. And there's no safety net here. So it was always a struggle to like in that mindset to try and find clients. And I felt like I had to put myself out there on social media. And I'm a huge introvert. So that just did not work for me. And so yeah, that was one of the things for me. It was like I needed. I could have figured this out like we all can we're all talented in doing that. But I didn't want to take that. Spend the time to do that because I needed the help, especially with my mindset. Like right now and that's been the biggest things for me since joining WGA I

Speaker 1 34:56

love that you're like oh, there's no safety net. I think I've I said this to you before, like, you've become your own safety net. And it's just beautiful to watch. So good. Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 35:08

Yeah, I

Speaker 8 35:09

can, I can go. So my backstory is a little different. So I come from an SEO background. So I had been working with clients doing SEO. And ultimately, I was getting a little burnt out with all the technical stuff. And I really wanted like more design in my in my life. So I had started playing around with the idea of doing incorporating web design in my business. But at the time, I had no idea how to price anything, I was just kind of going off of other web designers, web sites and pricing, and had no idea what I was doing. So I found someone recommended Shannon, at the web designer, there was like a week long conference or something like that. And that's how I function and I went to her. She had like this whole long strategy call thing kind of with a presentation and everything she said was speaking to me like I was pulling my pricing off of other people's websites. And when she said that you can charge 10k for a website. I was like, How is this possible, but she does it. So like, there's a way. But I was like, I need to learn this. I didn't know how to do this. And ever since entering I mean, she just has everything laid out for you. Like just all the tools and templates have saved me just hours of headaches and streamlined so many processes of clients that I feel like it is just saved so much of like, the organic finding that I would have had to do like she already laid it out for you. It just makes it so easy. Yeah, and what my business has been booming lately, so yeah, just sent my first 10k month this month, which is great.

Speaker 1 36:50

That's so awesome. And I love it that like now we are having conversations with you about like, How do I tell this client that I don't like I've replaced them with higher paying clients and I don't want to work with them. Like these are the now the kind of problems that like we're solving together. So they're like next level problems, and I love it. Like I'm so here for it.

Speaker 9 37:15

Thank you, Kayla. Yeah, okay, so

Speaker 8 37:18

I was doing started doing my own thing about three and a half years ago. Now, I would say and I feel like for most of that was going really well. I had, I was getting clients and my clients were happy. And I had completely moved my business to being location independent. As you can see, I work from my trailer. So that was awesome. I really didn't have a lot that I felt like I should be complaining about. But I just feel like I kind of lost my spark, like I didn't really like my clients anymore. And I was doing piddly little updates and charging nothing for them. Even though I did like I knew how valuable that I felt like I knew that I was valuable. But I didn't quite know how it was gonna make sense to raise my prices. And then I was scrolling through Facebook in December. And I saw this sponsored post about talking about web designers. And like, I don't even really remember what was in that ad. But I was shocked at like how much it was talking directly to me. Like, I spend a lot of time online like I think we all do. But it was talking to me exactly. It laid out exactly how I felt and then it sounded like exactly what I needed to kind of overcome my issues. So after a lot of smattering shadowed with questions to make sure it was the right fit, and sleuthing her online wondering why she didn't have Instagram followers or like, I mean 10s of 1000s of Instagram followers and such. I just kind of felt like even if it made me feel 10% Better about my business, it would be worth it. So I joined and it's just been so amazing. Like, like we were talking about the community is awesome. I've got two amazing mentors. And yeah, I've got my spark back and I just now I just want to spend like all of my time working on because I've been really like the client part. That's cool too. But I just want to like improve my business all the time.

Speaker 1 39:21

I love that and I need to go find that ad and like start running it again. I'm like wait, which one was that? Like?

Unknown Speaker 39:30

What it was actually

Speaker 1 39:33

awesome. No, because that's the thing it's like, you know, you're worse more but you don't quite know how to make the shift. And that's what I was so excited to help you do and you've you've really done it beautifully. So thank you for sharing that. Erica, I don't know if you want to jump in on on this. I'm gonna kick off the next question. I will I'd like you to kind of weigh in on like, what some of your favorite mindset shifts or challenges that you've seen people overcome. And I'll like circle back to you at the end. So you have some time to think. But I would love to know from anyone that wants to share, like, what is like one of the biggest challenges you had, like after joining and like, what was the shift that, like, helped you make that transition? So was it like, the belief that you could charge that much? Or, you know, something along those lines? Like, what was a challenge that you were like, I don't know, like, or getting a client? Or? I don't know if this is gonna work. And then yeah, so Kayla, you're like, I got something.

