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 live strategy call replays​ 

8 Week Guided Transformation – Fall 2022 Week 6

This Week’s Questions


00:00:39 Caitlin Harrison: you’re muted
00:00:59 Kate Newnham: Can’t hear you
00:01:02 Janet Hoover: Yep, can’t hear you lol
00:01:23 Glennette Goodbread: Hello everyone!
00:01:24 Noelle: Can’t hear you
00:01:26 Kate Newnham: Hey!
00:01:27 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: hiii
00:01:39 Janet Hoover: Hi!!
00:02:01 Lisa Doiron: Hi everyone!
00:02:02 Noelle: yes
00:02:10 Glennette Goodbread: That would do it
00:03:26 Lisa Doiron: My win is I scheduled the Podcast! + I have a potential client consult scheduled for this Thursday resulting from some of the outreach I have been doing lately.
00:03:35 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: YES Lisa!!
00:03:40 Janet Hoover: That is awesome, Lisa!!!
00:03:43 Kim Brock: Woohoo Lisa!
00:03:47 Kate Newnham: Great job Lisa!
00:03:54 Noelle: That’s awesome, Lisa!
00:03:54 Lauren N.: I finally sent out my maintenance package matrix to my client last week! Thanks so much to this group for all the support haha
00:03:57 Lauren N.: GO LISA!
00:04:03 Diana Richards she/her: YES LISA!!!!
00:04:05 Caitlin Harrison: I said yes to being a speaker at a virtual conference at the end of the month 😬
00:04:16 Kim Brock: That’s awesome Caitlin!
00:04:17 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Yah so brave all of you are! <3 00:04:23 Kim Brock: Share it so we can go and cheer you on 00:04:25 Lauren N.: Congrats Caitlin! 00:04:38 MoonSoar Services: Win! We had a bunch of irons in the fire, and we’ve been actually following up with them instead of feeling like they’re ghosting us, and we’ve signed a couple of clients. 00:04:42 Janet Hoover: Woah! Nice, Caitlin!! 00:04:59 Caitlin Harrison: I’ll be able to share tickets, if I feel brave enough to promote it haha 00:05:06 Angela Winter (she/her): Working through module 1 helped me get really clear on my unique flavor and I've crafted some messaging now that really resonates and captures it all. Actually looking forward to sharing it and using it as I connect more 00:05:17 Diana Richards she/her: I did an outreach to a woman in my co-working space who is looking for site migration and maintenance help. Just this afternoon, I’m still waiting to hear back! 00:05:18 Kate Newnham: Win: I’ll make 30% more $$ next month than ever before (my career included) 00:05:24 Angela Winter (she/her): Way to go Lisa and Caitlin!! 00:05:37 Janet Hoover: Ooo very cool!! Kicking buns ladies!!! 00:05:39 Glennette Goodbread: Joined the outreach session last week and reached out to six people. One of them told me yesterday he wants to talk in a couple weeks about his marketing. Existing client who I had spoken with before as we just finished his website so it was sort of already in process but still a win. Almost done with all the training and hoping to submit my package matrix today/tomorrow. 00:05:42 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: My win is submitting a couple of workbooks for support because sometimes I hesitate with doing that! 🙂 00:05:43 Angela Winter (she/her): Wow Kate! 00:06:07 Racheal Graham | GreenHouse Creative: I’m officially booked out until April and two current clients own multiple businesses and have already warned me that there’s more work coming. 😳 🤯 I don’t know how this happened…except I do (mostly the uncomfortable stuff Shannon makes us do) 00:06:12 Lisa Doiron: Amazing Caitlin! 00:06:16 Lauren N.: WOW KATE! 00:06:38 Janet Hoover: Woah, Kate!! 00:06:41 Lisa Doiron: Nice Kate! That's fantastic! 00:07:19 Kate Newnham: Thanks all! I wanna come! 00:07:33 Glennette Goodbread: Who better to invite than us? You know we will be supporting you in the comments. 00:08:01 Janet Hoover: That’s my win too - booked out till April and sending potential clients (referrals) to my go-to designer - more will come!! 00:08:18 Lauren N.: Go Rachael!!! 00:08:23 Lauren N.: And Janet! 00:08:31 Lisa Doiron: Nice Janet! Way to go! 00:08:31 Diana Richards she/her: Good note! 00:08:37 Brittney: Fired my client and feel great about it! 00:09:04 Angela Winter (she/her): Rock it Racheal and Janet!! 00:09:42 Janet Hoover: That is SO awesome! Not the killing part haha! 00:10:19 Lisa Doiron: That's amazing Racheal! Good for you! 00:10:25 Lauren N.: Go britteny!! 00:11:19 Glennette Goodbread: My VIP offer is a WEEK instead of a day so that it's more flexible. 00:12:15 Kate Newnham: Yes Glennette - I’m considering that too! 00:12:52 Kate Newnham: Wow that’s amazing Rachael! 00:13:58 Janet Hoover: Same 00:14:00 Diana Richards she/her: Oh also, I fired my zombie client! (End of last week, already off my mental radar) 00:14:18 Glennette Goodbread: Love all the wins! 00:14:41 Caitlin Harrison: I keep retreating back into not wanting to reach out, the mind trash never ends 00:14:44 Kate Newnham: Yay Diana! Buuuuhhh bye 00:14:46 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: @Brittney and @Diana - HUGE deal! Congrats! Ideal clients a comin’! 