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WDA Live Strategy Call 02-22-2022

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:23 Kate Newnham: Win: I had a consult with someone I was fairly sure I wouldn’t be able to help, but did it anyways for practice!
00:01:33 Rachel Briscoe: The new website is awesome!!!
00:01:41 Erica Nash: My win: I coached myself through some awful anxiety last night. Yay me! 🥳😂
00:01:47 Wendy Coop: Win: I released a new podcast episode and YouTube video today. And I know and I’m okay with continuing to do web design for awhile longer.
00:01:49 Leslie Zemenek: I finished my contract with my first Brand Fingerprint client. She’s so happy she asked me to send her a proposal for additional work.
00:02:04 ROBIN SMITH: The new site is beautiful!
00:02:13 Rachel Briscoe: @Erica that’s awesome!!!
00:02:23 Kate Newnham: Great wins all!
00:02:30 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Win: I took a break this weekend!
00:02:49 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Great work everyone!
00:03:52 Nay Stevens: I had a consult call late last week with my ideal client and it went great!
00:04:04 Wendy Coop: So excited to see all of these wins!
00:05:25 ROBIN SMITH: I went to a travel show and didn’t take my computer or do client work. Spent five days without a computer and didn’t worry about client work. Spent the time just focusing on my passion.
00:05:41 Nay Stevens: That sounds amazing Robin!!
00:05:47 Wendy Coop: Well done Robin.
00:06:14 Erica Nash: Such great wins, guys!
00:06:18 Trish Bovell: Win: I pitched a website health assessment. She didn’t take it but really liked the sound of it.
00:06:41 ROBIN SMITH: It was, I was so nervous about doing it for fear a client would have an emergency or something. I’m so glad I did it. Was good for my soul.
00:11:39 Deanna: Still waiting to hear back on that $10K project, but even if I don’t get it I still sent that bad-a$$ proposal out and I never would have had the confidence before ♥️
00:11:59 Rachel Briscoe: Deanna that’s amazing!
00:12:24 Erica Nash: That’s a huge win, Deanna!
00:12:26 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Way to go Deanna! Just the sending it is a HUGE win!
00:13:00 Janet Hoover: Ok, perfect, I’m almost finished setting up in Dubsado
00:13:15 Wendy Coop: Another win: I’m going to get introduced to the principals of two private schools who could use new websites.
00:13:24 Wendy Coop: Great job Deanna!
00:13:42 Erica Nash: I do option B, Janet. I’ve wondered if it’s too many links, but so far no one has ever said anything!
00:13:58 Janet Hoover: Ok, cool, thanks Erica!
00:14:11 Deanna: Thank you Rachel, Erica and Kaila – that was my thinking too – totally empowering 😍
00:14:28 Trish Bovell: been there….
00:14:33 Nay Stevens: I do option C Janet, but will be looking at how to integrate it with Dubsado which I am about to sign up for during their sale
00:15:41 Janet Hoover: You’re gonna love it, Nay! It takes a minute to get used to it and there are things I want it to do, but they are continually upgrading things
00:16:43 Nay Stevens: I cannot wait! I’ve been getting tips from a client -she’s a productivity expert and offers dubsado setup service. Looks amazing!
00:17:41 Trish Bovell: is there a delivery date in the contract?
00:18:03 Janet Hoover: Also, Dubsado will set up you forms for you, so if you have some, send it to them (dig around in their help docs, its in there somewhere where they can help you set things up)
00:18:18 Wendy Coop: Do you all prefer Dubsado over HoneyBook?
00:18:40 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I love that you’re loving it Janet. Since I found out about the sale, now I’m expediting my decision so going to start setting things up after this call.
00:18:53 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: (Currently use Honeybook)
00:18:56 Deanna: Let her know YOU have to move on, she’s out of scope and if you don’t finish this week, your next available time to work with her is in like july – of 2025…😂
00:19:09 Janet Hoover: I’ve never used HoneyBook, so can’t talk about that 🙂
00:19:10 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Hahaha 2025
00:20:03 ROBIN SMITH: I have found that if I ask for changes in writing they don’t ask for as many.
00:20:20 Kate Newnham: I always say 3 rounds of revisions sent all at once… I’m super anal about that for these reasons… ugh clients can be so tough…
00:21:09 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I’m curious to know how many of you put a number of revisions in the contract. I also have never set a limit because I haven’t needed to so could end up in the same position.
00:21:37 Kate Newnham: I put it in the original Statement of Work and position it as the most efficient way for us – saving them $$ and time
00:21:49 Trish Bovell: my contract says no more than 3 sets of revisions.
00:22:02 Nay Stevens: I have a timeframe on my project and unlimited revisions up to the end date (which is in the contract), but thinking I should have a number on it…
00:22:05 Janet Hoover: Same – 3 rounds
00:22:52 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Thanks!
00:23:12 Laura Kåmark: PS. I’m currently booking June 2025
00:23:22 Kate Newnham: Omg Laura!!!
00:23:28 Kate Newnham: Oh you were kidding hahahahaha
00:23:30 Trish Bovell: wow Laura.
00:23:31 Nay Stevens: Lol Laura YES!
00:23:40 Erica Nash: 😂
00:23:41 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: YES you are! *high fives*
00:23:50 LaShae Dorsey: Is it this one?