Speaker 8 40:45

I just think, for me, it was that whole, what my value is based on like, I was like, well, if I'm gonna go try to help someone for a couple of hours and try to figure something out, like, I can't possibly charge someone, the amount of money that I've because I've, I might not figure it out, or like, they didn't know they were gonna have to pay me for hours of research. But there's like, how do you word it something about like, you don't have to know everything that they pay you to figure it out as you go. And so yeah, that I think that's been a huge mind shift shift for me is to, like, if they don't know how, or if they're not willing to take the time to figure that thing out, then they should be willing to pay me to do it. I should be doing it for free. That doesn't make any sense. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 41:34

Yes, I'm so glad you learned. May.

Speaker 8 41:41

One was similar with the values Shannon takes you through a whole, like, what are your core values, and your superpower and all of that, but the thing for me was the values and how it translated into setting my boundaries. I'm such a people pleaser. And whenever someone would ask me to do something that was out of scope, I would always say yes, just because I thought I had to. But the way Shannon teaches is Get clear on your values and what you will and won't stand for and then build that into your packages and how you work with people. And that's been the biggest thing for me is I can say yes, within parameters, like and I can give them those options, and not feel bad, that that whole thing has been huge for me just not like taking that I always felt bad about saying no. And now I can say yes, in a way that's comfortable for me, but still within my boundaries. And that's been one of the biggest things. Hands down. That's yeah, one of the best parts really.

Speaker 7 42:40

I would also say pricing, which I think is a big one, obviously. I would also say I think part of the reason is because I was self taught, I thought, well, you know, if I compare myself to other web designers, why would they choose me over someone else or whatever. But I realized that two things, one that I'm supposed to compare myself to with a client knows not what other web designers can do. And compared to the client, there's a lot I can offer that other people can't, or that they have no idea how to do and I can offer that solution. The other thing is this idea of like hours versus value, you know, kind of talked about, it's like, that has been like, tremendous difference in like, that'll only took me a couple hours, which Trust me, I still go back to as a default. And I'm like, no, no, no, even after like eight months of doing this, I'm like, wait, wait, no, it's not supposed to be like that, you know? And because it's just so ingrained that we pay hourly, or that we charge hourly. So it's not about that it's the value, how much money are they going to make off me doing that one page? Quite a bit. Right. So and again, that's the finding the and I've had a lot of expense minded clients, potential clients come to me and I've lost them, because I'm just not willing to do that, because I always over deliver because of my personality is just too like has to be really good. So why am I at my own expense? Kind of shooting myself in the foot? Right? So

Speaker 1 44:05

ah, so good. It's like when you're over delivering, it's like, you're like, Oh, well, I'll just pay for this for you. Like, we don't think of it like that. But, of course, we wouldn't split. We're doing that with our time and with our value, and we're not getting that equal exchange. And that's such a good shift. Anyone else Lauren? Yeah.

Speaker 8 44:29

I mean, there's been so many mindset shifts throughout the last four months that I've been in the program, it's, it's hard to pick just one. But yeah, I think a recent one has just been that I get to choose who I want to work with. And I can pick if I open up my calendar to allow the clients to come in they will come in and I don't have to work with with more expensive my expense minded clients or website clients and it's nice to be able to let those people go You know, once our time is over, and an open up my calendar to much more easy to work with people and great people. So it's been great. I've just been getting clients that are just the kindest of people and just people I've always dreamed of working with, which is great.

Speaker 1 45:19

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy. So I'm just so happy for all of you, Erica, what are some of the biggest like your favorite shifts that you have, like noticed, not only in your time as like a student, but like now getting to really see everybody, as the client success coordinator. You know, I

Speaker 8 45:42

think like, as a whole, it's really nuanced, of course, but I think that it comes down to win win, we all get to recognize that we get to build a business on our terms that fits our lifestyle, and that we're we don't necessarily have to answer to other people or all of the shoulds they don't play a part in recognizing that we can honor our own sort of temperaments and personalities and the way we like to do things and being introverted is okay, like, we don't have to do it this certain specific way, just because those people that we see, do it that specific way. And when people recognize that, I think it's the most powerful shift, because they've then taken all of the boundary stuff, and all of the pricing stuff and all of the other, you know, mind trash things that we work through, and they've kind of set it aside and made this incredible breakthrough that, like, the idea that they have, the dream that they have of this business is possible

Unknown Speaker 46:41

for them. Ah, so good.