00:15:19 Kate Newnham: I thought I did, but then didn’t see me.... 00:15:26 Kate Newnham: I’ll try again 00:15:38 Janet Hoover: Don’t let the door hit ya…. Hahaha! 00:16:24 Lisa Doiron: Great mindset Brittney! 00:16:42 Janet Hoover: I love that statement..”at what cost” works for SO many things 00:18:51 Glennette Goodbread: Q: Is there a matrix for WDA? Just curious how that would work. 00:19:50 Janet Hoover: Oh that’s interesting! 00:21:17 Janet Hoover: Bummer….she was referred to me from a former co-worker 00:21:18 Glennette Goodbread: Q: How do we limit tech support on the lowest package? I'm thinking unlimited support for true issues like hosting issues since I'm providing hosting but I don't want to provide unlimited support for how do I do this in divi, how do I do that in divi... 00:23:39 Caitlin Harrison: I’ve had three no’s too, Kate, I’m worrying the same 00:25:31 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: I just did this yesterday and really enjoyed the process. I think it’s something I’ll reference often and will keep evolving as I grow! 00:30:24 Caitlin Harrison: what if I do all 4 🤣 00:30:33 Kate Newnham: Lol caitlin 00:30:51 Glennette Goodbread: Those cover Monday through Thursday so what do we do on Friday? LOL 00:31:53 Glennette Goodbread: Will we be getting this doc? 00:32:01 Robin Smith: Loving this! 00:32:27 Lisa Doiron: I think it was in the newsletter that went out this week Glennette...? 00:32:37 Glennette Goodbread: I'll check. 00:34:25 Glennette Goodbread: I see it now. I just downloaded the mindset makeover a couple days ago so I didn't go look. There's a Mindset Makeover Workbook now. That's the new one. 00:34:26 Robin Smith: I think I jump from one to the other, back and forth. 00:37:56 MoonSoar Services: I am loving this so much. 00:38:51 Lisa Doiron: Doing this this week! This is great. 00:39:11 Glennette Goodbread: I take that back. The Mindtrash Makeover is the new one already filled out. The workbook is the blank version. 00:39:17 Kate Newnham: I love this, but my skeptic is telling me that “this is all really nice, but sometimes you need to say yes to a so-so project” lol - tell the skeptic to be quiet? 00:39:56 Lauren N.: this is fantastic 00:40:02 Glennette Goodbread: Love this! 00:40:21 Sharon Blalock OBM: Yes! 00:43:13 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: Living in a van down by the river isn’t so bad anyways :p 00:43:21 Caitlin Harrison: Reacted to "Living in a van down..." with 😂 00:43:26 Kate Newnham: Reacted to "Living in a van down..." with 🤣 00:43:29 Janet Hoover: 👍 00:43:35 Lauren N.: Reacted to "Living in a van down..." with 😂 00:43:37 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: Reacted to "Living in a van down..." with 😂 00:43:39 Lisa Doiron: Reacted to "Living in a van down..." with 😆 00:43:40 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: Removed a 😂 reaction from "Living in a van down..." 00:45:11 Glennette Goodbread: They're on the tools page. 00:45:15 Shannon Mattern: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1igS4tWQzMsewCiFZy4zNlLfvTNSft2aLe-pfTM0zZYo/copy?usp=sharing 00:45:23 Shannon Mattern: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_6SA-4KFfORKdfoQ4r_ZJUflRfG5l6RL8Gk-NpJo5dM/copy?usp=sharing 00:47:27 Cory Ruedebusch: Y’all this exercise was everything for me. 00:47:41 Kate Newnham: It’s amazing 00:49:06 Glennette Goodbread: We have a motorhome too. I've tried to talk my hubby into living in it but he doesn't want to. LOL 00:50:48 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: It’s not for everyone :p 00:50:55 Glennette Goodbread: We have stayed in ours for weeks at a time when traveling for ministry. I want to do it for a year or two to pay off debt. 00:57:17 Sharon Blalock OBM: And remember hosting and monthly maintenance are separate… so even though you host, they still need to purchase a maintenance package 00:58:14 Sharon Blalock OBM: This mindtrash exercise was really helpful and came at such a good time for me 00:58:24 Glennette Goodbread: Good point Sharon. I was including the hosting account in the diy design package but I need to keep it separate. 00:59:40 Glennette Goodbread: I was actually including it in all of them but I'll take it out. Then it'll be clearer that design support and hosting support are two very different things. 01:00:04 Sharon Blalock OBM: Yes… that makes it clear Glennette 01:00:53 Kate Newnham: I love that! Thank you So much Shannon 01:01:13 Kaila - HeyKaila Media: Thank you!! 01:01:14 Glennette Goodbread: This was great! 01:01:15 Janet Hoover: Thank you!!!! 01:01:19 Lisa Doiron: Thank you! 01:01:20 Sharon Blalock OBM: Thank you