This image is showing a web designer sending a contract and next steps to a client after a consultation. Full Text: web designer academy web designer academy Followup Templates Email #1A - They said yes Subject: "Website Subject: "Website Name" Proposal on the call + picked a package. Hey Shannon !! Hey Shannon !! When to send: It was so great talk It was so great talking to you about your business and Immediately After goals for your site! goals for your site! I'm excited to help you [recap of their Consultation, right after project and goals]. project and goals]. sending the Contract I just sent over the Unique Web I just sent over the contract via HelloSign for your review - let me kno review - let me know if that doesn't come through! Next Steps! Designer Next Steps! There are 2 steps There are 2 steps to take to secure your spot on my development sche Identity development schedule: 1) Review and sign 1) Review and sign the contract! It outlines the schedule, your responsibilitie your responsibilities and payment terms, so please read carefully carefully. 2) Click here to pay workbook 2) Click here to pay your deposit to lock in the price" and dates in the contra dates in the contract. The new client diso The new client discount expires at the end of the day on (today's date + 3 de (today's date + 3 days). Once you've done MODULE ONE Once you've done those two things, I'll send you a confirmation email confirmation email with your Project Planner and a link to book your Kicko to book your Kickoff Call! If you have ANY qu If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I log reach out, and I look forward to working with you! Copyright 2020 | WP+BIFF LLC + Shannon Mattern | All Right "Selected portions of these materials have been legally licensed from the copyt hannon Mattern | All Rights Reserved| Updated D8/02/2020 Heart of Success, Inc. and may NOT be re used, repurposed or reproduced by df jolly Soensed from the copyright owner, Heart of Success, Inc. Copyright 2020 ueposed or reproduced by any Web Designer Academy student without express witte conviene of the copyright o coment of the copyright owner

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