Speaker 1 46:43

And it's like such a ripple effect too, because then like they're changing a business owners live who who's changing their customers lives. And it's just a beautiful thing to see. And I think I will add on to that. My favorite thing is when someone is like, they post in the Facebook group, like, Oh, crap, I just made my most expensive offer ever. I'm freaking out. And I'm sweating. And I just did it. And then like, later, you see the posts where they're like, I can't believe someone just paid that much to work with me. Like, it happens. And their brain is like, a little bit broken. When that happens, and then they're like, Oh, crap, and then we coach them through, like, it's gonna be fine. We got you. It's all good. And then they go through that experience. And then they get to the end. And they're like, I didn't charge enough. And I'm like, Yes, mission accomplished, like, and then the next time it gets easier and easier. But I think that's my favorite thing that I love to, that I get to see happen over and over again, in the program. So I have one final question for you guys. What would you want to say to someone that's here, or watching the replay? Who is on the fence about making this investment in themselves in their business?

Unknown Speaker 48:13

I guess I can go first.

Unknown Speaker 48:14

I would say that,

Speaker 8 48:16

Oh, my gosh, there's a lot I can say. But the one thing I think I would say is that everybody here is here to support you. And, you know, Shannon talks about, like, we are here to support you. So you can make your money back within 90 days, like if you follow the processes and everything. And that's exactly what happened for me. And I was just like, I knew it from the beginning, just from hearing her presentations and everything that it was gonna be worth it for me. And it's been beyond worth it to be investing in this program just because I've made my back my money back and more. And there's just such a good community here. And the fact that they are they're holding you accountable. We have weekly calls. Eric is here to support us with, you know, reviewing content and things like that, like, you have such a team backing you up, that there's really no way to fail at this unless you just stop trying. So I think it's just, it's a great community and you will not regret it. I agree with what Kayla said.

Speaker 7 49:20

I mean, obviously, if I didn't think it was worth it, I would not have volunteered, we're not going to pay to be a student. I'll say that right off the bat. And for me, there's this tendency to give up and sort of revert and kind of get in my own way, mindset wise and so having the year long program for not only accountability and all of the stuff, right, but like teaching how to sell and how to package and all that stuff, which I had never heard before and has been very effective. It's also the consistency of the group and support and right when I'm like About to kind of teeter off or whatever it's like, okay, there's a strategy call, okay, two people ask a question in the Facebook, you know, so I'm like, Okay, fine, you know, and it kind of gets you over the hump. So that's what's this have

Unknown Speaker 50:13

all been helpful for me.

Speaker 1 50:14

What I love about you is that when you come up against that, like this isn't working, you show up, like, you show up and you say, I tried this, and it's not working, I need some help. And that is a quality that if you're on the fence about joining, and you do decide to move forward with our invitation for the summer enrollment. That's what we want, like, whenever you have that resistance of like, oh, I tried it, and it's not working. That is when you come and ask for help. That's when you ask for support. Because Kate, you have created so many opportunities for yourself to have the shifts that if you didn't put yourself out there and, and challenge like things and ask, why are we doing it this way, like, you know, and that you've just, it's been a gift to everybody in the program free to ask this question. So it's beautiful to see the result that that has created for you showing up when you're like, wanting to give up and you're, you're not going to and that's what creates the result that you created. So I hope you're really really proud of everything that you've done. So amazing.

Unknown Speaker 51:31

Anyone else may

Speaker 8 51:35

agree with everything everyone said. Honestly, I thought I was just building a course, on how to love cars. I joined them three years ago, and I just thought I was getting close. But there's so much more that you get from Shannon from Erica, just the support, the coaching is invaluable. And I have to say I haven't taken advantage of it as much as I should. But just again, with the community like there are times when I'll be pulling my hair out. And my husband's like, you got that community Go. Just go and post in there you'll you'll get the answer that you need. It's every time whether it's something technical or just like Erica said mine trash. And even if you feel sometimes I get in my head like oh my goodness, I can't say how I feel to the group. Guaranteed, someone else will say you like thank you for asking that question. Because like I couldn't bring myself to ask it. But someone will always ask it and you get the answer that you need. So just the support and the coaching is invaluable. And you won't regret it. Just do it.

