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WDA Live Strategy Call 10-18-2022

This Week’s Questions


00:01:39 Janet Hoover: I sent a proposal last week and stay out of their pocketbook lol – now waiting 🙂
00:01:40 Sharon Blalock OBM: I have a better clarity on my packages and feel better about them
00:01:48 Brittney: Had an in-person consultation this morning that went really well!
00:02:06 Lauren N.: I’m starting to put together SEO and Web Designs case studies into a ‘freebie’ for prospects to grab off my website and get onto my email list 🙂
00:02:30 Caitlin Harrison: I did need that permission, yet I’m still here 😂
00:03:00 Courtney Wilson: Wins! (1) We had to take a break from our Module 4 Patrick Matrix revisions for a bit, but we got back to it and submitted our changes! (2) A client accepted our highest branding proposal yet. (3) We got our subcontractor all ironed out for our busiest time of the year (which we jumped into late last week)
00:03:04 Sharon Blalock OBM: @brittney congrats
00:03:10 Becky Swan: Been keeping a more consistent schedule and staying out of my inbox. Worked on refining my packages.
00:03:14 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Wins: getting paid to create assets for my web projects (finished welcome guide and moved my tech roundup into contentsnare), had a great kickoff and strategy call with my dream client!
00:03:20 Cory Ruedebusch: For year 2 I gave myself permission to walk or walk my dog during these calls!
00:03:40 Cory Ruedebusch: Win – 50 outreaches in the past couple weeks
00:03:47 Kate Newnham: Whoa Cory!!
00:03:55 Lauren N.: Woah Cory!!!!
00:03:58 Brenda W: I added my package matrices to my website and updated my work w/ me page (per Mod 4)
00:04:00 Lauren N.: Congrats
00:04:04 Kate Newnham: Yay Kaila!
00:04:06 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I had a new consultation today and have a new one on Thursday. My pipeline is filling up for Q1 2023
00:04:16 Kate Newnham: Omg Mariela!
00:04:33 Lauren N.: Impressive Mariela!
00:04:47 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: @Kate 😊 Looking forward to our shared project!
00:04:53 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Thanks Lauren!
00:04:55 Kate Newnham: Yes!
00:05:35 Janet Hoover: Such amazing wins!!!!
00:05:39 Becky Swan: Yep
00:06:38 Courtney Wilson: @Cory that’s such a good idea!
00:06:43 Lauren N.: woah that’s a great idea to keep moving
00:07:19 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Yeah totally, thanks to you Shannon!
00:07:25 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: So much great stuff this past week! Great job fam!
00:07:50 KDex Design: Congrats, everyone on your wins!!!
00:10:53 Kate Newnham: Win: I put my freebie up on my website – YAY! Only took 1 full year LOL.
00:11:05 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Niice Kate!
00:11:15 Sharon Blalock OBM: @Kate congrats for finally get it out there!
00:13:40 Trish Bovell: yay everyone!
00:14:29 Kate Newnham: I love that
00:14:47 Courtney Wilson: Oh I like that answer – “Let me look at my development schedule”
00:17:34 Trish Bovell: add that to the running list of people pleaser protections
00:20:12 Kate Newnham: I loathe people who don’t pay on time. I pay early!
00:21:00 Sharon Blalock OBM: If someone doesn’t pay their invoice on time, I send them an email stating that their services will be paused that month until payment is received per our contract.
00:21:08 Caitlin Harrison: I have two clients not paying. One being the client who had that ridiculous demands on the project I declined to continue on and the other being the one I had to break up with
00:21:10 Courtney Wilson: Side note – how would you guarantee you get paid for that last payment if you’re letting a client go?
00:21:25 Kate Newnham: I’ve heard of people charging interest for late payments, but I’ve never done it.
00:22:06 Sharon Blalock OBM: I always get payment before the work is performed so I don’t have to chase payments.
00:22:32 Becky Swan: Kate, I do that but you have to check what’s allowed in your state. In my state it’s only 1% per month
00:22:40 Kate Newnham: Ahh good to know Becky
00:27:45 Janet Hoover: You too?
00:27:46 Lauren N.: omg me too kate lol
00:28:04 Trish Bovell: love that question Kate
00:28:40 Becky Swan: me too Kate!
00:29:41 Melissa Miller: ME TOO!!!
00:29:46 Janet Hoover: Me three
00:29:50 Lisa Doiron: I feel that way too Kate.
00:30:02 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: That’s a good question, Kate. I’m struggling with that, too!