“Hey name! We’re in the home stretch! So exciting! Today we’re gonna review the final site, note any last revisions and I’ll walk you through what happens when we go live and how the QA period works, stuff like that.

Pull up Project Planner, Website & screenshare -review everything end to end and make final revision notes in your project planner.

Answer questions.

Great! So here’s what happens next. Tomorrow I’m gonna make these last few changes, and then I’m gonna take the coming soon page off and submit your site to Google.
00:23:57 Deanna: 😜
00:24:02 Laura Kåmark: Is this it? Great – here are your options: Instead of booking another full web design package with me since we already have the foundation built, how about we do an exclusive booking where you can book me for a day and I’ll get as many of these changes you want taken care of on that day, and if we need more time you can book me for another day. If that sounds like it would work for you, I’ll send you a link to book and pay for your spot.
00:24:25 Laura Kåmark: I’ve changed my mind, I want to redo this completely (after final revisions).
00:25:46 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: It’s a moving target
00:25:57 LaShae Dorsey: It doesn’t sound like you would ever be able to achieve what the client wants because the “client” has to KNOW what they want.
00:26:04 Deanna: IT’S HER 💜
00:26:10 LaShae Dorsey: want
00:26:11 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Exactly LaShae
00:26:34 Kate Newnham: If it’s in a CMS, you could train her how to make any tweaks after the turnover
00:26:47 Janet Hoover: You read my mind, Kate
00:29:18 LaShae Dorsey: In a case like this would you receive final payment first before delivering the files or site or access or whatever?
00:29:37 Laura Kåmark: Great question LaShae
00:29:57 Janet Hoover: I get my final payment before going live
00:30:01 Laura Kåmark: same
00:31:41 Erica Nash: I’ve found that a number makes them more efficient with their feedback. They’re not requesting changes “just to see what it looks like.” All the changes being made are very purposeful.
00:31:56 Nay Stevens: Good point Erica
00:31:57 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: That’s actually a great point Erica.
00:32:07 Kate Newnham: YES @Erica!!
00:32:31 Janet Hoover: I have a plugin/service called Atarim, that allows clients to look at the site and click a certain spot to leave me a not and vice-versa – I don’t use for every client, but it’s helpful to get feedback and questions answered
00:33:30 Janet Hoover: Like a chat
00:34:01 Janet Hoover: I’m excited about that
00:34:27 Kate Newnham: I love
00:34:57 Deanna: One thing I have found helpful is creating steps/benchmarks and having them “sign off” on each step – they get one round of changes for each step, and once they have signed off any further changes is billed at an hourly rate ♥️
00:36:44 Deanna: I’m happy if I manage to enforce it half the time (I’m a HUGE pushover lol)
00:36:51 Megan Harrington: Wendy! Go Navy beat army! My husband is an academy grad!
00:37:05 Janet Hoover: Good question, Wendy!
00:37:40 Rachel Briscoe: Rando LOL!!! A new word for me 😂
00:37:44 Wendy Coop: Go Navy!
00:37:57 Janet Hoover: Right , rachel?! hahaha!
00:38:49 Wendy Coop: @Megan – my husband and I are both academy grads. Class of 2001.
00:39:12 Laura Kåmark: Hey name!

Your [FB post, blog post, podcast etc.] was amazing, it really resonated with me… (say something personal about why what they do resonates with you).