Speaker 1 52:35

So good. Yeah, so you've been like a, we call you a founding member, like an OG of the WD fam. And like just watching your business grow has been beautiful. And yeah, we're always here when you need it. It's like, we always say like, don't feel bad if you haven't asked a question. And now you're coming in to ask a question. Like, that's what we're here for. That's what we live for. So I think

Unknown Speaker 53:02

what else

Speaker 8 53:06

same general sentiment as everyone else, I was just going to add that. The other thing I really appreciate is that you both really encourage us to, to like make connections outside of outside of our strategy calls and stuff. So for example, we have a we have a Slack, where we kind of shoot back and forth about dubsado and Kate's accountability group. And I know people have calls where they practice doing client consults back and forth. And there's just like, it's just so cool to be able to have a group of people that just get it. Because I'm, I'm pretty independent, and I'm on my own a lot of the time and I I like that for the most part. But then when you get to a spot where you're kind of stuck. It's just so nice to have to have these people and even when you don't know what to say we like word vomiting. There's a few people in the course that word vomit, and they've taught me how to word vomit. And just kind of recently I submitted a something for review where it was like a whole wall of text. I had no idea what I was even asking. And Erica said one thing, one word. She said that completely changed the direction that I'm I'm going to go with some of the stuff in my business. So yeah, just That's it.

Speaker 10 54:27

Okay, Harrison. I am in Raleigh, North Carolina. I've been a graphic designer for over 15 years, and I started this company where it's branding and web design in October of 2020. Awesome, Rachel.

Speaker 9 54:42

So I'm Rachel Graham. My company is called greenhouse creative. I've got a background in software development working for corporate companies. started this business on the side and just worked nights and weekends for the longest time. Back in like 2018, but went full time in the business about six or seven months ago. I'm in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Amazing.

Speaker 1 55:11

Thank you for being here. And Angela, welcome. Why today? So good to have you here. Do you want to share with everyone a little bit about you where you're from what your businesses,

Speaker 6 55:22

I'm Angela, based in the UK and just outside London, I've been a web designer for six years. I've run my own business, as a web design business for the last six years of

Speaker 1 55:37

me amazing. So I wanted to invite you guys here today because I wanted to talk about like, what it's really like to make the changes that we talked about here today, you know, I know that you guys were on the journey of undercharging, over delivering, somehow found the web designer Academy, made the decision to join us and then implemented all of the parts of the five p framework that we talked about today, the packages, pricing, positioning, pre framing, premium client experience, and like all the mindset shifts, that happens along the way. So I would love just to hear a little bit from each of you. And Angela, we'll start with you. Just a little bit about what your business was like before you joined our program. Yes, sure. So I was overworked, underpaid.

Speaker 6 56:38

I had so many clients that I was working all hours and the crunch kept for me in lockdown where I was worried about whether people were going to walk websites where it turns out a lot of people wanted websites didn't lock down. But I was too scared to say no. Because I didn't know where the next business was coming from. So I just took everything calm. So I stopped working weekends, but I still wasn't earning a decent enough living out of it. And I couldn't afford to outsource to good people. Because I wasn't charging enough. So the people was that sourcing, though, I had to double check all their work all the time, make amends. So it was just I was just at work. And I was close to breaking points. I was supposed to think is this worth it? I've been doing it for five years now. And I'm not still not earning a decent salary from it.

Speaker 1 57:34

What part of the five p framework Do you think had like the biggest impact on

Unknown Speaker 57:40

your business? Oh,

Speaker 6 57:42

I think the pre framing. Okay. Yeah, learning how to do that. I think client calls were always something schools were always something I struggled with, in the past, was nervous about putting up money with, you know, how much things were going to cost us what cost how much they're going to invest. But at the time it was how much is it going to cost? You know, it will? It was? That's the bit that I struggled with a lot. And that's the bit that really helped me with my business. So

Speaker 9 58:19

good. Rachel, what was your business like before joining us, I did one project at a time for a friend or family member or whatever on the side and had no idea how to approach pricing those projects. So I just took my corporate salary, divided it down to an hourly wage, underestimated how long it would take me to do the project. And then that was what I charged. So it was not going to be at all realistic for me to turn that into a business that would support my family where I could leave my full time

Unknown Speaker 59:02

job at that point.