00:30:14 Janet Hoover: Oh gosh…I feel the pain….totally the same
00:31:10 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I have Asana open at all times and if something pops up in my mind, I write it as a To-Do. And many of the To-Do’s become unessential when I look at them again.
00:31:52 Courtney Wilson: I do that with my bujo Mariela!
00:32:12 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Is it hard to learn Adobe XD? I’ve always told myself I’m faster designing it with Divi straight. I first design one page and show it to the client before I continue.
00:32:22 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: But not sure anymore.
00:32:42 Lauren N.: It’s not hard! After a few youtube videos you’ll know how to do most basic things!
00:32:56 Courtney Wilson: XD isn’t difficult to learn at all. And the prototyping part of it is awesome.
00:32:59 Lauren N.: I use figma and like it a bit better than XD but both are useful 🙂
00:33:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: are you staying up late working on things because you get lost? or because you are trying to meet deadlines of your own that you set?
00:33:27 Cynthia Norman: I’ve been leaning on Figma
00:33:57 Tina Paredes: I’m learning figma too
00:34:11 Becky Swan: I love figma
00:35:37 Kate Newnham: I learned Adobe XD in 3 days and I can’t do photoshop to save my life. It’s VERY user friendly.
00:36:20 Kate Newnham: but Adobe just acquired Figma so… probably better just to learn Figma.
00:36:49 Kate Newnham: You go Trish!!!
00:36:55 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: yaasss queen!
00:37:16 Lauren N.: holy smokes! nice!
00:37:19 Sharon Blalock OBM: all day every day!
00:37:20 Caitlin Harrison: IMPRESSIVE
00:37:21 Janet Hoover: Nice!!
00:37:23 Erica Nash: Incredible
00:37:25 Courtney Wilson: Wow! $220 an hour!
00:37:29 Becky Swan: awesome!
00:37:33 Caitlin Harrison: I said $100/hour the other day without freaking out
00:37:40 Caitlin Harrison: Trish is #goals
00:37:49 Lauren N.: I thought $100/hr was good lol
00:37:53 Janet Hoover: Caitlin, next time it’s $150/hour 🙂
00:37:56 Lauren N.: that’s incredible!
00:38:24 Kate Newnham: Does he have any friends??
00:38:31 Erica Nash: 🤣
00:38:48 Janet Hoover: Go Trish!!!
00:38:54 Lauren N.: Yes, send friends here please
00:40:55 Janet Hoover: Personally, I feel like you’ve mentioned before..”it’s “hurting” them”
00:41:09 Janet Hoover: Mind trash
00:42:10 Kate Newnham: It de-personalizes it – great question!!
00:46:10 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Do you think only corporations are able to pay such high fees? (sorry if I missed something)… It’s something I ask myself very often, because I work with coaches, consultants and personal brands.
00:46:57 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: I mean, I am already at 14k, 10k and 5k in my patrick, and I’m learning to present those with confidence, but I wonder often how high I can go with these types of businesses.
00:47:01 Kate Newnham: I mean, we are mostly 1-woman businesses and we all pay the fee to be here – so why not, right?
00:47:33 Lauren N.: I wonder the same Mariela
00:49:27 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Hi Sharon’s cute doggo!
00:49:55 Sharon Blalock OBM: Thanks, they are my co-workers… they get a little roudy sometimes
00:49:55 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Yes you are right. I rather work with 3 personal brands at 10k than one corporate client at 30k that keeps changing their minds… (that’s only my opinion, I enjoy working with this type of client and just had a bad experience with someone more corporate-y)
00:50:37 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: (I also have relative quick turnaround times and boundaries thanks to Shannon now 😆)
00:50:56 Kate Newnham: Totally Mariela, me too! I love having just a few great clients and make the same $$.
00:52:56 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Good for you Trish! So awesome!
00:53:30 Janet Hoover: Curious, Trish. Do you bill him weekly, monthly?
00:53:36 Trish Bovell: weekly
00:53:37 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: @Kate, exactly!
00:53:51 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: It’s wild how often in a week I ask myself ‘would i approach this the same way if i was a dude’
00:53:53 Janet Hoover: So great – you go Trish!
00:54:25 Courtney Wilson: He’s available to answer any time someone wants to know. 🙂
00:54:35 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com: Are we all women in the program right now?
00:54:36 Caitlin Harrison: Our resident dude
00:54:37 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: ‘resident dude’
00:54:38 Janet Hoover: WWWJD
00:54:46 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: jinx :p
00:54:50 Caitlin Harrison: jinx!