WDA Live Strategy Call 10-25-2022

This Week’s Questions


00:01:09 Kate Newnham: Not quitting LOL
00:01:23 Sharon Blalock OBM: Submitted my Mod 4 and Mod 5 workbooks!
00:01:23 Cynthia Norman: lol
00:01:26 Janet Hoover: Follow up
00:01:26 Lisa Doiron: Doing outreach and getting a system setup
00:01:31 Erica Nash: Not burning it to the ground is a huge win, LOL
00:01:38 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: My mom is visiting here in Germany from Ecuador and I now have a business where I can work around her visiting us!
00:02:15 Nay Stevens: Showing up today and starting outreach even though I am not feeling it!
00:02:31 Cynthia Norman: I was able to put up a free SEO course on my site. Now I have a lead building resource and a place to send people asking about how SEO works since I don’t specialize in it.
00:02:40 Kate Newnham: I put my freebie on my website!
00:02:45 leighscott: @Kaila it looks COLD there! 🙂
00:03:03 Sharon Blalock OBM: @Nay I’m right there with you
00:03:04 Janet Hoover: Yes, it does lol!
00:03:27 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: @leigh it’s not sooo bad today but i wouldn’t say it’s warm!
00:03:44 Janet Hoover: Wow, a course!
00:03:48 Janet Hoover: Great wins!
00:03:53 leighscott: aaack. I would freeze
00:04:06 Sharon Blalock OBM: I did set up my Outreach schedule and got my templates set up. I did send out some emails and accepted the 30-day challenge.
00:04:07 Kate Newnham: GREAT point!
00:04:12 Deanna: My big win was saying NO
00:04:16 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: i set an accountability date for myself and met it and sent a patrix to a potential dream client i was really proud of! 🙂
00:04:22 leighscott: I just doubled my 2021 revenue, today!
00:04:36 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: wowww
00:04:38 Nay Stevens: Leigh!!! That’s so amazing!
00:04:38 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: aaa.. I have a lead magnet now, too!! Since the summer but I wasn’t promoting it much. I started promoting it and received amazing feedback. Finally building a list!
00:04:41 Deanna: Someone offered me a pre made business that would do really well in my area – but TONS of time involved
00:04:42 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: nice leigh!!
00:04:42 Kate Newnham: WOW Leigh!!
00:04:53 Deanna: I realized that wasn’t where I wanted to eb
00:04:54 Janet Hoover: So awesome!!
00:04:55 Deanna: Be
00:04:59 Kate Newnham: A pre-made business Deanna??
00:05:01 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: @leigh, that’s amazing!!
00:05:39 Lisa Doiron: Wow Leigh, good for you!!
00:05:41 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: ‘my intern’ – i love that
00:05:49 Deanna: @kate a local living magazine type site
00:06:01 Melissa Miller: Love the mindset!
00:06:01 Deanna: Gotta love the interns ♥️
00:06:49 Lisa Doiron: Love that Leigh!
00:06:51 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I love that!! I’m gonna have my little intern some day soon 🥰
00:07:14 Janet Hoover: What?! Congratulations Mariela!
00:07:35 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: nonono.. haha.. we are doing IVF guys.. I’m not pregnant yet
00:08:04 Janet Hoover: Ah! Ok 🙂 Best wishes, then!
00:08:07 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: sending good vibes your way mariela!! <3
00:08:10 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Thank you Janet!!
00:08:57 Lauren N.: Sending good vibes too Mariela! If you need support with that, I’ve also been going through IVF 🙂
00:09:29 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Thank you guys!
00:09:49 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: awh, wishing you luck too lauren! hopefully lots of little interns soon!
00:09:56 Lauren N.: big win this week, someone hired me for $500 to fix their landing page and it only took me 2 hours. $250/hr felt pretty amazing
00:10:15 Lisa Doiron: Same @Mariela! Although its been a while! 😉 Reach out if you need support!
00:10:36 Cynthia Norman: Nice! @Lauren
00:10:51 Kate Newnham: Yay Lauren!