Speaker 1 59:06

So what part of the five PE framework do you think was the most transformational for you?

Speaker 9 59:10

I think it's kind of the positioning in pricing together, not only getting to a place where I understood the actual value of having this asset in your business and how to talk about that with my clients and and help them understand it's not just clicks of a button, but actual business strategy that's going to make a difference in their everyday lives and their revenue, honestly. So it was that together with actually having sustainable pricing that made the big difference for me. Awesome. And Caitlin,

Speaker 10 59:48

so I had quit my job wanting to sort of like do something different. And I was getting clients and again, the pricing I didn't know what to charge Like how to charge it, and to run projects. So, before coming in, it was kind of just like us kind of guessing my way through, like how to run a business. And so that was really the key for having you map out like systems and structures and how to run projects and stuff. That was like the first like, big appealing piece of joining the web designer Academy.

Speaker 1 1:00:22

So that premium client experience piece was like the the thing that like, yeah,

Speaker 10 1:00:27

yeah. And that packages that like we broke down, like what goes into it similar to what Richard says, like, completely underestimating all the steps. And like, all the things that you're actually building for them, because it might take me five minutes, but it would, you know, in that reframe, there's like so much together.

Speaker 1 1:00:46

How many of you guys can relate to our student panels so far? I can relate to all of them, though. I was like, I have been in all of their shoes at one point or another. And that's why I'm just like, Ah, I love seeing these shifts. So what results and we'll, we'll go in the same order, Angela, what result? are you most proud of creating during

Speaker 6 1:01:12

your time with us? Or whatever could stay for an hour about this? Choose what results I think I've got time to work on my own business, I've got time back. So no, I'm earning more money. But I'm working less hours a day. I think for most of the day, with apart from half an hour to answer some emails, I've just been working on my business, which is phenomenal. Because I never had time to do that before. I get to go to the gym when I want. Which sounds silly, but I can go when the gym is quiet, I don't have to go at six o'clock when it's really busy. I'm less stressed, I'm a lot less stress, I get to work with who I want to work with as well. I don't feel that I have to say yes to everybody. That's a massive result for Mesa and you get to vote with the people that I really want to. And another big one is I've got over a lot of my fears about putting myself out there talking in groups, and being more present on social media. Those are so

Speaker 1 1:02:24

amazing when you said the gym that was like the grocery store for me when I was like, Oh my gosh, I'm at the grocery store on a Tuesday morning. And nobody else is here. Like how is this my life? Right? Like some people get real excited about like, I don't know, private jets and stuff. That's like nothing I would ever I don't know, it's just not a thing on my vision list. But like the grocery store on Tuesday with nobody there all day

Speaker 6 1:02:53

for swim, and I'm the only person in the swimming pool is amazing. Amazing,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57

Rachel, how about you.

Speaker 9 1:02:59

So my husband and I had a realization that we couldn't sustain this like work ourselves into the ground and go on vacation and feel better and come back and work ourselves into the ground and go on vacation and feel better cycle that we were in. So about the same time I started this business on the side, we put ourselves on a trajectory to just slowly construct the life we wanted to be living. And through that process, sold everything we owned and Nashville and move to the beach. And running my own business has been a huge part of that. Because now I have that same time freedom that we're talking about. sick kid can run to school and pick them up and rearrange my day. And it's not a big deal. Nobody but me is looking for me to sit down at my laptop in the morning. So that's been a big part of it too. But I'm supporting my entire family's been the primary source of income for my husband and my two kids and myself for a really long time. My husband has gone through a lot of job changes and, and all of them have been intentional choices. But this, this business has given us the freedom to make decisions that would have been either really hard or impossible to make otherwise. So there's a lot to be proud of. And the mindset thing is huge too. Because as you address the things that hold you back and keep you scared in your business, it has a lot of unintended positive effects on every other area of your life. So just doing that work on myself has been huge, too. And

Speaker 1 1:04:38

it's been so cool to watch that journey from you. From when you joined a few years ago until now, where it's just been incredible. So so cool.

Speaker 9 1:04:50

Caitlin, I mean they took all the good answers.

