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WDA Live Strategy Call 10-04-2022

This Week’s Questions


00:01:30 Cynthia Norman: I created my Work With Me page and my freebie is set to go on my site as well
00:01:44 Rachel Briscoe: Awesome Cynthia!!!
00:02:39 Robin Smith: I completed a 30 day challenge and was in the top half of points.
00:02:40 Brenda W: I’m working on my package matrix and updating my Work With Me page.
00:02:45 Erica Nash: 🤩
00:02:47 Janet Hoover: I’m here lol, had a good discovery chat, sold a VIP day 🙂
00:02:56 Caitlin Harrison: That’s funny you say that (people in your real life don’t get it)… I’m having mindset trash about showing up and being vocal about what I do because I’m afraid of being judged or people being like “what is she even doing?”
00:03:00 Brittney: It was so fun!
00:03:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I closed my first sale using Patrick! Contract is signed, project is paid in full…..and it was my PREMIUM package (aka highest priced project yet)! *squee* *happy dance* 🤭🤗🫠
00:03:29 Rachel Briscoe: Wow!!! Kaila!!!
00:03:38 Caitlin Harrison: I meant to submit but ran out of time
00:03:57 Caitlin Harrison: AHHHHH KAILA!!!!
00:04:02 Janet Hoover: Caitlin…my mom tells everyone I make “book covers” Not where in the WORLD she got that idea but…whateves lol
00:04:04 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: thank you!!!
00:04:05 Trish Bovell: jumping up and down for you, Kaila!
00:04:17 Janet Hoover: That is SO awesome Kaila!!!!
00:04:22 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: *takes a breath*
00:04:32 Courtney Wilson: Awesome Kaila!
00:04:37 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: thank you everyone! 😄
00:04:43 Melissa Miller: Hey Kaila – Can you share the story? If you’re comfortable
00:05:25 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I’m working on the freedom part lol.. booked out with clients, will get better with giving deadlines!
00:05:29 Janet Hoover: Yes!!!
00:06:39 Janet Hoover: Follow ups for the win!
00:07:58 Kate Newnham: Yes!!! Yay Kaila!!!!
00:10:05 Kate Newnham: And think about how many smaller clients you would have had to take on for just this one right!?
00:10:36 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Absoluuuutely!!
00:11:03 Caitlin Harrison: My win is that I had a consult booking come in from a woman I met in person at a conference back in Feb saying “she had a cancellation and knew she wanted to spend the time getting on a call with me and it happened to line up with my call schedule” we meet thursday! and I just feel so flattered
00:11:52 Kate Newnham: Can you please share how you get all these consults??!
00:11:56 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: This is like 6 or 7 times what i was typically selling my old projects at – so 6 or 7 times more work…SO proud of myself for not reverting back to old prices in that ‘messy middle part’!
00:11:59 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I just had a consultation a couple of hours ago from a challenge I took part of 2 weeks ago. I posted on the FB group of the challenge, and she reached out the same week.
00:12:30 Caitlin Harrison: new patrick!!
00:12:55 Caitlin Harrison: @kate me? I dont know if its “all these consults” 😂
00:13:16 Kate Newnham: I feel like I’m always hearing how many you get LOL
00:13:36 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I have something today on my little heart today haha ❤️ I would like to talk about it…
00:13:46 Caitlin Harrison: lots of virtual networkings haha Laura was actually in one last week, it was fun to see the WDA fam “in the wild”
00:13:50 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I sent the question via the form.
00:14:49 Caitlin Harrison: I’ve wondered the same thing about Shopify
00:16:00 Melissa Miller: Can you recommend someone in the group that knows Shopify?
00:16:13 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I do Shopify and I think so does Courtney?
00:17:00 Courtney Wilson: @Kaila – yes, I’m a Shopify partner.
00:17:49 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: There’s pros and cons to both for sure!
00:17:51 Caitlin Harrison: I think so? I think they are comparable
00:17:54 Courtney Wilson: Absolutely!
00:20:14 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I feel like the best way to explain Shopify and WooCommerce to people who haven’t used it, is that it can be really simple – but can become extremely complicated reaaally quickly. (I know that’s vague, but that’s what I’ve encountered anyways.)
00:22:03 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: And i’ve found this really helpful for eCommerce consults: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/
00:22:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: woops that’s not it
00:22:37 Kaila – HeyKaila Media:
00:22:39 Courtney Wilson: Kaila you’re right. I also mention that it’s great for stuff like calculating taxes out the box and shipping, where with woocommerce you may need to customize that yourself.