00:12:22 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Congrats, Lauren!
00:16:34 Nay Stevens: Great question Kate!
00:16:43 judy bigham: kate it’s not personal
00:19:26 Sharon Blalock OBM: I look at feedback in two ways… if it is negative, what is happening in their life, are htey having a bad day… and 2) is this something that I can improve on for my next client and take it as a self improvement opportunity.
00:22:47 judy bigham: it’s not about getting it right the first time
00:22:52 leighscott: The way I see it is feedback is an opinion and everyone has an opinion… I only take to heart the feedback of people I trust and even then I don’t always agree with it
00:30:45 Kate Newnham: @Leigh – opinions are like a**holes. everyone has one, right? LOL
00:30:46 Melissa Miller: Kate – I always learn somehting from your questions! Thank You!!!
00:31:22 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Oooh.. I’ve been there!!
00:31:37 Kate Newnham: Aww happy to hear that @Melissa! It’s the stuff about building a business that’s icky (and vulnerable to share)
00:31:57 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Not feeling like you are good enough for a job as a web designer and thinking of going back to your old job. It sucks, but if you keep going in your business, it gets better!
00:32:08 Kate Newnham: Yes @Judy! Thank you @Sharon!
00:32:21 Kate Newnham: Been there!!!
00:33:15 Janet Hoover: We all have those thoughts every now and then….hang in there!
00:33:25 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: We are MORE than only web designers. We are brand and business designers!!
00:33:58 Aisha Beauford: Right!? I’m stuck on that dream life.
00:36:02 Deanna: We are the makers of dreams – ours and our clients ♥️
00:36:18 Deanna: (Paraphrasing Willy Wonka LOL)
00:36:26 Janet Hoover: I thought so lol
00:37:11 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I needed to hear about the templates today lol.. it’s been on my mind, too!
00:37:30 Janet Hoover: I’ve had templates on the brain for years lol
00:37:33 Melissa Miller: That’s me! I’m focusing wayyy to much on my website… and really I need clients, so frustrating.
00:37:38 Deanna: And you have to deal with 1000’s of people who have no clue what they are doing and want you to fix it – FOR FREE
00:38:01 Kate Newnham: It’s true – I would have to sell like 25 vs. get 1 client (depending on price obviously)
00:39:01 Melissa Miller: The outreach emails make me so nervous.
00:40:05 Deanna: Create more passive income – affiliates for plugins, courses, create printable for your own clients
00:40:08 Becky Swan: I would never 😂
00:40:10 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: sooooo true lol
00:40:22 Melissa Miller: That was a great podcast!
00:41:32 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: that’s a great idea!
00:42:32 Sharon Blalock OBM: Maybe next time you go, you can send the outreach emails while you are on vacation, so that when you get back you have a client or two waiting for you when you get back
00:42:33 Kate Newnham: Anything to avoid actually having to work with clients 😉
00:46:27 Kate Newnham: You got this Judy!
00:46:35 judy bigham: thx kate 😉
00:46:47 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I’d like to talk about the recession question
00:46:53 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I posted in the group
00:47:16 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Was doing my nails, sorry 😄
00:47:22 Kate Newnham: People will need more websites!
00:55:40 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: the people who are willing to pivot are more hybrid or investment minded and the expense minded people may not make it
00:55:51 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: yeah exactly
00:56:04 Kate Newnham: I try to block the noise out
00:58:02 Deanna: Maybe that’s a cue to send out a newsletter or create a blog post about WHY it’s a good time to build an online business 😉
00:58:31 Deanna: PLUS your site
00:58:47 Kate Newnham: Thank you! Best group ever!
00:58:49 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: have fun at your retreat!!
00:58:53 Nay Stevens: Thanks everyone!!
00:58:53 Kate Newnham: Have fun!!
00:58:55 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: hope you’ll share photos!
00:59:00 Cynthia Norman: safe travels!
00:59:06 Lauren N.: see you!