Speaker 10 1:04:55

I agree with everything that was said so far, that time freedom that just the ability that You can choose what your day is going to be like. And empowered of like, I'm constantly still working on all of the like, positive thinking. And the idea that there will be more clients, there's Oh, you know, there's another client on the way. But all of that sort of mindset shifting and the support of this community to come into the room and just word vomit out all the insecurities. Too much people that feel it and understand it and have been there support it or even just to get out of your head. As always, the key for me is just stop. So I think that yeah, like, I'm just most proud of like, the person I've become, like, within this container is I've learned a lot about myself and, and just make friends and to not be in a vacuum. Just freelancing can be very lonely.

Speaker 1 1:05:50

Yeah, our community like one, it's just been I, like, I love coaching you because you're like, I will ask this question for everybody. Because I know that on Tuesday, when I'm like, I just want to burn this all down. We're like, okay, great. What's going on? How can we help you through that? And then everybody in the chats like, Thank you for saying that, Caitlin. Because I was feeling that too. And your question helped me, but like, our community is so incredibly supportive. And you like everybody who's here right now is like, creates that. And it's an amazing place. It's my favorite thing that I get to do every week. So what do you think Angela is, like most surprised you about working with us after you join that was like unexpected. I

Speaker 6 1:06:41

think the community of web designers was amazing. And that's so much from them. It seems like plugging suggestions, dubsado, loads and loads and things like that, and how supportive everybody was, because we're all doing the same job. But everybody's really supportive, because there's enough work to go around wasn't enough work to go around for everybody. So everyone was really supportive. I think the amount of FaceTime that I got with you, Shannon, and that was prior to me, because I've been members of other communities where the person who runs it is some distant figurehead. And you hardly ever get face time with them. So I think the amount of FaceTime the amount of support that you gave me personally, as well, and also finding out about my personality, I wasn't expecting to do that. And that really helped me look at who I am as a person. And it really helped me in the personal life as well, that why I do the things that I do. So that's my personality pipe. Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:07:51

the community I think like, the all of those are like things that I like, we've created this program, we we've been running it for so long that like all of them are just all these things are just like a given to me. Like they just always exist. They're there. That's this is what we do. And it's really cool to hear, like, what stands out for you guys is like, Oh, I didn't realize that's what I was getting to.

Speaker 9 1:08:12

So what about you, Rachel, I definitely have to mention the community because you you opt in to be part of the program, because you want the resources and you want the training and you want the strategy and the, you know, the email scripts. I didn't realize it was getting people who will probably be lifelong friends, and the kind of friends who are going through the same stuff that I'm going through. So there's a depth that I don't think a website could ever communicate. It's, it's these conversations, right? And so much of that Shannon is just you being sincerely invested in us as human beings, not just as students or people who purchased your program. The other thing that I'd have to say is when you are willing to be uncomfortable. So there's a disclaimer, and actually commit to like, consistently doing the work is astounding how fast it works. Like how quickly you can gain traction, find the next client, build your business feel more confident, all this stuff. It happens so fast, if you just put one step in front of the other.

Speaker 1 1:09:31

I'm just like chills over here and just like a little misty eyed so thank you for sharing that. And Caitlin, what about you?

Speaker 10 1:09:40

I mean, again, echoing everything they said. One thing I remember is there's so much noise in the online space of like, all the different marketing techniques and all the stuff and we in the community have sort of that like anything will do work if you work it similar to what Rachel was just saying. And I remember early on, it was like, We openly discussed what our rights are. And you said, Well, what did you just say? It's $5,000 instead of $2,000. And I was like, like, just say it just like, and I did. And they said, Yes. And I was like, It is that simple. It's like, that's what was surprising. It's like, none of the ideas are rocket science. It's just like, being told it from another perspective. And that like that encouragement, but actually, Shannon is just so like, invested that, like, you wanted to hear that, like I did say it and said, yes. So I'm gonna get one raise it again, keep going here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44

So, yeah, I just,

Speaker 1 1:10:47

I could, it's so cool. For me to hear, like, how you guys think about it after having been through the whole thing and creating everything that you created? Because I will agree, like, I am very invested in like, all of our students and helping them get what they came for, and helping you guys through the hard times, too, because I can't imagine I know, every single one of you had times when you were like, This isn't working. Like, this is not working? How is this even possible? I mean, could you all agree that that was after joining, not before joining like while you were in it, and yet, every single one of you didn't retreat, you used one of our one or more, or multiple times of our avenues of support to help with that, so that you could take the next step. And so like kudos is like the lamest word, but kudos to all of you for doing that. Because that is what allowed you to create the results within the container using all of the things is that you didn't like stay stuck when things got hard. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04

we're gonna move in

Speaker 1 1:12:07

after this, to me telling you more about the program, how you can apply to work with us what it looks like how you can be in the room with these incredible humans. So before I have you guys leave, what would you say to someone who's like, this sounds amazing. And they're just on the fence about even filling out the application? Like,

Speaker 6 1:12:29

what would you say to them? I would say just do it in, put your faith in your method, and then make the money back within two, three months. It's that simple. And something that I found is that investment wanted clients and a lot easier to work with an expense by the clients as well.