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today – I work with [niche] just like you to [create these results] – and I felt compelled to reach out to see if you’re planning any web/tech projects in the coming months?

After looking at your site, I saw so many opportunities for you to [streamline, automate, etc.]

I’d love to chat more with you about what’s possible for your website!

Would you like me to send you a link to book a free, zero-pressure conversation?

Xoxo – Shannon
00:39:55 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I feel like we have talked about this lots before but trying to remember that if I have a q, someone else might have it – we do our package matrix, then we do our package offering (forget what that’s called, but where we’re changing the the language for how it’s helping the client) – does THAT go right on your website, or is that simply the PDF that’s being sent to them after the consult call.
00:40:31 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: thanks!
00:40:49 Laura Kåmark: Judgement free zone
00:41:09 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yes! No judgement! Plus I don’t watch Friends! :p (Don’t @ me!) hahaha
00:41:15 Trish Bovell: as long as we don’t have to turn our computers around 🙂
00:42:06 Deanna: Oh yes! How are you all sending your matrix? I sent my first one via dubsado for them to choose, but I wasn’t crazy about how it looked YET
00:42:49 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yah, I think I did it initially with the old version
00:42:56 Leslie Zemenek: I’d love to see Parisa’s Dubsado packages
00:43:08 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Ok, this is absolutely what I was missing
00:43:12 Megan Harrington: Yes Parisa please share!!!
00:43:54 Rachel Briscoe: Shannon – this is simply AMAZING!!!
00:44:43 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Thank you!!
00:44:44 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yes
00:44:45 Lisa Doiron: Yes I would love to see it too Parisa!
00:44:53 Janet Hoover: Yes, please!
00:45:55 Laura Kåmark: Did you do a video walking through some submitted example matrix? Or did I make that up?
00:46:23 Rachel Briscoe: YES!!!
00:46:25 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yes!
00:46:28 Janet Hoover: Rachel shared hers before in the FB group too
00:46:54 Janet Hoover: Rachel Graham
00:47:01 Nay Stevens: Wasn’t that done recently??
00:47:03 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: The submitted ones were on the old site in the updated curriculum area?
00:47:18 Nay Stevens: Yes! That’s where I saw it Kaila
00:47:38 Kaila – HeyKaila Media:
00:48:03 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I think the ones with the different thumbnails possibly?
00:48:23 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Ohhhh ok not the same thing
00:48:33 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Sorry!
00:48:50 Deanna: I’m scared but I will share the one I did 😳
00:49:01 Deanna:
00:49:23 Janet Hoover: Yep, Caitlyn, Lisa and a couple of others
00:50:03 Wendy Coop: Deanna – what platform is this?
00:50:04 Janet Hoover: Lovely, Deanna!
00:50:12 Deanna: It’s Dubsado
00:50:22 Wendy Coop: Wow! It’s so beautiful.
00:50:33 Trish Bovell: I do have a question
00:50:34 Deanna: Thank you!
00:51:24 Nay Stevens: Saw this yesterday and already have the Make it Happen wallpaper on my desktop!
00:51:31 Janet Hoover: Beautiful, Erica!
00:51:43 Rachel Briscoe: LOVE these!!!
00:51:52 LaShae Dorsey: These are gorgeous Erica.
00:51:53 Deanna: SO STINKIN CUTE!
00:52:02 leighscott: Love that!!
00:53:38 Rachel Briscoe: Thank you for my welcome package!!! It’s fantastic. Love the whiteboard!
00:54:00 LaShae Dorsey: I did yesterday.
00:56:09 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Smarrrrt
00:56:13 Rachel Briscoe: Great idea!
00:56:19 Wendy Coop: @Deanna – do you recommend the Dubsado Premier Plan?
00:56:22 Janet Hoover: Ooo very cool!
00:56:27 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Is this your calligraphy Erica?!
00:56:34 LaShae Dorsey: Ooo I didn’t see that yesterday! Yes
00:56:38 Lisa Doiron: really cool Erica!
01:01:34 Janet Hoover: Thank you!!
01:01:34 Kate Newnham: Thanks Shannon!
01:01:45 LaShae Dorsey: Thank you Shannon!
01:01:47 Nay Stevens: Thanks Shannon!
01:01:50 Rachel Briscoe: Thank you Shannon!
01:01:55 Lisa Doiron: Thanks Shannon!
01:01:59 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Thanks!