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next level mastermind call replays
Next Level Replay 11-30-2022



00:00:45 Cory Ruedebusch: No power so I’m listening on my phone today
00:01:29 Laura Kåmark: I’d love some support around scale validation
00:03:02 Janet Hoover: Wow, that’s awesome!
00:03:25 Laura Kåmark: That’s incredible!!!
00:09:46 Janet Hoover: ❤️
00:11:41 Tiffany Souhrada: Find a friend that you are talking to for the live — invite them on for the first time, then just keep talking to them in future
00:24:04 Janet Hoover: I can’t unmute at the moment but I haven’t had much progress due to the holiday and a family wedding lol, but….I have committed to regular showing up and reach out and have had two respond that (one I”m talking to this week and another next month) and I’m more aware of my tendency to pull back in to my hole with client work etc so I am keeping an eye on that. And like Rachel, I’m starting to see seeds that I planted starting (some of them) to be “ready” and need to keep planting! 🌱
00:24:50 Janet Hoover: Ha!
00:25:29 Janet Hoover: Oh gosh…stay warm!
00:25:53 leighscott: Wow! congrats
00:25:57 Erica Nash: Yay! That’s amazing!
00:26:06 Tiffany Souhrada: YAY!!
00:26:08 leighscott: WHAAAT! Better not be belize
00:26:11 Erica Nash: All of our mouths, lol
00:26:15 Erica Nash: They opened at the same time
00:46:33 Shannon Mattern: Why didn’t you buy survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxPhfqkaWOd5CvcH6-PdssuULaIVCckspNeEdJ87JxL7pxtA/viewform?usp=share_link
00:49:20 Janet Hoover: great tips
00:49:29 Erica Nash: 🎉
00:51:01 Erica Nash: I’m going to write that down to share with you … “We can keep doing what’s tried and true.”
00:54:04 Janet Hoover: #1 is she owns her site – not FB, etc.
00:59:44 Janet Hoover: Thank you!!