Speaker 1 1:12:48

Everybody's nodding, if you're listening to the audio of this, everybody's nodding, and I'll ask you this, how do you find expense minded clients? How did you guys find expense minded clients?

Speaker 6 1:13:03

Work? Most of them hard work very demanding. Now, when anybody asked me for a discount, it's just no alright.

Speaker 8 1:13:15

Yeah. And then, on the flip side, like,

Speaker 1 1:13:19

where did you find investment minded clients? How did you create the experience of working with investment minded clients? What did you do?

Speaker 6 1:13:26

So it's one thing that you do have to do on the program is still uncomfortable with some things, but it gets easier the first time you do it, you do you feel a little bit, oh, this is out of my comfort zone, but it gets easier and easier. Outreach is a wonderful thing is, is a method that I use to get investment monitored clients now. Amazing.

Speaker 1 1:13:52

Rachel, what would you say to someone who's like, I don't know, should I fill out that application or not? Yeah,

Speaker 9 1:13:59

this is reminding me of our conversation. This week on our coaching call when somebody was struggling with the decision, and we like to say the first step, you can fill it out and never open the email. Like, just do the one thing and sit with it and see how it feels. And it's probably going to feel less scary than you think. And then decide then if you're taking the next step, but don't miss the opportunity to take step one. Just because you're scared of step 17. I love that. So that's what I would say. As far as expense minded clients. It's exactly what you said you just talk like, those are who you're talking to. I will even say I pretty expensive. I'm a premium choice. So and then people's ears perk up like oh, maybe this person I should be working with but I do I try to hang out with circles of people. And sometimes this is in person events. Sometimes this is direct outreach to people, but I try to find people who are already investing in themselves in some way. So, industry communities, like networking groups, people who are educating themselves who are out there, like making things happen, because they do connect with what's possible, with the right tools and the right support. So it's a much easier sell when you've got someone who's already in the mindset of trying to grow than it is somebody who's, you know, tightly holding on to everything they've got. So that has helped me a lot. So good, Caitlin. So I definitely, you know,

Speaker 10 1:15:52

I sat in this room, a year and a half ago, when you did one of these in our student panel, there was a student panel that actually got me to officially join, but it's different weekend because it is an investment. And really, it's an investment in yourself. It's like, are you tired of not knowing what the next steps are in anything. So like, I joke for Shannon, I bought into the business in a box, piece of this where it's the system's, it's the scripts, it's the templates, but it's so much more, it becomes that mindset, it becomes all the other things that get uncovered. So and you're investing in yourself in a way that is life changing, and gets you out of that like, zone, because you have a coach with the community of just so you know, I almost didn't join, I took a whole weekend. And then I was like, I just kept coming back. And I was like, I need this kind of guidance, this will take me to that next level that I do for myself. And so it's an investment in yourself at the same time. And I would caveat if you join us which you should, as you utilize it, show up or watch the replays if you can't, because I don't enjoy Angela's on the other side of the pond here. So she doesn't get to be on the live calls all the time. But she's in the community and you see her and there's ways to be involved, even if you can't, and so do invest, but then to utilize because it can change really fast.

Speaker 1 1:17:18

Wow. So I hadn't listened to the stories in a while until I was putting together this episode. And I am so inspired by these women that seriously. And like I said earlier, if just one of those stories resonated with you, then you are just the kind of person we love to work with. And we're still accepting applications to work with us to make the next 12 months your most profitable yet. And your next step is to fill out our web designer Academy application at web designer forward slash apply. And if it looks like we can help, we'll give you access to a private training exclusively for accepted applicants on the five core systems processes and strategies to implement in your web design business to make it happen. So thank you so much for listening this week, and I cannot wait to see your application. Bye

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