A person shared a link to their newly restructured website, which was tailored to a new niche, and they are already seeing the value of narrowing their focus as they have had a client reach out to them without them having to chase them down. Full Text: shared a link. · 18h . 8 I completely rewrote my web copy and restructured pages of my own website, to speak more directly to my new niche (coaches). I added packages and "starting from" prices. I also added a calendar to accept appointments online. I launched this morning after a super fun Zoom meeting with a new client (#smallwin for that as well). This evening I got a FB message of someone I never even "chased" online in my regular FB groups, saying she didn't find a time slot in my calendar that fit her schedule, and she asked if there are other days I'm available on. I can finally see the value of niching down. Clients knocking on MY door instead of me chasing them down. I was so afraid before I decided to go all in for this niche, but I followed my inner compass. Thanks Shannon for helping me out with my niche! C

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