00:23:47 Sharon Blalock OBM: Thanks @Kaila
00:24:25 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yes, totally! There’s just a lot of small nuances you need to take into account with eCommerce and I’ve also found that alot of times my clients need a lot of coaching because they don’t even know what they need (what taxes they’re charging, how they’re shipping, what they’re charging for shipping, how to get product photos, etc. etc. etc.)
00:25:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I agree.
00:27:58 Lisa Doiron: Thanks @Kaila, that is helpful.
00:42:46 Kate Newnham: Could you offer a VIP day or half VIP day??
00:44:38 Kate Newnham: Omg I get that too Judy!!! I hate it. It hasn’t gone away.
00:44:41 Trish Bovell: @kate – if it was something that I build, I would be comfortable offering a half VIP day.
00:45:01 Rachel Briscoe: I’m just like that too Judy!!! I get so stressed.
00:45:10 Trish Bovell: sometimes things can’t be tested until launch
00:45:27 Caitlin Harrison: I always say something along those lines of like “we now need to get it out there to see what might be buggy”
00:45:43 Rachel Briscoe: That’s great Caitlin!
00:45:51 Trish Bovell: that’s good Caitlin
00:46:05 Janet Hoover: I do too, to work out the kinks or something like that
00:46:35 Kate Newnham: I love that Caitlyn!
00:46:47 Kate Newnham: Yes Trish.
00:48:11 Trish Bovell: don’t feel that way at all – we did that as part of the process in corporate and we valued that testing period.
00:50:28 judy bigham: thanks fam! all your comments are so helpful: you relate, tips for next time!
00:51:52 judy bigham: @caitlin so many of us feel this too. you’re not alone
00:52:01 Janet Hoover: Exactly!
00:52:16 Melissa Miller: Yes Caitlin!
00:52:16 Sharon Blalock OBM: @caitlin do you have a FB page?
00:52:37 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: HAHAHA what does she administratively assist
00:52:38 judy bigham: @caitlin that’s her issue
00:52:39 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I love that
00:52:43 Cynthia Norman: 😍
00:52:56 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – Caitlin, I had exactly this same fear. I created a list on FB with the name “Real life, not biz”, and when I post I say “show to friends except real life, not biz” 😁 It’s actually silly because people are seeing me on other platforms, but it helped me get over the fear of showing up… After a while, you get used to been seen.
00:53:02 Melissa Miller: I’m afraid to have an instagram account! Where do I start?
00:53:19 Janet Hoover: I know, why are we like that lol?
00:53:55 Lisa Doiron: I empathise too Caitlin. I have that in the back of my mind too that people I haven’t talked to in years will judge me.
00:54:07 Lisa Doiron: Like who cares right?!
00:54:08 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – Now real life people sometimes reach out to me and say they are inspired by what I’m doing.
00:54:14 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: what’s the worst case scenario
00:54:24 Sharon Blalock OBM: I think it comes with age… because now I don’t care what people think… it’s on them not me… you can’t control what others think. And they may be really excited for you
00:54:29 Janet Hoover: Same, Lisa lol
00:55:05 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: this is the best convo
00:55:14 Lisa Doiron: And I feel like it puts on extra pressure to make sure you ARE successful after you put out there what you do.
00:55:30 Melissa Miller: Agreed Kaila!
00:55:33 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: yes! totally lisa!
00:56:14 Courtney Wilson: @Sharon so true. I care less now than I did 10 years ago.
00:57:01 Sharon Blalock OBM: and when they say, “Who does she think she is?” You say, “I am a bad a$$ killing it over here in my business!”
00:57:55 Robin Smith: This is what I needed to hear today!
00:58:01 Courtney Wilson: YES.
00:58:20 Erica Nash: Which is also why we can’t judge or compare our journey to others’ “overnight success”
00:58:39 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I have the problem that when I post to everyone on my FB profile, my mom and my aunts go crazy with gifs and “my beautiful baby!!!!” lol… 😂.. And my mom … OMG 🙈.. she is so embarrassing 😂… that’s why I have the filter “friends except real life” lol…
00:59:19 Erica Nash: HAHA LOVE IT
00:59:28 Courtney Wilson: LOL. My mom’ll like something on facebook, and then when we talk on the phone, she’ll be all “I don’t understand what you posted, but I liked it anyway!”
00:59:51 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – I also have a list called “TIAS LOCAS” now (crazy aunts) and hide the posts from them 😂 (my mom included)
01:00:11 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: lollll mariela